Lt. Gen. Jerry Boykin Caught by Hot Mic: “Jews are the Problem”

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
March 8, 2014


William G. "Jerry" Boykin: He knows about the Jews but he isn't telling the people when he knows the mic is on.
William G. “Jerry” Boykin: He knows about the Jews but he isn’t telling the people when he knows the mic is on.

Lt. Gen. Jerry Boykin, retired, who now serves as executive Vice President of the Family Research Council, a conservative Christian lobbying group, was caught on a live mic telling the truth about the Jews.

Boykin’s comments were captured after an online broadcast of a panel at the National Security Action Summit. This is an event held in protest of the not-really-very-conservative Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC), and features speakers who are blacklisted from participating there.

In the clip, Boykin is approached about doing an interview with Israel National News, which is described to him as a “conservative publication.”

“The Jews are the problem,” Boykin says “The Jews are the cause of all the problems in the world.” An unidentified person agrees, “I know, I know,” and Boykin continues “That’s why we’re trying to fix everything.”

The recording was released by the Jewish “anti-hate” organization the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC). It is confusing to me why the SPLC would have any desire to attack him for this. Boykin does exactly what they want him to do: he keeps quite about the Jewish problem when speaking publicly.

The clip begins with Boykin voicing a theory about subliminal pro-Islam messages hidden subliminally in Barack Obama’s speeches.  The Antisemitic statements can be heard toward the end of the clip.

Ultimately, I find this very discouraging.  How shameful is it that Boykin knows the truth about what is going on, and yet refuses to stand up and tell the people?  Surely, he justifies this to himself, believing that everyone would come out and attack him if he were to tell the truth, and it is better to work against the Jews without directly naming them.  But how much is he actually getting done this way?  If he were to speak out, and tell the people the truth about the Jewish problem, at least it would be lodged in the minds of the people, and eventually, more would come out and support him.

Here you have a message from General Boykin in 2010, warning the people about “Marxism” without naming the Jews:

How much more powerful would that message have been if he’d named who was responsible?

This is reminiscent of the tape of Richard Nixon’s conversation with Billy Graham, where they talk frankly with one another about the Jewish problem; neither one ever went on to state it publicly, instead supporting the Jewish agenda.

Clearly, everyone who is in power (or close to it) understands the Jewish control of the Western world, and yet none of them will come out and say it, for fear of their own careers being destroyed.  Due to this, I cannot but call every person in power a traitor to America, as they are willing to allow us to be destroyed by these Jews, rather than standing up and telling the truth.

  • anarchyst

    The so-called jewish “holocaust ™” has been turned into a de-facto “religion” in which no deviation from orthodoxy is permitted. In fact, in most European countries, independent investigation into jewish “holocaust ™” truths is strictly forbidden under pain of fines and imprisonment. In the USA, things are not quite as bad, only job loss and personal and professional destruction at the hands of those of the “tribe” that FEAR the real truth of the jewish “holocaust ™” being exposed is evident.
    American execution expert, Fred Leuchter travelled to Auschwitz, surreptitiously obtained samples from the purported “gas chambers”, had them tested and published his results. The absence of methylene blue in ALL of the samples, save one, was PROOF that the “gas chambers” did not exist. The one positive sample was taken from a room used to disinfect clothing.
    Mr. Leuchte was rewarded for his search for TRUTH by his professional and personal character assassination by those of the “tribe”. He lost all of his federal and state contracts, and was prosecuted under an obscure Massachusetts “law” for “practicing engineering without a license”–a law which had never been used before or since. . .
    Another example of present-day censorship in Europe is the fate of noted WW2 researcher David Irving, who was forced to recant TRUTH in order to avoid punishment. . .
    If people only knew of the planning that took place (among those of the “chosen”) to engineer this “cash cow”, the jewish “holocaust”, there would be a pogrom of massive size. You see, the jewish “holocaust” was necessary in order to force the establishment of a jewish state. In this case, the ENDS justified the MEANS. There have been many “holocausts” of much greater misery throughout human history, yet the jewish “holocaust” is the only one that counts . . .

  • CSR

    Keep in mind the USA’s Deep-State. I think General Boykin is a part of the real Deep-State… and not the TV-Jew-NeoCon version.

