Jew Media Shifts focus From Michael Brown to Eric Garner to Continue Stirring-Up Blacks

Lee Rogers
Daily Slave
December 5, 2014

If Eric Garner was White would we even be having this conversation?

I think it is safe to say that the Jew media made a big mistake in trying to use Michael Brown as some sort of civil rights icon.  They tried to sell him as a gentle giant when all the evidence indicated that he was anything but.  Darren Wilson the police officer who shot Brown came off as someone who was telling the truth about the circumstances that led to the shooting.  Conflicting witness testimony didn’t help their cause nor did Brown’s robbery of a convenient store right before the shooting.

As a result of this failure, the Jew media has turned their attention to the case of Eric Garner a large Black man who died after being choked by a New York City police officer several months ago.  This particular incident was caught on video showing the police confronting Garner over illegal cigarette sales with one officer jumping on him and choking him from behind while others piled on top of him.  A few seconds after this happens he pleads with the officers telling them he couldn’t breathe.  He eventually passed out and died.  His death was ruled a homicide.

Yesterday, a grand jury declined to indict the officer who put the choke hold on Garner.  Judging from the video, it is bizarre that they chose not to indict the officer.  I don’t think he should have been charged with murder, but an involuntarily manslaughter charge may have been appropriate.  The officer’s actions seem to have been excessive considering the situation.  Others might disagree, but a jury trial would have probably been the right course of action here.

Due to the fact that the police officer who choked Garner was White, we now see the Jew media pushing this story as a way to keep stirring up the Blacks and Marxists.  In this case, I can see why people would not be happy with the actions of the police.  Even though this negro was a bit combative, he wasn’t lashing out in violence and certainly didn’t need to die over black market cigarette sales.  Unfortunately, we see that the Jew media is amplifying the importance of this story and it is not because they care about this dead negro.

It is obvious that the Jew media is only pushing this because the victim was Black and the alleged bad guy was White.  We don’t see the Jew media spending hours upon hours of media coverage on the various cases of Blacks murdering or attacking Whites.  A White man in St. Louis was just beaten to death with a hammer by a gang of negro monkeys and we don’t see mass outrage in the media do we?  In fact, when was the last time we saw any sort of mass outrage in the national media about a White man getting killed?

This once again shows the insane double standard of the Jew media.  They only excessively cover these specific cases just so they can stir up the Black population against Whites.  It is utterly ridiculous and it shows how morally and intellectually bankrupt the Jew media is.  Jews should be banned from owning or operating any type of media enterprise in America considering their horrendous track record of pushing dubious agendas and lies.

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