How Trump can Destroy the CIA: Hold Out Until October 26, 2017

Eric Striker
Daily Stormer
February 16, 2017

Even really dumb people know there’s way more than meets the eye in regards to the JFK assassination; in fact, it’s a pop culture cliche.

A 1992 law called the JFK Records Act was passed, mandating the release of unredacted documents regarding the Agency’s relationship to Lee Harvey Oswald, details on Oswald’s visited to the CIA’s Mexico City base, a Watergate burglar who confessed knowledge of the assassination plot on his deathbed, and a CIA run Cuban exile group that had contact with him prior to the murder on October 26th, 2017.

According to the Mary Farrell Foundation, which collects JFK assassination documents, the intelligence dump will probably contain irrelevant information.

The CIA disagrees. For three decades, the CIA has been fighting the law in court, seeking to withhold certain documents from the release in the name of “vital national security interests.”

There is a loophole they were counting on falling back on, probably written to satiate public curiosity while also guaranteeing the deep state is protected. The CIA can actually withhold documents they don’t want the public to see if the President gives them signed permission. A Bush, Obama or Clinton would’ve automatically done so, but fate had something else in store for ZOG. This may be at least part of the reason why the CIA is scrambling to get Trump overthrown.

If there’s anything potentially incriminating in the JFK archive, even if there isn’t a “smoking gun,”  it will devastate the CIA’s credibility and heads will roll. Could Trump inadvertently reveal that yet another conspiracy theory is true?

Time will tell. All he’s got to do is cling to power and not get shot until next fall, then let the scandal devour anti-American traitors like Evan McMartian.

While we’re at it, Trump should mandate the NSA and CIA declassify every scrap of paper they are withholding regarding 9/11. Then we can see the real reason why a sophisticated intelligence apparatus that can pinpoint a cow fart in Mongolia “didn’t see” a 747 flying towards the Pentagon.

Notable Replies

  1. Thorn says:

    Yeah he should start clamping down now for what they recently did. Then go nuclear in fall. If he does this he can fulfill JFK's promise. That would be huge, it could actually free the American people.

    Edit: But he would have a little more dismantling to do, including the CP aficionados at the NSA.

    The sick fucks presiding over the tubes and clamping down on free speech to "protect people from child pornography" is the peak of irony.

  2. "This is really getting on my nerves, Trump is the WILL OF THE PEOPLE and it is being fought by jew,CIA, MSM, Democrats and all the other traitors to the American people. How long till this spills over into street battles?"

  3. If there are any smoking-gun JFK files, they'll be in Tel Aviv, Israel, so deep-state Jews can continue to admire their handiwork, and not Langley, Va., where their co-conspirator, CIA counterintelligence chief James Jesus Angleton, would have been feeding the shredders nonstop. There's a monument to that CIA motherfucker in Israel.

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