    Is the Deep State Fracturing into Disunity? (March 14, 2014)

    I recently discussed the Deep State and “throwing Wall Street under the bus” with my friend and colleague Jim Kunstler.

    When we speak of The Powers That Be or the Deep State, this ruling Elite is generally assumed to be monolithic: of one mind, so to speak, unified in worldview, strategy and goals.

    In my view, this is an over-simplification of a constantly shifting battleground of paradigms and political power between a number of factions and alliances within the Deep State. Disagreements are not publicized, of course, but they become apparent years or decades after the conflict was resolved, usually by one faction winning the hearts and minds of decision-makers or consolidating the Deep State’s group-think around their worldview and strategy.

    History suggests that this low-intensity conflict within the ruling Elite is generally a healthy characteristic of leadership in good times. As times grow more troubled, however, the unity of the ruling Elite fractures into irreconcilable political disunity, which becomes a proximate cause of the dissolution of the Empire if it continues.

    I recently proposed the idea that Wall Street now poses a strategic threat to national security and thus to the Deep State itself: Who Gets Thrown Under the Bus in the Next Financial Crisis? (March 3, 2014)

    Many consider it “impossible” that Wall Street could possibly lose its political grip on the nation’s throat, but I suggest that Wall Street has over-reached, and is now teetering at the top of the S-Curve, i.e. it has reached Peak Wall Street.

    Consider what the extremes of Wall Street/Federal Reserve predation, parasitism, avarice and power have done to the nation, and then ask if other factions within the Deep State are blind to the destructive consequences:

    How The Fed Has Failed America, Part 2 (March 12, 2014)
    The Fed Has Failed (and Will Continue to Fail), Part 1 (March 11, 2014)

    Can anyone not in Wall Street or the Fed look at this chart and not see profound political disunity on the horizon?

    source: Poll Shows Why QE Has Been Ineffective (STA Wealth Mgmt)

    I recently discussed the Deep State and “throwing Wall Street under the bus” with my friend and colleague Jim Kunstler: here’s the resulting podcast, which you can download or listen to on whatever device you are using at the moment: KunstlerCast 250 — Chatting with Charles Hugh Smith

    Jim’s trademark wit and clarity guide the discussion, and he kindly lets me blather on about the Deep State. I think you’ll find the discussion of interest; you certainly won’t hear this topic being aired elsewhere.

    I have covered the Deep State and profound political disunity for many years:

    Going to War with the Political Elite You Have (May 14, 2007)
    The Shape of Things To Come (July 8, 2011)
    The Master Narrative Nobody Dares Admit: Centralization Has Failed (June 21, 2012)

  • AndrewUS

    WOW. What a shame that there is not enough courage to take the true knowledge in the heart and say the truth to the people! Sarah Berielles’ song “Brave” comes to mind. While I’m not big on the genre of that song, the message it presents is resoundingly true.

    Matty posted a comment and said,

    “Look at his uniform, a Ranger Tab and a Special Forces Tab. You gotta be one tough man to earn both of those. Yet despite that display of physical toughness he doesn’t have the mental toughness to call a Jew what he is. This fight will demand unbelievable toughness from our White Men.”

    Well said, so I quote it. There comes a time to say the truth, and these men have had a tremendous opportunity to do so but have failed tremendously. Let’s learn a good lesson here. Do we also have a price?

  • taj kothari

    General Jerry Boykin- Kudos to you for stating the TRUTH !! ALL THESE DECADES THE WORLD IS SO SISI




  • O*R*I*O*N

    The U.S. military is a race-mixing, dehumanizing mass-murder instrument under total ZOG control.

    Would surely be great to see some organized White dissension or mutiny in the ranks or officer corps.
    Fact is, right now, White men in the military are brainwashed continuously and systematically to serve the jew agenda unconditionally. Even to the point of killing White civilian brothers and sisters, as in WWII and Serbia.

    Speaking of the lack of prominently placed persons openly naming the jew:
    Michael Scheuer, formerly of the C.I.A., has declared his strong, principled opposition to the U.S. alliance with israel in mainstream media and on congressional hearings for years.

