Jew Brother Nathaneal Kapner Denounced by the Church He Falsely Claims to Represent

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
July 21, 2013

Brother Nathanael KapnerBrother Nathaneal Kapner, a Jewish “truth teller” who I have been vocal in denouncing as dangerous and gross, has been proven a diabolical liar. The Jew claims to be a part of the Synod of Bishops that represents the Russian Orthodox Church outside of Russia.

This, as it turns out, is a total lie.

On July 17, 2013, the Chancery of the ROCOR Synod of Bishops released a statement, which reads as follows:

The Synod of Bishops of the Russian Orthodox Church Outside of Russia has recently received repeated complaints about the activities of and statements made by a certain Nathanael (Kapner), who lives on the territory of the Western American Diocese, but has no relation to it.

The clergymen and laity of the Russian Church Abroad are hereby informed that the actions of Nathanael (Kapner) do not have the blessing of the Synod of Bishops.

Profoundly saddened by the state of his soul, we call upon Nathanael (Kapner) to refrain from posting on the Internet, to a life of repentance of peace in Christ, “where there is neither Greek nor Jew, circumcision nor uncircumcision, Barbarian, Scythian, bond nor free: but Christ is all, and in all” (Colossians 3:11).

Archbishop of Western America and San Francisco
Secretary of the Synod of Bishops.

July 17, 2013

There you have it: indisputable proof that this Jew is not only a liar, but that his entire identity is a lie.  He is playing a character role, designed to gain sympathy from Christians and others who feel more comfortable denouncing the Jews if they have permission from a Jew, raking in the shekels and serving his tribe by giving the impression to those sucked in by him that the Jews are not a race, but rather a religious/tribal/ideological group, which can be saved, and integrate in White society, simply by converting to Christianity; the reality is that the Jews are a race, and one which is incompatible with our own White European race, and thus should not be “saved,” but sent out away from us.

I will note here that in dismissing Kapner as a filthy lying trickster Jew, we should also take a very critical look at all of the scam artists who have supported this fiend; these include the Arabian invader and terroristic psychopath Mark Glenn and the race-traiter and demented confusion-monger Jeff Rense (who is also deeply in bed with the YouTube Jew 108morris108, who has been known to totally warp the reality of otherwise well-meaning Whites with his deranged lunacy about crisis actor hoaxes).

  • GuitarMan
  • GuitarMan
  • inquisitor

    Since the publication of this article by Stormer, I have listened to all of Kapner’s videos on jewtube.

    Putting aside for a moment that Kapner is a Jew, may or may not be legit in his stated membership within the Orthodox church and wears funky clothes, I decided to listen carefully to what he is communicating and saying in his videos and his articles.

    Kapner often mentions and speaks of “Zionist” or “Zionist Jews”, but definitely NOT to the exclusion of condemning “Jews” in general or condemning those that are following “Judaism”. He does not stick exclusively with rightfully condemning only “Zionist” Jews.
    He does base his opinion that Jews accepting Christ is the only way for them to be spiritually saved according to his religious and scriptural beliefs. Other than this, it is his expressed opinion that any Jew involved in Judaism is following a dead religion, a religion of death. He also denounces any Jew that follows the Talmud, the Zohar and the Kabbalah. He also denounces Jewish supremacy and Jewish ethnocentric attitudes and behaviors, particularly at the expense of non-Jews.
    Concerning the holocaust, Kapner reveals a personal story back in his childhood learning from his Jewish teachers that only “thousands” of Jews were killed, but as the years went he admits that the jewish holocaust industry has fraudulently inflated those actual numbers into the millions over time.

    I believe some of these points I have concerning his content may be contrary to what you are attempting to communicate concerning him in this article.
    In fact, I don’t think it could get any better than this for an individual to denounce Jewry, or particularly for a Jew to denounce Jewry.
    I find nothing is missing, being withheld or covered-up in his analysis, and I am actually impressed with his analysis. Especially his revelations concerning the influence of the Jews over American politics, finance and propaganda.

    As far as Kapner acknowledging that Jews are a race, these are all the comments i could find from Brother Nathanael Kapner’s videos concerning Jews and race.
    You can determine for yourself if they are lacking in any capacity regarding the race issue and please give comment and opinion should you desire to do so.

