Jews Organize to “Stop Bannon”

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
November 30, 2016


Steve Bannon may be the worst goyim since Hitler. In response to his appointment by Donald Trump, a Jew group, “Jewish Voice for Peace,” has created with the goal of stopping Bannon.

They’ve got nearly 35,000 signatures at time of writing.

I continue to be surprised at how aggressive these Jews are willing to organize under the banner of Jewishness to oppose Trump. I mean, they can use the media, and have at least one thick layer of protection. Most people in America aren’t aware of the control the Jews as a group have over the media as a whole.

But when they’re organizing using the word “Jew,” they are really coming out and openly declaring “we are your enemies, goyim.”

This is why they’ve been kicked out of over a hundred countries.

They don’t know when to stop.

It is madness how much they are able to talk about their “persecution throughout history,” and yet have learned absolutely nothing from it.


Notable Replies

  1. They will be celebrating Hannukah, the massacre of the Greeks, real soon. It's a real special time of year to be a loving non-racist, tolerant rat faced kike.

  2. iAmBob says:

    Allow me to begin with fuck you.

    To expand upon that though, the jews have been unable to halt the onslaught. They've tried every single method in their arsenal and NOTHING HAS WORKED. They're not advancing jackshit right now. Right now, their whole program is burning up before their eyes across the entire globe.

    These jews have spent the last 70 years sitting on their piles of shekels and training to re-fight the last war. Meanwhile we've developed new tactics while also liberally stealing some of their tactics. They're still dangerous but their myriad failures up to now show how weak they are.

    And, in the long run, how weak they've always been.

  3. iAmBob says:

    That's not who we are. We're not the WN's who sat around whining and complaining without accomplishing anything. We're not the ones who squandered a White majority in this country. We're not the ones who helped implement PC speech codes. We're not the ones who pioneered Affirmative Action in the workplace. All that bullshit happened on our parents and grandparents watch.

    To answer your question more directly, I live on the planet where the alt-right accomplished more in two years than the old guard White Nationalist movement managed in entire decades. I live on the planet where the jews never really feared the first wave of WN's because they mostly never achieved anything.

    I live on the planet where the jews fear us so badly that so-called anti-semitism is part of their existence now online and off-line. I live on the planet where "build the wall" is about to become policy and "White Nationalist" is part of the day-to-day discourse.

    Try though I might, I can't see how the alt-right agenda (and, by proxy, the WN agenda) isn't getting moved forward. Yes, there's more to be done. But now we have actual means of getting it done and (((the enemy))) is scared shitless over the in-roads we've made.

    You're welcome to continue living on Planet Denial if that's appealing to you though.

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