Illusion Radio: Salting the Earth

Illusion Radio
December 26, 2016

On this episode, while the rest of the crew enjoys a Christmas-induced coma, Doc is joined by the good ol’ goys from the Salting the Earth podcast. Subjects discussed include the Jew controversy with Richard Spencer’s mom, the Berlin Christmas Market attack, a thorough debunking of the Russian “threat”, and a couple of George Lincoln Rockwell fantasies.

Vendetta: @VendettaVidame

Caerulus Rex: @Rex_Caerulus

Dr. Illusion: @DocIllusion

Hank Rearden: SHOAH’D

Mr. Fox: @dualkoondog

You can listen to Salting the Earth at

G.L. Rockwell Speech:

Thanks for listening, goys! Merry Christmas!


Notable Replies

  1. Dude, or Mate, you realize that there are more Germans in America than there are in Germany? More Irish in America than there are in Germany? More Scotsmen? More Scandinavians?

    Also, there's more Scandinavians in South America than all of Scandinavia?

    This entire planet is ours. All of it.

  2. Considering I have a unique perspective on the matter, do allow me to elucidate:

    The reason Wanker Yankee Americans decided to drive on the opposite side of the road from the Brits, IS THE SAME FUCKING REASON that the Britons decided to drive on the opposite side of the road from the Romans, because after Waterloo, England had become the new Rome, the whore of babylon and beast of White genocide.

    Deny it. I dare you.

    England invented the concentration camp against the White Boer farmers.

    The Black Watch loped off the heads of babies of the signers of the Declaration of Independence and spiked them on spikes as a warning.

    Then after those 3 White on White wars, England did another 2, called the World Wars.

    Two Jew opium wars in the far east, what was that about, 'glory of the empire'? 'long live the queen'? You Britons are so daft and illiterate that none of you bothered to look up what James "Bond" was all about, too illiterate to realize that patriot is from patrius of FATHER LAND and the moment you started shouting "long live the queen" was the moment that you were under Jew enslavement and violated the commands in the Bible about having a woman rule over you.

    And I know, the English, the French, the Germans, the Swedish, the Hungarians, the Polish, the Serbs, are all waiting for Americans to wake up and take care of business, and until that happens, everybody's just gonna sit and wait and watch.

    The lion who always faces the menace in the east, has always been the first to rise up, and did so again in WW2. England will not do anything until America acts, and it is prophesied loud and clear in Obadiah 1:18.

    I appreciate your sentimentalism. I do.

    But Europeanism doesn't make very well for a team uniform color as well as White now does it.

    Everywhere I go on this planet, every White person from California to Crimea to Athens to Johanessburg, are all attached to their mountains and fjords, only because we the White race are the only people who appreciate nature enough to protect it, clean it up and not defecate all over it.

    But it's not the mountains that are dying and need saving.
    It's not the land.
    The dirt don't need saving.

    Furthermore, rather than, be attached to 'Europeanism', why stop there? Why not go back to the beginning? Shall we use the Phoenician term? or Scythean? Teuton? Tocharian? Caucasian? Ishraelite? Spartan? Roman? Zoroastrian? Egyptian? Aryan? Orion?

    Which planet and star system do you want to use?

    The term European has an emotional resonance with Whites in Europe, just as much as Boer does to a White South African or Rus to a Russian or White to an American. And funny thing, between the lot of them it's only the Boer who actually know what the word means, whereas the others don't. Most of our people don't even know what their first name means, much less their family tree.

    Only in America, or perhaps also in Belarus, did the side by side stark contrast of Whites and non-Whites become clear.

    And to be clear, the term White, was not defined by White Americans, who even to this day are segregated and discriminate meticulously between each other from Irish-American to Slavic-American to Scandinavian-American to German-American to Italian-American etc., but rather, the term White was assigned by our enemies, for nothing helps a man wake up like his enemy, his best teacher, and was assigned by those who kill us, and like any fresh fish in prison quickly finds out, "no matter what you think out there, in here, we stick together, or we die".

    Is that clear Soldier?

  3. This is why I advocate the Whites of the world to save Europe :rage:

  4. Zorost says:

    No, its time to let Europe sink or swim on its own. Enough with your weak-ass faggotry, always begging to be saved.

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