How Hitler Defied the Banks

Daily Stormer
December 1, 2016

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  1. For every hour of study, this mans accomplishments become the light shining mankinds path to freedom.

  2. Link to the website he talks about in the video

    How Hitler defied the bankers
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  3. This is eye opening.

    If only trump would do something to stop the federal reserve.

  4. Retnar says:

    We see so much of what Hitler did as being almost miraculous but most of what he did pre war was just common sense. I say that in the most respectful way. He did what others could not, or would not do, but is it not plain common sense for a nation to issue it's own currency rather than borrow money from a (((private bank)))? Is it not simple truth that a nation should be healthy, United and hopeful? Hitler was a remarkable, inspired genius of a man but most of his policies were honest, unsophisticated, straightforward things which would benefit any nation. Why could Europe not have had half a dozen Hitlers?

  5. For those who relentlessly continue to insist that jews financed Hitler, ANTI-HITLER propaganda and lies, disseminated to demonize and delegitimize Hitler's restoration of the German economy from the deepest depth of poverty to the most successful in just a couple years ....


    The author of that book, Wall Street and the Rise of Hitler, A. Sutton, suspected correctly there was a criminal cabal directing the policy of the US, but either he didn’t know, or was afraid to say, it was International jewry who were the war instigators, and he merely speculated that Hitler was being supplied funds by the International bankers in order to participate in wars. The problem is that Hitler’s declared enemy was the jews, and Hitler knew it was the jews who controlled the banks, and that’s why he tossed the banks out of Germany, and certainly wasn’t financed by the jew banks. I don’t think that the author, Anthony C. Sutton, while I believe he was well intentioned and on the right track, connected enough dots. Hitler was nothing like FDR, Stalin, or Churchill. These three wanted war, while Hitler did not. They were inherently evil and didn’t care a whit for their countrymen.

    A.Sutton, and others, worked with a manuscript which came from an embezzlement-convict J.G.Schoup.This script supposed to have been hand written by a certain ‘Sidney P. Warburg’. The Publishing House had to retract the book: “The Geldbronnen van het NS” soon after, because it was a hoax. But the ‘Hitler-was-financed-by-wallstreet-myth’ keeps coming up

    These socalled scholars and experts write books and simply parrot the ideas of other like thinking “scholars” and authors while the truth is obscured. Of course, these vilifying allegations are made over and over again in a continuing demonization of Hitler even 70 years after his death, and as long as jews control all the information in the West, these lies will continue, and, and not surprisingly, new lies will be “discovered”, which causes people who should know better, to keep getting taken in.

    A.Sutton just like others the likes of Sonderegger, Zimmermann and Reinhard all worked with a manuscript offered by a J.G.Schoup (later identified as a convict: embezzlement) in 1933 to the publishing house of Van Holkmee & Warendorf in Amsterdam titled “The Geldbronnen van het Nationaal Socialisme” in which it was claimed that Rockefeller and Montagu Norman a.o. are financing AH. The author of the manuscript supposed to been a certain ‘Sidney P. Warburg’- which, even according to the Warburg family, did not exist. However Sir Henry Deterding’s support of AH, because of his hate against bolshevism, was real. The publishing house had to retract the whole thing. These accusations were also cleared later amongst others by the Hamburg institute for historical research of Nationalsocialismus in 1954 and even by Franz von Papen, German chancellor 1932 and then vice C. 33-34 in his memoirs. Note this was after Germany became an occupied nation. The NS party financed itself thru mostly small member contributions and the marketing of diverse articles. Trying to smear AH / NS are attempts by ether jews or marxists.

    as more and more people wake up to NS Germany’s anti-usury anti-jwo economics, we will see evermore lies, part-lies, subterfuges, allegations and attempts of falsifications. They will become more sophisticated in order to set up bottleneck after bottleneck trying to slow down the truth.

    The objective of this propaganda is to staunchly maintain the EVIL Hitler pejorative…. when actually it is becoming more obvious that Adolph Hitler was one of the greatest men in history. Even with Germany’s loss, Mr. Hitler saved Europe from a Judaic Communist takeover of most of Europe….. half of Europe was bad enough.

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