    If my memory serves, he stated that “israel is not worth one dime” to the U.S. and that “we should dump israel tomorrow”. Click his name above and see for yourself.

  • Matty

    Look at his uniform, a Ranger Tab and a Special Forces Tab.

    You gotta be one tough man to earn both of those. Yet despite that display of physical toughness he doesn’t have the mental toughness to call a Jew what he is.

    This fight will demand unbelievable toughness from our White Men.

  • NS-in-CA

    “Something along the “fender bender accident” that befell General George S. Patton?” Exactly Cicero.

  • 30.06

    True Heroes speak loud and clear when the nation is in danger .

  • James Scott

    This guy was being sarcastic. Can’t you people hear the ridicule in his voice.The jews are hyper-sensitive especially the ones at the SPLC because they know he is correct even if he does not really believe it.

    I cannot count the times someone who disagreed with me about organized jews being a problem has spouted this line about jews being responsible for everything.

    • jesserey7

      My friend, I listen to the audio and you are absolutely right! He was talking about Muslims, In this right wing idea that Obama is anti Israel. He was also saying the Jews are the problem in a very sarcastic manner , He said the Jews are the problem? , that’s why we’re trying to fix everything. (Meaning Zionists such as himself and his Jew masters) it’s blatantly obvious!

  • Denise

    HA!!!! The truth can’t be surpressed anymore!

  • Blublood

    So many generals have been used, wittingly or unwittingly, to serve jew interests. Imagine what could be accomplished if they fought the right enemy.

  • jesserey7


    • Lachdenan

      Well, what’s funny is how easily they look bad based on that Talking Point.

      I also like Horus the Avenger’s “Jews have so much media power they can make someone apologize for saying they have media power.”

  • Dante Ardenz

    The hottest places in hell are for people like Boykin:The ones who know the truth,but will not act upon it.. So wriiten of in Dantes Inferno. Boykin is a fool. A typical ‘Murikan’. His entire post Army Career, is based on appealing to the Fundamenatlist/Zio-Christians,Tea Party/FOX NEWS Neoconservatives. He has a huge pension,that cannot be touched,but still cannot do it. Teddy Rossevelt,Wilson,FDR,Chamberlain,Churchill,ALL new how wicked the Jews were. But they did as ordered. Money,power,glory,for them,and their heirs: If the drunk Churchill would of taken the peace deal,and alliance Hitler offered: The Rothchilds would of stopped filling his bank accounts,and paying his mortgage. Plus the British people HATED him,for his past failures. They would of dumped him,as they did in 45. All the fun would of been over”I enjoyed every minute of the war”. He exclaimed in 45. The Rothchild Agent Bernard Baruch would of stopped cash transfers to FDR.No third or 4th term. Ike would of stayed a Lt Colonel,and people like Thatcher would of stayed a chemist. JEWS ARE ABOUT MONEY AND POWER. They bribe,create,and kill to keep it. SEE CHURCHILLS WAR.David Irving Action Report.Com.CHURCHILL ANDTHE JEWS: Gilbert.

    • Rufus LeNegro

      The jews are the problem but what are you doing about it other than retelling old conspiracy theories?

  • NS-in-CA

    I take a bit of comfort in the whole “we’re trying to fix it” behind the seens thing.

    Ever since I’ve been awakened to the JProblem, I’ve thought if there was going to be any true change in this country, it would come from the military/intelligence establishment. First from behind the seens, and then something would happen from outta nowhere.

    Let’s face it, we are a small, ridiculed minority in this country. The average white in this nation is too wrapped up in the next iPhone upgrade or latest movie.

    If a general awakening was to happen, I believe it would be too little too late.

    This is why action should come from the military/intelligence folks. Mind you, I’m not saying to give up on our slumbering white brethren.

    I mean, what should the Lt. Gen. do? Call a general press conference and name the Jew?

    LOL, I think we all know what would happen.


    • Cicero

      Something along the “fender bender accident” that befell General George S. Patton?

  • Marat Kyra

    Some people may know jews are the problem but not only are their careers ended, their lives and their families’ lives become in danger.

