Laughable Feminists Make Obscene Anti-Trump Cross Stitches to Control Their Anger

Daily Stormer
January 7, 2017

Because they don’t suffer from deeper mental issues at all

I’m now convinced that the saddest victims are feminists.

Huffington Post:

Tens of thousands of women across the United States are starting to break out their granny thermals for the Women’s March on Washington, slated for the day after the inauguration of president-elect Donald Trump.

But a few thousand of the most foul-mouthed among them are stoking their resistance beforehand with needlework projects that — ahem — “wouldn’t necessarily make your grandma proud.”

On January 21, 2017, the Subversive Cross Stitchers will lay down their needles and take the future of the country in hand.

Founded in 2003 by the “charmingly disgruntled” Julie Jackson to help manage her anger during a stint working under a “cruel bully of a boss,” Subversive Cross Stitching has since attracted other alienated needleworkers in their thousands with its collection of hundreds of epithetic patterns and kits.

Its closed Facebook community now boasts more than 3,000 members, who fondly refer to each other as “fuckers” and “bitches and share patterns with filigreed flowers and hearts flanking cathartic quips like “Because fuck you that’s why” and “I would call you a cunt but you lack depth and warmth.”

What lovely ladies.

I wonder what it’s like to surround yourself with so much hatred and negativity.

These women have so many emotional issues that they are doing needlework to literally control their irrational anger.

Where is the psychiatric and medical support?

Here’s Julie Jackson:


Her face pretty much explains everything and I’m sure her followers look exactly the same if not worse.

We’re not stupid, we know why females become feminists.

It’s not a coincidence that every feminist is highly unattractive, has weight issues and has mastered the art of self-sabotage

Here’s what these privileged ladies get to waste their time doing:

And here is a quote from one of the women who follows in Julie Jackson’s footsteps, to give you some insight into the sort of person that would be interested in such dribble:

I am heartbroken by the election. I feel betrayed by my country, like this isn’t the place I thought it was. I will not be silent. As a woman, a mother and foster mother, a lesbian, an artist, as a survivor – I must not be silent. I want us to show up in numbers too great to ignore or dismiss. I want to send a message to those in power that we are here, we are strong, we are smart, we are pissed off and we refuse to be afraid.

I can’t help but feel sorry for real women when lesbians disgrace their title.

You can’t be a woman and a lesbian at the same time. Lesbians are butch and very manly, they have no attributes of a woman. (Shitlibs can debate this all they want, but they also think a man in a dress counts as a woman, so whatever.)

I also laugh at how much feminists secretly want to be just like old-fashioned women.

Noticed how fat feminists usually appropriate 1950’s fashion? And now they’re doing needlework?

Both of these are things that they should find insanely oppressing.

Feminists are secretly pining away for a life that actually values them as women and gives them purpose

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