Jews Unhappy That Nazis Have Exposed Them Pushing Multiculturalism in Star Wars Films

Ben Richards
Daily Stormer
December 7, 2016


The Jewish run company of Disney has another lame looking Star Wars film coming out called Rogue One. It is meant to be a prequel to the original 1970s Star Wars movie which details how the rebels captured the secret Death Star plans.

Based on the trailer, we see that the film features many non-White characters and is designed to promote multiculturalism and feminist nonsense. The evil empire is portrayed as a group of evil White Nazis whereas the virtuous rebels are mostly made up of non-Whites led by heroic females.

The Jewish Daily Forward has posted an entire article crying about how Nazis are exposing this obvious Jewish plot to promote multiculturalism.


Oy vey! The evil Nazis have exposed our plan!

The article further complains about how Nazis previously boycotted Star Wars VII: The Force Awakens for similar reasons. You may recall that the 2015 film featured a Negro and a White female as the main characters.

As Disney releases sequels it appears as if the intention is for the two characters to become a couple thus allowing them to promote an unnatural and disgusting form of race mixing.


It would honestly be less offensive if the White female lead character Rey ends up having sex with Chewbacca the Wookie.

It is also worth noting that the plot was almost a complete rehash of the original Star Wars film. JJ Abrams, the main Jew behind the film, is obviously not a very creative person. This is a problem that many Jews are plagued by.


Talks about a “ratfaced kike”! Wowzer!

Rogue One should absolutely be boycotted just as Star Wars VII: The Force Awakens was. These movies are abusing a brand that many people have fond childhood memories of with lame plots and subversive propaganda.


One could argue that Chewbacca is more of a human than that retarded Negro stormtrooper.

Unfortunately, there are many who will be spending their hard earned shekels on this crap. They haven’t realized that the Star Wars brand has been destroyed and subverted by money grubbing Jews.

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  1. Retnar says:

    2026- Across the White Imperium the new Star Wars prequels open to rave reviews, Aryan Entertainment Co. having declared that the original prequels and (((sequels))) were non-canon and should be disregarded. From his home in Madagascar, J.J. Abrams declares the move "annuda shoah".

  2. joe1 says:

    i dont watch any of this shit

  3. This is why my children aren't allowed to watch most movies/TV. Obviously they see some of this crap when they're visiting with friends or family, but I'm honest with my kids about media manipulation and point it out and explain it when I see it. We also discuss why it's being used and it's intended result. There has to be a conscious effort on the parents part to protect their children from this vileness.

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