Indian Street-Shitter Trying to Spook the Duke!

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
July 30, 2016

abhay patel

We here at the Daily Stormer hate all non-Whites, and believe they should be exterminated. However, most often we focus on Jews, Moslems and Blacks.

Today, however, we’ve had two stories about street-shitting Indians – the street-shitting anti-racism czar who claims having a Confederate flag tattoo is a hate crime, the street-shitting musician who called MTV racist for not giving her an award – and now, here’s a third street-shitter, coming at you!

Meet Abhay Patel – the TRUE CONSERVATIVE street-shitter.


He is a member of the GOP who is running against David Duke in Louisiana under the banner of TRUE CONSERVATISM.

You can look in his eyes and see that he’s a borderline retard, so it is unsurprising he’s unaware of the fact that GOP no longer has anything to do with “conservatism.” We are now a nationalist-populist WHITE party, and so we have no interest in street-shitters talking about how they are the real Americans.

The street-shitting Paki released this video, claiming to be the real American, discussing how outraged he is that David Duke is running for Congress.

The smugness of this ape near induces a Hillary-style seizure!

What right does this “man” think he has to invade our country and begin telling us what to do? What sort of a country allows foreign people to come leech of them and then explain to the population why they have no right to defend themselves?

abhay patel meets toilet

It is unfathomable.

India is one of the most disgusting countries on the planet. Why on earth would anyone in America want to make this country more like India by importing their genetic waste products?


The video was released four days ago and only has 86 views, so apparently not that many people care about this guy.

But they will care when they realize his platform is to ban eating cows – because he believes he is related to them – and to legalize open defecation in Louisiana – including on Bourbon Street in New Orleans!

abhay patel louisiana wtf

Great news though – he’s on Twitter.

Where he is accosting General Duke!

Why don’t you guys go tell him what you think!

Drop him a message and tell him we don’t want TRUE CONSERVATISM and we don’t want STREET SHITTING!

Send him these memes I’ve made and make your own!


Tell him to gtfo of our country – he is not welcome here!

No one invited him!

This place is OURS!

Our ANCESTORS gave it to US – not stinking monkeys from anywhere!

Notable Replies

  1. Well, explain those pictures of him doing it.

  2. I was in India 5 years ago working on a processing plant. The company driver picked three of us up in the morning and we waited at a second hotel for the English software writer to come down. While doing this an Indian came and shat on the street only 3 meters from the bread shop just ahead of where we parked. Saw that all the time. They even shat on railway platforms. Sloths, lamas, even pigs shit in specific areas if they can.

    The lower caste Indians are no smarter than sub Saharan Africans though they lack the chimp out gene.

    The upper caste ones are far worse in some respects: they are disgusting because they lack a sense of order and concern. They organise nothing, not even a toilet or a cleaner for toilet with equipment.

    I felt some pity seeing School age girls moulding cow shit with bare hands for fuel.

    Overall it deeply offended both my masculine and white European sense of order.

    We have little to learn from most of these people even the high caste ones. Their elitism and lack of stewardship for the lower orders always manifests and it will manifest when they immigrate.

    One can acknowledge mererly that they are not violent like Muslims though often deceitfull.

  3. Clark says:

    This really is the greatest website ever.

  4. Ammo for the troll army >:slight_smile:

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