kek: Jew York Times “Rededicates” Itself to Accurate Reporting

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
November 13, 2016


We have entered an age of eternal joy.

The New York Times’ top kike Arthur Sulzberger Jr. just issued a letter to readers vowing to “rededicate” the paper to accurate reporting.

This is seriously a thing which has just happened.

This is akin renewing wedding vows after someone got caught cheating.

This is just… I never thought I would see the day. They are pretty much openly admitting to having deceived people on purpose – he says “we believe we reported on both candidates  fairly,” but if that were the case, why would he need to make a pledge to stop lying?

The New York Times claimed – all the way up until Tuesday morning – that Hillary Clinton had a 98% chance of winning. This was an outright lie, designed to demoralize Trump supporters and keep them from voting. This was not some huge accident, and people know that.

Morning Joe even admitted it – and attacked NYT.

Notable Replies

  1. The Jew media needs shutting down!

  2. Only through KEK did the people find truth.

  3. Fuck you (((Sulzberger))). Your lying kike family has been at this since 1896. That's when these kikes took over the NYT.

  4. evK says:

    "The time for recriminations is over....."

    You wish anchor pussy. It hasn't even begun.

    You will pay for your intentional and treasonous actions.

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