  • abey

    “For one of the heads that received a deadly wound is seen healing”

  • Acatay

    I can vouch for Kapner and Morris being lying fraud gatekeeper kikes. I’ve baited them both and they’ve both failed the test. Try posting a very harsh comment on Jews on their Youtube channel (Morris) or website (Kapner). Ladies and gents, they both censor!! Now, that’s the undeniable irrefutable Jew trait that they can’t hide.
    This is the joke I just posted recently on Kapner’s website which was censored: After the sixth day of creation, Satan sees God and says: “Hey, God where you going? God replies, “Well, I’ve been creating all these beautiful things on Earth and I was feeling a bit tired so, I thought I would take a rest for a day, but then I said to myself, hmmm, now what can I put on Earth to challenge all that I have created…”? Satan then interrupted God and said, “God, go take your rest, I’ve just created the Jew and I’ll give him to you as a gift.”

  • curls

    Brother Nathanael is not and never has been a Jew. He’s not a credit to anyone – and you can leave the Jews out of his stuff entirely.

  • The BN Question

    Johnny of Dacia asked: “If he is a liar, I wonder why he chose to say he is Orthodox? Orthodox Christians are less than 2% of America’s population. Why not Papist (Catholic) or Protestant?”


    1. He could be totally deceived. It seems Jews lean toward “ritualized religions” like Eastern Orthodox & the RCC, maybe because it reminds them of the Mosaic Law & its “rituals” & “Levitical priestly garb” (Ben Freedman became a Catholic, for instance). Nobody wore “religious clergy garb” in the New Testament except the bad guys. The apostles were fishermen & tax collectors. When Paul wrote Timothy re operation of the Christian assemblies, he never mentioned, “Make sure you guys set yourself apart from the flock by cloaking yourselves in special clerical attire”!

    2. Or, let’s say BN knows what he is doing & is part of a bigger agenda (ie, he is working for “them” who are hiding behind the scenes). This one heavily detailed site, totally unrelated to BN, has research on the Gnostic origins of Eastern Orthodoxy & that their belief system is that of Mysticism, the “Christ Consciousness” (New Age), & that they believe all men will become “divine” (like gods themselves), & that Eastern Orthodoxy will play a part in deceiving Christians:

    Quick Summary:
    “–Church Age (Now/Ongoing): The apostate Church and secret societies embraced the divinity of man doctrine. The twin heresies of the deification of man and divinization / transfiguration of the world are finding their way into Christianity via the Eastern Orthodox Church.
    “–Tribulation (Future): The Eastern Orthodox Church, which historically has taught the deification of man (Theosis), will be the point of entry to the worship of Antichrist for Protestants and Roman Catholics whose theologians and apologists will defend the Orthodox doctrine of Theosis.”

    A little more here re the gnostic “Cosmic Christ”:

    The same site wondered if KALLISTOS WARE, “…perhaps the 20th century’s foremost authority on Orthodoxy by the Russian Orthodox press…” would be the False Prophet of Revelation (but since he is approx. 79 now, I don’t think that’s too likely). However, good info on this page just the same re EO:

    See also the section re the Monastic Movement: “Monasticism is actually socialism/communism with a religious cover”: (Maybe that’s why BN was “hell bent” on being a monk as whatever cost(?)

    (Since there is so much text info at those links, easiest would be to use the FIND feature in your browser for “Eastern Orthodox,” “Kallistos Ware,” “Monastic,” “Monasticism,” etc. Or use the site’s search feature on the home page.)

  • Ady

    None of you can see the “wood for the trees”, Christianity is a program designed by the Jews to brainwash their goys into serving them and if you check out the similarities between the medieval inquisition and the Bolshevik revolution you will understand the connection. The old testament is officially Jewish anyway.
    Kapner is clearly a protected species who is likely being backed by a very professional team and whether or not he really is a convert to Christianity is irrelevant. His biggest promotion is the very rich Jewish oligarch called Putin and that’s another reason why I don’t trust Kapner because I don’t trust Putin.
    Other than that his information is very clear and concise, he is not a gold pusher or a holocaust believer so look and learn but don’t touch the dangerous bits!

    • Maggie May

      Ady you’d better do a little more research, ~ Putin is NOT jewish, so don’t go throwing your ignorant disinformation around loosely ..

  • Tom Schnadelbach

    Brother Nathaniel does not only denounce the kosher scam as a scam, he calls it the precursor to the Mark of the Beast.

  • germaner

    muslims are no race
    christians are no race

  • germaner

    theyre not a race.

