Ignore the Fake News – #TheRightStuff Represents Hardcore Neo-Nazism

Ben Richards
Daily Stormer
December 10, 2016


No #TheRightStuff is not a term best associated with John Glenn in this current particular year.

Today we live in an era dominated by fake news reports conjured up by people congregating on the darkest corners of the Internet. These digital swamps purposefully put out misinformation to mislead the public on issues of great importance. This is one such example.

Fake news reports spreading on Twitter are falsely claiming that #TheRightStuff is a term best associated with the recently deceased astronaut John Glenn. Others are claiming that #TheRightStuff is a term best associated with the hit song from the 1980s boy band New Kids on the Block. These are all false reports originating from unhinged individuals who have no connection to reality.

The New Kids on the Block are definitely not a good representation of #TheRightStuff. Although Mike Enoch was actually in the group, briefly.

Take for instance this lying Jew by the name of Adam Davies who uses the Twitter handle @AdamCD. This Jew is actually trying to fool people into thinking that #TheRightStuff is about John Glenn.

It is common knowledge that in this current year #TheRightStuff is a phrase representative of hardcore Neo-Nazism. This has been proven by numerous fact checkers. These fact checkers have never been proven wrong ever. They are always correct.

Therefore, it is vitally important that as many people take to Twitter to correct all fake news postings spread about #TheRightStuff. We must do whatever we can to combat this spread of fake news because it is dangerous and represents a threat to our values.

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