    Look at the Gospels, the people (jews themselves and the gentiles) were always running away “in fear of the jews,” hiding in houses, looking over their shoulders.

    They are demoniacs. Once they got full control of the System it was over. They can’t be fought militarily, AH attempted to do so. They are an enemy that cannot be vanquished. It will take an act from Jesus Christ and who knows what His operating time table is. Until then, we run away in fear of the jews. And keep to the internet until they get to us there.

    • enki

      ^this is cowardice, sorry.

    • erik

      Wait for Jesus? “The luke warm are spewed from his mouth…”. Your family will be in danger? “There is no greater love than that of the MAN that lays down his life for his brother.” Just pathetic. Where are the lone wolves, the ones they don’t see coming? Prepare prepare prepare, never taking action just talk talk talk

  • Doug

    I recall a quote I read somewhere-I now regret that I didn’t save it to my collection-that went something like this:”Until you mention the word ‘jew’ you have not said a thing about communism.”

    I think the author was a Frenchman. Does anyone recognize the quote?

  • reamonnk

    This is proof that the General is fully aware of the Jewish threat….and believes that his actions undermine the Jewish agenda. He is not willing to state this publicly because he believes it would be a poor strategy in reaching out to the ‘folks’.

    He’s a dime a dozen among ‘activists’ in that regard.

    I don’t think that is negative…Nothing to celebrate either.

  • JFA

    Problem with all of them is easily and simply put:
    Economics over Race… End of story…


      Yup! Unfortunately, not only are our White political leaders totally corrupt and sold out to their jew benefactors, but almost all, if not all, rank and file Whites who are financially successful, even the most modestly successful among us, are sellouts, politically and racially. Think about it — these affluent / wealthy Whites could help this movement a great deal, most importantly, financially, but they never have. Rather than risk their positions in life, they selfishly ignore the plight the jews have placed our race in, and have all sold out to their jew friends.

      You can be sure, they have many jew friends because money-grubber jews hover wherever the money is. Instead, these financially secure Whites ignore our warnings. Instead of looking for themselves, they spurn and ridicule us, or even work with the jews to destroy us. They think infinitely more of jews, and the criminal state of Schitz-real, than they do their own country or their fellow Whites. In their arrogance, working stiffs are viewed as below them, as peasants. They are of the belief they are much more intelligent due merely to financial success.

      Because they don’t understand the jew and think so highly of themselves, they believe they’re immune to jew revenge and hatred. They are the jews’ useful idiots. I’m sure they’d convert to judaism in a heartbeat, in fact, they’d do any vile thing the jews commanded if they thought their accumulated “stuff” was in jeopardy. Virtually all of them are judaized. So unfortunately, not only are our elected trolls totally subservient and loyal to these parasites, so is every White who has some meager measurement of success.

  • Peter Mansfeldt

    I have always felt that many gentiles in the government, both the bureaucrats and the military professionals, knew more than they let on about America’s Jewish infestation.

    You are absolutely correct, Andrew, in your assertion that this man is behaving in an extremely shameful manner by withholding his knowledge from the masses.

    Truth is a rare commodity nowadays, and that is why the Jews have been and continue to be so successful at enslaving the hearts and minds of the White race, for only the truth can set them free.

  • jonathon r

    It’s interesting. If the SPLC released this, it’s good for the jews.

    I call BS. You don’t get a political appointee job like General (you didn’t think it was merit based, did you?) without being a zionist.

    Seriously, you guys know the jew is the father of the lie, then return again and again like a dog to its vomit and believe *this* time the jew is speaking the truth.

    Even when a jew tells the truth, he lies.

    And Jesus wept. I expected more.

  • CrimsonTide

    We don’t know what this man may be doing behind the scenes – it’s very likely he is doing something if only letting others know. As shown by the recording, he’s not afraid to say it to others one on one. It’s kinda silly not to think this is a positive. I think it’s very positive and shows high ranking members of our military know the truth and are not happy about it at all. He also says he’s trying to ‘fix it’. That’s encouraging to me, when I thought that everyone in our government was blind to this.

    • CrimsonTide

      We have to learn from our ancestors mistakes – Henry Ford was as open as you could be about the Jews and wrote books he gave out for free to anyone who would take them or listen. He couldn’t reach the people even being one of the most beloved American businessmen in history.

