Jewish Bonnier Media Family Rapes Sweden

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
February 26, 2017

There are shockingly few Jews in Sweden’s government – shocking in regards to the policy they enforce. The enforcers are mainly women.

The Swede media, however, is a total Jew-job.

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  1. Sweden is like an elderly family member with dementia. It's heartbreaking to witness and you're powerless to fix it.

  2. Normie swedes know the Bonnier family controls the media. But many don't know they are jews, or if they do don't add 2&2 together. If only we had a troll politician who could bring attention to it with a half-true comment that everyone would scramble to criticize. They need to learn the Trump method

  3. LDG says:

    So, so depressing.

    For all the jokes about cucked Swedes it's the fate of Sweden that gets to me the most.

    It's like a real-world replay of the Eloi vs the Morlocks.

    Or Tolkien's Silmarillion.

    A tiny population of fairies or elves gets slowly eaten alive by dark desert monsters full of resentment and envy--and they don't even realize it because their minds are so far removed from the twisted, satanic cunning of their tormentors.

  4. I've often wondered why Sweden is so much worse than Norway and Denmark on the refugee issue.

    I've recently found out. Spoiler: It's the Jews.

    In Norway there's about 1000 Jews, in Denmark 6000. In Sweden? 20 000.

    I don't think Norway and Denmark has the critical mass of jews needed for them to establish a nepotistic colony. Sweden OTOH...

    It's very sad when you see how small a group is actually needed to fuck over a country, if the group is dedicated enough.

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