Iran Calls “Low-IQ” Obama’s Threats of Military Action “the Joke of the Year”

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March 5, 2014

"This goofy black bastard does nothing lololololololol" -Hassan Rouhani, President of Iran
“This goofy black bastard does nothing lololololololol” -Hassan Rouhani, President of Iran

I don’t support war with Iran.  Not at all.  But I would rather live in a country that invades other countries aggressively for no purpose beyond the gains of an elite financial minority than in a country which threatens to do that and then gets laughed at because the whole world knows it won’t follow through.

I’ll tell ya what, George Bush was an unbelievable bastard, but Obama has turned this thing into a complete circus.

Everyone is laughing but us.

From Arutz Shiva:

Iran has mocked US President Barack Obama’s warnings that the military option is still on the table to prevent the Islamic regime’s nuclear aspirations, calling the threats “the joke of the year.”

General Saeed Masoud Jazzayeri, Aide to Basij (local Islamist militia) Affairs and General Headquarters Defense Publicity in the Iranian military, laughed at Obama’s recent warnings of possible American military intervention in the Middle East.

The low-IQ US president and his country’s Secretary of State John Kerry speak of the effectiveness of ‘the US options on the table’ on Iran, while this phrase is mocked at and has become a joke among the Iranian nation, especially the children,” said Jazzayeri according to the Iranian semi-official Fars News Agency.

The general added on previous Iranian threats, warning that US forces in the region can be struck by Iran. “If they err, the region will be turned into a hell for them,” threatened Jazzayeri.

Jazzayeri claimed that the US public doubts Obama’s military threats as well; indeed, last Sunday Senator John McCain (R-AZ) slammed Obama for being the most “naive president in history.”

What a funny joke.  The United States of America, and their low-IQ black President who does nothing but talk about how great and heroic and brave it is for a man to stick his penis up another man’s butthole, and threatens the whole world while never doing anything, ever, are a barrel of laughs.

This ape is mocked ceaselessly by the whole world.  And so are we – each one of us – for putting this monkey in charge of us.

This is from an Arab magazine.  They are laughing at you, you filthy decadent fools.
This is from an Arab magazine. They are laughing at you, you filthy decadent fools.

May God help us.

  • john fahey

    no baloney, I worked for a Boston Private Eye in 2004 after the Democratic Conv. held in july. He was paid to obtain Obama’s transcripts from Harvard w/o any paper trails. It was the Big Money Democrats who were worried about Obama’s past. He had been sued by at least two young men at the Harvard Law Review for sex harassment. Both independent cases were settled for 5 figures each. I helped him locate other wacko’s in East Cambridge who knew Obama regularly met guys for sex thru the dial 900-XXX-XXXX calls as it was done back then. It was at this time that two Chinese nationals from Montreal were caught in an ‘Investment Blackmail of Minority Students in Ivy League Prof Schools”. Why u say? It was revealed that so many Affirmative action students were druggies and queers at Harvard and MIT the Chinese were setting these guys like Obama on camera so ten years down the road when they get their guaranteed jobs at policy making law firms they can be Blackmailed. Obama was certainly on their radar because of his behavior. I heard things but it looks like its been squashed. They sent the Chinese out of the USA, but kept the files. How do I know? I was on call as a private driver/courier for Harvard Law School and heard these stories many times from 1986-1994. I know Obama had bad grades all Aff Act students take oral exams.. then He is an absolute idiot

  • Hezbollah Minuteman

    I first had my doubts regarding the new Iranian president. Especially after the great hero that was Ahmadenidjad. When Rouhani backpaddled on the holocaust I was depressed. But now it seems like he is slowly gaining momentum and winning back the trust of Shiite conservatives and nationalists.

    Now all he has to do is expell all Sunnis and Arabs from the Iranian nation, send troops to Eastern Syria and kill every single Jew-Saudi funded islamist over there and then maybe he will go down in History as one of the greatest Iranian statesmen ever.

  • Yitzhak LeNegro

    I’m not into muslims but the dude called it right.

  • Ben Ross

    The Democrat asks, what’s for dinner? A little bit of genius from Walt Disney…

  • Krsnik

    Idiots in the US government don’t seem to understand that war with Iran would ruin the USA. They just follow the Jew masters, who may understand this but do not really care. Unlike Iraq and Afghanistan before them, Iran is a real country. Going to war with them would be like going to war with Australia or something, not just desert peasants.

    • http://NA Carbonscam

      Aussies know Obummer is a Joke, you people better wake up & remove your Jew Problem!

  • Mr.a

    the USA is filled with fat lazy bastards, whom hard work is foerign.

    the USA is also filled with strong moral people, whom love community god and themselves.

    The USA is two countries

  • 2222

    I disagree with you. They are NOT laughing at us. They are laughing at the garbage who rule us. I wouldn’t rather NOT live in a country that invades other countries aggressively for no purpose beyond the gains of an elite financial minority…because I think my country is being laughed at. Killing millions of people because one erroneously believes they are being “laughed” at is ludicrous.
    The Iranian people are not as stupid as we are. They know who owns us. Most Americans don’t.