  • John T. Lynch

    Jews are a race and not to be trusted in the least. I understand why some here think Kapner is legit. It’s because they haven’t come to a full understanding of the race issue. Kapner is a fraud, WHETHER HE KNOWS IT OR NOT. He may want to believe that Jews can become Christians but this can never be. I won’t go into the detailed reasons why. Anyone who trusts this Jew in a clown suit is compromising the White race’s security and that only leads to our destruction. You’ve been warned.

    • Clinton Smythers

      you are making baseless claims just because hes a racial jew. I have watched him and seen what his true motives are. one big thing is he supports putins russia wich outlawed homosexual behavior in publicand he support the russian orthodox church and that guys name i cant spell that speaks out against the jews and thier evil. if this man were a shill he would basicly be saying only zionist jews are the problem.

      But no brother nathanael has called the entire tribe the enemy. Yes the Entire tribe and sais the only way for a jew to save himself and his soul is to convert to christianity and he also talks about the ones who claim to be converts but are in actuality liars.

      he calls out the jews who claim to be converted but really have not. It is quite clear whos side brother kapner is on.

      The only thing i have ever seen why people dont wanna believe him because hes a jew and all the other accusations against him do not hold water. I hate jews too but one has to judge by actions and jews have a natural curse where they can not hide thier evil intent thats why they try to white wash it with lies and spin.

      If brother kapner was a shill you could see his lies right away and i have not seen 1.

      you are welcome to believe what you will but in all honesty i believe its not true.

  • Clinton Smythers

    This is all lies and has been debunked. why dont you let everyone see my post andrew anglin. is it because you are afraid of the truth. you deleted my last comment.

    arch bishop kyril acted without the other bishops permission and his word is not absolute and it would probably maybe in the future cause him to go down in rank cause again it was not approved by the other bishops he acted entirely alone.

    do you realise how many times brother nate has almost been assassinated by jews. do you know he gets thousands of death threats by jews on a daily basis.

    Id like for you to approve this so everyone can see but im not holding my breath.

    • ben g

      Thousands of death threats every day? Wow, that’s a lot.

      • Clinton Smythers

        yes you know its funny that he gets accused of being a 2 faced jew when they are dying to kill him. you know how many jews are waiting in line just to stab him or put a bullet in his head.

        even brother nathanael accepts one day they may succeed in rubbing him out and he has prepared himself to die at thier hands.

        just remember when the jews finaly kill him just remember whos side he was really on all along.

        there was another jew who spoke out against them now hes dead. the ironic thing is the jews can get away with killing folks like kapner cause alot of white nationalists see them as the enemy.

        the jews can kill these people knowing full well they wont be missed.

        just remember that while kapner does not claim to be your leader he does how ever make it easier to talk about the jews. the moment you start talking about the jews to someone who does not know the facts they assume you are making baseless claims. but when you tell them that a jew is on your side then it makes it much easier for them to swallow.

        just remember that having a jew on your side makes them a whole lot easier to criticise.

        kapner is opening the door for jewish condemnation hes not claiming to be your leader and what he is doing is making it easier to talk about the jews even though hes not there.

        and just remember that even if the jews kill him we can use him as an invaluable tool in any arguement.

        you know how many arguements i have won when i bring up kapner. too many to count.

        1 of 2 things will happen either i will get banned because its too much for thier insignificant minds to handle or they listen and think wow all that must really be true then.

        • ben g

          “1 of 2 things will happen either i will get banned because its too much for thier insignificant minds to handle or they listen and think wow all that must really be true then.”

          I wish we had more options.

  • martin longworth

    Someone who outs the jew publicly (even if that person happens to be a jew) has earned my respect ! Although it’s sound advice to size up the messenger… the messengers message speaks volumes to as who the messenger is…cut through the insignificant BS and rumors and concentrate on what’s being said

  • Johnny of Dacia

    This part is not even true:
    ” serving his tribe by giving the impression to those sucked in by him that the Jews are not a race, but rather a religious/tribal/ideological group, which can be saved, and integrate in White society, simply by converting to Christianity; the reality is that the Jews are a race, and one which is incompatible with our own White European race, and thus should not be “saved,” but sent out away from us.”

    I watched most of his videos. In one of them he clearly stated( unlike WN like David Duke) that NOT ONLY Zionist Jews are the problem, but also the Anti-Zionist Jews who in reality want to live among a Gentile majority to CONTROL IT!
    If you look at our history, this was the case of the Soviet Union were Jews were a privileg minority.

