Jew Bankers Plotting to Undermine Trump Economic Plan

Daily Stormer
January 5, 2017

The fed: looting America since 1913.

The federal reserve is a thoroughly Jewish scam organization, created from the start in order to extract as much money out of Americans as possible.

While it isn’t a government agency, but rather a private bank, it was still granted the power to control the United State’s monetary policy. This means that these people can determine how much money will be created, and thus hold the government hostage.

They’ve used this power to pressure the government to adopt policies pleasing to the Jews, like globalism, essentially by blackmailing the ruling administration.

And they’ve already made it clear that they’re going to do everything they can to prevent Trump from succeeding with his nationalist reforms.

Trying to stump the Trump? Seems like we’re finally seeing the end of the Fed, then.

Business Insider:

Almost all Federal Reserve policymakers thought the economy could grow more quickly because of fiscal stimulus under the Trump administration and many were eyeing faster interest rate increases, minutes from the central bank’s December meeting showed.

The minutes, released on Wednesday, showed how broadly views within the Fed are shifting in response to President-elect Donald Trump’s promises of tax cuts, infrastructure spending and deregulation.

Such changes could boost inflation and might set the stage for a confrontation between a president seeking to boost economic growth and the Fed, which is tasked with keeping the economy from overheating.

They’re transparently saying that Trump’s plan will be successful in boosting the US economy, and consider that a problem. Their “solution” will be to raise interest rates, in effect starving Americans of money.

This is obviously going to make the economy tank, as it’s always done in the past.

We should have listened.

Since the federal reserve isn’t a government institution, there isn’t much that Trump can do to counter this, short of stripping the fed of it’s ridiculous privileges and replacing it with something sensible.

And the Donald did threaten to do just that.


It seems these fools didn’t get the message. If they had played nice, and cooperated, Trump would have no real practical reason to dismantle them. But if they make it impossible for him to succeed, they will be crushed like all his other enemies have been crushed.

The central bank’s policy-setting committee unanimously raised interest rates last month by a quarter of a point and policymakers signaled a faster pace of rate increases in 2017 than previously expected. That was seen as the Fed’s first reaction to Trump’s victory in the Nov. 8 election.

But the minutes showed policymakers might signal an even more aggressive path of rate increases if inflationary pressures increase. Trump campaigned on promises to double America’s pace of economic growth and “rebuild” the country’s infrastructure.

In other words, they’re already making threats.

“If you adopt all these nationalist policies and start propping up the economy, we’ll make drastic rate hikes that’ll cause a crash, and everything will be blamed on you.”

A perfect plan. And they would have gotten away with it, too, if it wasn’t for this one weird trick:

Nice line of kike shills you got there… Would be a shame if something happened to it.

Notable Replies

  1. Crush your enemies, drive them before you, and hear the lamentation of the kikes.

  2. Trump needs to address the American peopple, explain what the {{{Fed}}} are going to do and why, then he needs to find a way to shut the bastards down and have the govenment print the money instead.
    God knows how he will handle this monster but it needs to happen, and I'm sure if the American people knew the truth they would DEMAND it happen!

  3. "The Monster of Jekyll Island" was how the Fed came to be known after it was conceived on Jekyll Island by a cabal of thieving criminal kikes.
    The bill that would turn it into law was originally called 'Owen-Glass' but later changed to the 'Federal Reserve Act.'

    It was hastily voted in on December 23, 1913, when most Congressmen opposed to the bill were home for the Christmas holidays. President Wilson enacted it and then a couple of months later introduced the 'Income Tax Act', to tax the American worker's paycheck in order to pay the "interest" on the money the country "borrowed" from the Fed.

    John F. Kennedy ordered the printing of Yankee "Greenbacks", Treasury notes that circumvented the FRA and were not subject to any "interest" charges.

    To sum up, the "Fed" is a private kike criminal enterprise existing in the open light of day that was entirely designed to fleece America and has been doing so for over a hundred years now. These are not civil servants and perform no service for the American citizenry. They are greasy, grubby pick-pockets on steroids masquerading as legitimate.

  4. Check out my hope and change!

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