Hungarian Nationalist Hero’s Sister Speaks Out Against Immigration

Daily Stormer
August 4, 2015

György Budaházy is arrested by police for standing up for the Hungarian people.

Below is an interview with Edda Budaházy, sister of the famous Hungarian patriot, György Budaházy.

György made a name for himself when he contested the results of the 2002 parliamentary elections in Hungary, resulting in a police crackdown down on the protest.

They beat up many people and György himself was covered in blood.

In 2006 he called for the congestion of the main roads around Budapest to bring down the traitors in government.

The prime minister was caught admitting that he had falsified data in order to win the elections, which caused a huge uproar with protests nationwide.

The protests did not succeed though and an order for György’s arrest was made.

He managed to elude the police for a year, but they finally caught up with him and he had to spend 2 years in prison, on charges of incitement to bring down the government.

Luckily, he had good nationalist lawyers that pointed out several inconsistencies in the charges.

He got out 2 years ago but was under house arrest for a year, now he can walk around freely but he still has several indictments in motion against him.

This is an interview with his sister, who organizes conferences and nationalist meetings in Hungary.

She was his official mouth piece while he was in prison.

The video has been translated into English by members of the Radio Stormer chatroom.

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