    I don’t know what to say about (B)N. Maybe he is a Jewish lier, maybe he want’s to full us in order to receive donations.
    If he is a lier, I wonder why he choose to say he is Orthodox? Orthodox Christians are less than 2% of America’s population.
    Why not Papist(Catholic) or Protestant?

    • ayr

      What about jews who masquerade as christians and talk about all people coming together in christ. Are these jews not a problem? …I suppose we should just accept kapner at face value, clearly there are some good jews, such as kapner, but zionist and even anti-zionist are bad jews. Maybe we can get kapner to pick-out the ‘good jews’ for us.

      Or perhaps kapner can talk to these ‘bad jews’ on Our behalf, as Our ‘esteemed’ ally, and convince them to be ‘good jews’ like he is…

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  • AmalekTV

    Hey Andrew, its been a while since I’ve been on your site: Total Fascism
    the only thing missing here is there should be a slogan at the bottom in English: “The Jews are our Misfortune and the World’s Foremost Problem”

    I recommend you stay away from these so-called troof-teller jews, they are like Oppenheimer from Jud Suss, they only tell their version of the truth, the Gentiles do NOT need permission from these cretins to tell us how to lead the White Nationalist movement.
    Funny how Brother Nat never mentions the Jew Mafia in Russia like Roman Abramovich & how they are corrupting Putin.
    Anyways, keep up this…this is our last chance to take back everything

  • $10 Bagel


    Br. Nathanael is not a Bishop or Archbishop. He is just a monk who is very low on the totem pole.


    • $10 Bagel

      I agree that we shouldn’t let jews lead our fight.

      That would be suicide.

      I am naturally suspect of anyone born a jew.

      But let’s just get our facts straight so we don’t look stupid.

      • Rodney Martin


        • Aryianna

          Kapner is No Jew—unless he somehow escaped the Mohel!!
          Brother Nate was brought into the ER @ St. Anthony Summit about 2 years ago. Being the ER Nurse that ‘drew the shortest straw’–it was my job to insert the Bro’s Foley Cathiter (“pee bag”).
          I can atest, the “self called jew” sports an INTACT, and pronounced FORESKIN, in it’s original (not regrown) state. (“Pronounced”=longer/larger than average–foreskin, NOT penis)
          When I quipped to him, “This doesn’t LOOK jewish to me”….. he quickly retorted–“When I became Christian it simply reappeared (snapping his fingers) Like That…..Its a MIRACLE!!!” LOL

  • Scott Roberts

    Jews like Kapner and Morris are essentially saying that “some Jews are alright”. “Some Jews can be trusted”. Some Jews can be counted on to fill leadership roles”. And most of all they are saying “being a Jew is a matter of choice, not a matter of genetics”.

    We get some of those people amongst our ranks from time to time. Who still believe that “Jews are nothing more than Europeans who practice Judaism”. So Jews, like Kapner, are looking to reinforce that line of BS while they still can.

    Kapner is attempting to convince those who are well on their way to figuring out the Jewish question that “being a Jew is nothing more than a religious preference”.

    Finding out that “some Jews” are behind all of our problems is one thing, but for them to sit back and not even make an attempt to keep us from figuring out the WHOLE truth (about the overall Jewish agenda) is not an option. At worst, they can confuse some people who are close to figuring it all out. A few of them might conclude: “wait, Kapner was once a Jew, but he converted and became a good Christian just like myself”.

    Again, they would rather be successful gatekeepers and keep us from ever even beginning to look in their direction. But knowing that some of us will slip through the cracks they put the Alex Jones’ and the Kapner’s of the world in their proper place to catch us in their partial truth telling trap.

    The “it’s the Zionists” crowd. The Kapner audience… then the Don Blacks. etc… It’s all varying degrees/levels of controlled dissent. Once a group of people (in the real world or online) has reached a certain level of awareness, the Jews make their adjustments/concessions accordingly. A partial “truth” being told in order to conceal a very big lie (controlled dissent 101).

    Kapner wouldn’t target the Alex Jones audience, as he would be taking them from awareness level “3” to awareness level “9” by doing so. But he will damn sure target the high level crowd, who are just on the cusp of figuring this whole thing out, in order to prevent them from reaching awareness level “10”.