    • 2222

      I meant to write…I WOULD rather NOT…

  • Brett

    Wow, he really said low-IQ, lol.

  • Vlad the Impaler

    Several years ago, a white nationalist, Kevin ?, went to Iran. His report was most enlightening.

  • drdeeselixir

    My friend Said een Iran say Obama ees very beeg joker. Obama make even very serious Ayahtollas een Iran laugh like donkey. Obama’s USA/EUSS/Zionist Jews attack many countries & keel many people een Arab Spring. Why Obama government hire lotsa Zionist Jew and leesten to them allatime. My friend Said say special teleprompter of Obama give Jew order to Obama and Obama must obey or he gonna be exposed for hanky-panky een bath-house weeth ‘guy who look like Borat plus small dwarf-man’. Zionist Jew supremacist only wanna make lotsa shekel and rule whole world like Protocols say. But now thees beeg joke-of-year ees too too much cos USA/EUSSR/Zionist Jew cabal cause fake revolving een Ukraine then when Russians move to protect Russian people een Ukraine, Obama say very seriously to Russia, ‘Russians, you are very very bad for invading our beloved Ukrainian friends, you must go home now you very very bad boys. Go home immediately for we Americans are here to protect the democracy of Ukrainian people. Ees Obama being very very serious or he ees making beeg joke, hohohohohoho, excusing me but I have to laugh very very much for eets very very beeg joke here een Iran hohohohoho – eets gonna be voted joke-of-year een Iran. Said make beeg joke to me too, he say, ‘maybe Zionist Jews gonna makea the democracy een Ukraine too’ and eef Ukrainians don’t like then USA/EUSSR/ Zionist Jew gonna bomb them cause eet ees een their very best interest hohohohoho. Yes, we have very very good sense of humor een Iran & Said say he gonna some day go to Hollywood USA & tella jokes to beeg Hollywood Jew producer cos these Jews gotta great sense of humor too & maybe Said gonna be beeg star & buy Cadillac. But Said say Obama ees beegest best joker of all cos he say such funny theeng – he would even make ol grumpy-face Ayatollah Khomeini heemself pees hees pants. hohohohoho.

  • Ulfric

    I saw John McCain on TV last night railing on about how much credibility they have lost around the world. I was smiling ear to ear. I love watching these vermin squirm. They have earned it.

  • Andrew Anglin


    -ethnic identity

    They have it made.

    • Krsnik

      Don’t forget:

      -holocaust denial from leaders

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  • sleipnir14

    Are the Juden still hoping to get ‘Murica to bomb Iran “back to the stone age” for them? Will they ever give up?

    Into how many conflicts are they trying to drag us into at the moment.. Iran, Syria, Ukraine. It’s almost like they’re trying to gain a reputation for starting wars.

    • 11

      Power is their drug. They always need more. They suffer when they can’t rape a new country.

      • spqr

        Their eyes say it all. Looking into the eyes of a Jew is like staring into two black holes.

    • Lachdenan

      Yeah, that’s not going to happen. There’s enough pissed-off White people in this country that have had it with Jewish bullshit.

      A lot of them won’t come out and say it, but we’re working on that, too, with the Mantra and Talking Points.

      White people are going to learn to stand up for themselves as White people. Indo-Europeans are not going to bow to this attempted genocide, and we’re sure as shit not going to go to war with Iran.

      Do you all like how the agitation to genocide Syria ran straight into the ground? A lot of White people know that “conservatives” don’t represent them and are fed up with the process. I hear people in Marxist universities say, in government class, how they are fed up and how everyone should just “go off the grid.”

      I am in the South, but shit, man, that’s something you would have never ever EVER heard a decade ago.

      So, we are going to win. We just have to keep up the pressure and never shut up about the contradictions.

      I would also like to thank Andrew for keeping this site up. More of our cousins have decided to develop another HUGE WN site. Hell yes to that.

      Have you guys seen the SPLC website? It sucks ass. Seriously.

      So, these guys are in a lot of trouble, and it will be great to finally put them in their place after what they’ve done to our ancestors for hundreds of years–even more so because of their unceasingly ARROGANT attitude and the fact that they’re never sorry for hurting people.

      Meanwhile, YT cries his eyeballs out for a century because he is told about the HollowCo$t. There is really no comparison insofar as our enemy goes. Even people who can’t name the Jew know that the rulers are…inhuman.

      That’s yet another concept we have helped advance. It’s true, but we’ve advanced it nonetheless.

      So, we’ve done quite a bit, and “our enemy doesn’t have the kind of power you think they have,” as Horus the Avenger says.

  • The_Seeking_One

    An ape shouldn’t speak for men.

    • Cicero

      Yes, but an ape can speak for demonic hominid-appearing parasites.