      The people who are in high powered positions can NOT just offer themselves up on a silver platter to the Jews to make ONE public statement before bringing the house down on themselves. How short sighted. He’s been in the military his whole adult life and been privy to many, many US/JEW secrets he otherwise would never have known if he got himself fired. Seems he’s working with other whites who are in powerful positions and it’s an open secret between them.

      A coup is never obtained by giving the enemy your game plan. He’s obviously in the camp who believes that Americans will never be able to cotton on to the Jew reality fast enough, if ever, so he is the type who wants to work behind the scenes to take them down. Obviously most people here think that if we can just reach the American audience they will ‘wake up’ and do the work for us. From history though, it doesn’t seem to be feasible.

      I think we should definitely try to wake up as many as possible, but having men like this who are aware of the Jewish problem and wanting to fix it in our government is a very good revelation.

      • anarchyst

        Let’s not forget Father Coughlin and his radio broadcasts about the evils of the jews. Of course, he had to couch his criticism in other terms, but he was wildly successful until the “powers that be” and the Catholic Church muzzled him. . .

  • fnn

    The example of Jokester Boykin does point to some strange defect in the Anglo personality.

    …The talk about Limeys is usually that they’re individualist (that was Spengler’s opinion, and I think many people’s) and lightly aspie-ish, or inferior in psychological insight (Nietzsche’s opinion). There is some weird gap in the English mind: utterly towering art on the one hand, and sci/tech on the other . . . utterly . . .

    Yet the stuff in between, that partakes equally of intuition and ratiocination, namely philosophy as we Continentals understand it (I’m not very English-blooded, and I think I feel that fact), philosophy with some emphasis on wisdom and ‘outlook’ — and also psychology — not so great, not real amazing. William Sommerset Maugham might be one exception, and obviously Shakespeare, and Blake. By psychology I mean the old sense in which methods are mostly informal and great psychologists besides Blake and Shake-speare include Moliere, Nietzsche, Kierkegaard, Dostoevskij, Montaigne, Rouchefoucauld, or Chuang-tze — though I think all ten of those would be entirely interested to read Kahneman and Tversky, and would see most of it as fascinating insights that happened to come from more formal methods, but not very different in essence from other insights they got from a lifetime of contemplation, scrutiny of intuition, and unstructured observation.

  • Scott Roberts

    Andre says:
    Ultimately, I find this very discouraging. How shameful is it that _______ knows the truth about what is going on, and yet refuses to stand up and tell the people? Surely, he justifies this to himself, believing that everyone would come out and attack him if he were to tell the truth, and it is better to work against the Jews without directly naming them. But how much is he actually getting done this way? If he were to speak out, and tell the people the truth about the Jewish problem, at least it would be lodged in the minds of the people, and eventually, more would come out and support him.


    How much more powerful would that message have been if he’d named who was responsible?


    Clearly, everyone who is in power (or close to it) understands the Jewish control of the Western world, and yet none of them will come out and say it, for fear of their own careers being destroyed. Due to this, I cannot but call every person in power a traitor to America, as they are willing to allow us to be destroyed by these Jews, rather than standing up and telling the truth.

    Well, how does this same (sound) logic NOT apply to Putin????

    • Scott Roberts

      Well, at least Boykin doesn’t have an extensive Yamika collection. So perhaps we can trust/believe/assume that he was in fact “secretly working against the Jews”.

    • Silver Destroyer

      I guess Andrew is thinking that Putin is just playing games until the gloves come of, others like Atossa calls him the honorable Tsar and “Micheal” the arch angel and the warrior of God and all that, I will say that Atossa did mention that Putin was double minded( serves Russia sort of, wile serving the Jews at the same time). Im still neutral about Putin.

      • Scott Roberts

        To think (more like believe) that some world leader is “playing games”, in the hope that he one day “takes the gloves off”, is just plain baseless and foolish.

        “Oh yeah, I know, he is kissing Jew ass and sporting his Yamika, but he’s really just doing all of that to fool them”. = an absurd and dangerous assumption to make

        How could a person get on the Putin bandwagon based entirely on assumed motives, regarding some “secret plan”, while suggesting he was put here by none other than the “hand of god” (“god has a plan for Putin”, etc)?