    So once more, the most telling signs involve their behavior/approach/angles. These patterns are consistent from level “1” all the way through “10”, as they rely on the same tactics throughout. When you spot them and recognize them for what they truly are, then you need to realize that anyone who relies on them is highly questionable (when it comes to their motives for promoting people like Kapner or their judgement for blindly trusting them).

    Since when do we need a JEW to lead us in our fight against JEWS anyway? It makes NO sense at all. Fool me once, shame on you, but these bastards have fooled us so many times that we ought to be ashamed of ourselves for believing for even a fleeting second that we can trust one of them for anything.

    • Scott Roberts

      Again, I must reiterate, there could be nothing more foolish than allowing a JEW to lead your fight for freedom against JEWS.

      But just to share my experience with Kapner, as I attempted to give him the benefit of the doubt a few years back, he censored me for trying to discuss two topics that he simply could not offer a reasonable rebuttal to:

      1. the fact that Jews are a race. Which counters what is clearly his primary agenda


      2. the Kosher food conspiracy, which he still claims is “just a tax”. He didn’t like the facts I was presenting (in a calm and “diplomatic” manner, of course), so he repeatedly banned me.

      Once you put these bastards on point and call them out on their lies and agenda, they fall back on what Jews know best: censorship. And as we -should- all know by now, censorship is a Jewish necessity.

    • Scott Roberts

      “Maybe Mexicans can become the new Americans and help revive Christianity”

      – “Brother” Nathanael Kapner

      “In thinking about our new demographics, perhaps today’s Hispanic baby boomers can revive what Whites have thrown away, our Christian heritage.

      – “Brother” Nathanael Kapner

      • Paul

        Let me see if I’ve got this right.

        Kapner hates Jews and tells the entire world they are the scum of the earth. Yet he deeply believes in the Kosher tax??? Even if this is true it doesn’t convince anyone he’s not what he says he is. And honestly if you’ve got to resort to this it means you’ve got nothing else.

        And then we get ‘Kapner will take people from an awareness level of 3 to an awareness level of 9’????

        This is a bad thing????Try and find anyone else in our movement that can do this.

        Then we get ‘he is a gatekeeper, keeping people from getting to a level 10 awareness’??

        Please tell me what he says or does that PREVENTS anyone getting to a level 10 awareness. He is Christian oriented just like any non-Jewish fundamental Christian would be. So Christianity is more important to him than race. It doesn’t change anything. He may be nuts but he is clearly genuine.

        If you believe Kapner exists as someone to actually stop people finding out the truth about Jews then he is doing the absolute worst job possible.

  • Rodney Martin

    This has been known for sometime. There are too many “Whites” who fall for these frauds who provide ear candy. A Jew is a Jew is a Jew. Those who consider this idiot as a legitimate asset also take the position that Jews are not a Race or if “Jews convert to Christianity, they are brothers in Christ” or that there are “good Jews”. Has anyone asked how he went from living on the streets just 2 years ago to being in his present position?

  • Bjorn

    You should interview or debate him (Kapner) and hear what he’s got to say to his defense. Same thing about Morris.

    Jeff Rense? Has one of the world’s best news sites in my opinion. Why so harsh, Andre? I’m sure you’ve also heard the expression “no-one is perfect”? If we’re so goddam strict there’ll be only Jesus, Hitler and Hess left – while the rest of us burn in Hell for our sins.

    And: The Woolwich incident was most definitely a hoax, if that’s what you mean by “crisis actor hoaxes.” The most thorough piece written on Woolwich is here: and the follow-up here: .

    • Andrew Anglin

      I disagree.

      Yes, I will send Kapner an email and see if he wants to explain why the church he is claiming to represent claims he is not a member. I’m sure he’ll take me right up on the offer.

      • $10 Bagel

        That’s not what Archbishop Kyrill said. He said that Br. Nathanael is not part of the Westen US Diocese regarding the complaints he was getting (from jews).

        He NEVER said that Br. Nathanael was not a part of ROCOR.

        I know you probably don’t understand how the church is structured and therefore, you misinterpreted what he was saying.

        By all means, let Br. Nathanael defend himself.

        Archbishop Kyrill was attacking Br. Nat on behalf of those scum sucking jews.

        • Bjorn

          Sounds sensible.

          Well now everybody, let’s look at Kapner’s latest video:

          Watch it. And then tell us how this in any way is “diabolical.”

          And Kapner is not leading anything. All he is is a guy dressed up as an orthodox priest giving people good info in professionally made videos. Reminder: You don’t *have to* watch his videos. But please don’t put me in the gas chamber and turn me into a lampshade if I find some benefit in watching those videos.

          • ?


          • Some_guy

            I didn’t trust you from your earlier responses. But this response certainly raises red flags for me. There’s only one race of people that I know of who would make a wise crack such as, “But please don’t put me in the gas chamber and turn me into a lampshade if I find some benefit in watching those videos.”, especially given that any and all who know about the holocaust propaganda lie would avoid saying any thing to perpetuate such a lie. If you’re really a non-jew then you better think twice before aiding and abetting the enemy with such poorly thought out humor.

        • Pat

          Go here. This page is titled ”

          This page shows that Archbishop Kyrill is affiliated with the Church and has credibility to speak for the Church in his district.

          Please enlighten us as to exactly in what way Kapner is affiliated with this Church.

          This is probably going to become important because from the looks of the facts here – Kapner appears to be falsely claiming affiliation to a Church and has been receiving donations on the basis of making false claims and impersonation. I believe that is call “fraud” and is punishable in a court of law.

          From here, Kapner appears to be a liar.

          • Clinton Smythers

            and no hes not pat he does not show up on the list because hes a novice monk just like the catholic church does not list every single member.

            all these lies about brother nate make me sick the guy has prepared to die for his cause and alls he gets is hate from both jews and white nationalists.

            The jews love it that your denouncing him because they are sure you wont miss him when hes gone. I have debunked all these accusations against brother nate but again im not holding my breath because andrew anglin will not approve my comment most likely.

          • Mike

            Pat, I have been reading BN @ RJN for a couple years now and I recently donated 30 dollars to him, not much but I think every bit counts. I was reluctant to give him any money at first but I finally decided it was ok and here is why.

            It was not because of his affiliation (or not) with any church, it was simply because he exposes the names of the top Zionist jews (and non jew Zionists).

            He has enlightened me to many names of Zionists that have infiltrated all of America’s industries such as the financial system, government, and media. Dangerous organizations like AIPAC which is run by lee “rosey” rosenberg, for example.

            THAT is why the Zionists don’t like him, because he gives names.

            Even if he is controlled opposition, which doesn’t make much sense if he is giving names to dangerous lobbies such as AIPAC, he is still giving NAMES and putting the big picture together for many.

            Rothschild and his Zionist talmud Israel state are one of the biggest problems on this planet, all they do is use the US military and US taxpayers to fight their religious war. I don’t see Brother Nathanael carrying a gun like IDF soldiers and brainwashed US military, he carries a CROSS and uses a video camera and the internet to fight against WAR MONGERS who are killing innocent children. All israHELL is doing is STEALING land and controlling its resources.

            FK israHELL, you Zionist shtheads are NOT welcome in the USA. If you love israHELL so much, go there. PLEASE.

            I bet you Zionist pigs won’t even let this comment go through, prove me wrong.



        • Pat

          Kapner is not part of the ROCOR. Look him up yourself. He is “not found” … or is “not found” his alias?

          Please explain.

        • HKW

          We all know how jews hate being exposed and criticized.
          Why would Kapner want to do that?
          He certainly made us aware of things that not many people were aware of at all!
          Why would he risk naming all the jews running “this show”?

          I think that Bishop Kyrill like many others be it of Orthodox or Catholic denomination was under jewish pressure to slander him.

          After all, they have a good reason to stop his Internet publishings, and especially him getting donations at their expense.

          This probably drives the greedy jews crazy! :)

          • Mike

            Exactly, Zionist Talmud jews are the fking PLAGUE. They will try their best to discredit, and even kill anyone who speaks bad of them or defies them.

            Israel in my eyes doesn’t exist and will ALWAYS be Palestine. Zionist jews (and non jews who support them) will ALWAYS be the real terrorists of the world.

            I’ve never been assaulted by a Arab on US soil but I sure have met a lot of arseh0le JEWS who think israHELL is so great.

            I spit on Israel. No, I shit on Israel.

            Putin kicked out Rothschilds fiat “petro” dollar in 2006, that is why the entire PUPPET west controlled by Israel are trying to make Putin look bad over the Malaysian aircraft crash, which was likely done by Igor Kolomoisky governor of eastern Ukraine, a Zionist filthy jew.

            I hope Putin wipes out Israel and returns it to Palestine so that torah jews and Arabs can live there together once again.