        You’re either an “antisemite” or your’e a fool and/or a Shabbot Goy. As Andre said in this very blog entry, it’s “shameful” (at best) and Putin can be viewed (based on the same logic applied to Boykin) as nothing less than a “traitor”.

        Once more, how on Earth can this (sound) logic be applied to Boykin, while simultaneously suggesting that Putin is essentially a “messiah” sent by god (to “do as god intended him to”, etc), even though he comes up short in the same exact way as Boykin?

        Putin was “sent by god”, yet Boykin is a “traitor”, despite doing the exact same thing. Go figure.

        Well, actually, we can’t even assume Putin is “secretly plotting against the Jews”, since unlike Boykin, there’s no “hot mic” confession of Putin saying anywhere near what Boykin was “caught” saying. So in Putin’s case we can only assume he is either A. a selfish coward, like Boykin or B. exactly what he appears to be (especially when he wears his Yamika). However, we absolutely cannot assume he is a “messiah sent by god”, who is “secretly plotting against his fellow Yamika wearing Jews” (not saying Putin is a Jew, but he likes to dress up like them, rub elbows with them, and do their bidding), since we have nothing at all to go on, other than our (false) hope, wishful thoughts, and baseless assumptions.

        Andre, are you just going to brush this off and ignore my pointing out the blatant contradictions you just put on display (from one leader to the next, from one blog/day to the next)? Am I being too harsh? Am I being unreasonable? Am I asking forbidden questions of a leader you have all but risen to the status of being above criticisms?”God has a plan for him”, after all, and who dares to question god? Come on man, grow some thicker skin, put your big boy pants on, and stop moderating/ignoring my comments. Do you want to be “right” all the time or do you simply want to get to the bottom of things?

        I know Hitler told you, in Chapter 3 of Mein Kapmf, that a leader should essentially “stick to his guns no matter what” for fear of showing weakness or uncertainty, but when you’re wrong you’re wrong my man, and any man who is worth being called a “leader” will put honesty and his cause above his ego….whereas you typically refuse to give an inch, even when you are caught contradicting the hell out of yourself.

        • Silver Destroyer

          Andrew contradicted himself? Wen did he do that? Well this article and his behavior toward Putin may be 1. Are there others Scott?

          • Scott Roberts

            I’m on moderation dude. I can’t write out long responses to you when they might not be approved (doubt this one will get approved either). Case in point, I went ahead and dug up a bunch of old videos on the China debate, but it was probably for naught, as it is now awaiting moderation and might not be posted at all. So I am not going to waste my time looking things up or typing them out for nothing, sorry.

            If I am taken off moderation, I will respond in great length, if need be, to any questions asked. Otherwise, this was the instance I was referring to (the Putin/Boykin double standard/inconsistency), although there were others form our last “debate” as well.

        • Andrew Anglin

          Scott, I have made it clear that this is not a debate forum, and that I will not tolerate people trying to turn it into one.

          These are rules.

          There are plenty of places you can discuss your theories, but this isn’t one of those places.

          You’re not on moderation, posts with more than two links are automatically moderated. There is no way to moderate an individuals posts based on length, that is a conspiracy theory.

          I will, however, ban you if you continue to attempt to debate conspiracies. You’ve done this to several threads in the last days, and I’ve let it go, but rules are rules.

          • Silver Destroyer

            Can you guys have a radio show to discus this? I would love to call in and ask questions. But Andrew, I get it, its you’r website and it has an agenda, its not a misery solving club and not a debate forum, or a place of conspiracies, but the reason we do this is because we know that people with similar views on subject read and comment on the articles, that’s why I and others do this and, we love daily stormer and the people ( that are awesome for having common scene and manners like Crimson Tide, Scott Roberts, Billy Ray Jenkins and others) that come here, and we love your work here and on Total Fascism. I know you are not a Putin worshiper because you have published articles criticizing Putin. And I don’t think he is 100% controlled by Jews, and I read Scott Roberts’s comments and he is pointing out that wile you say it is shameful that Boykins knows its the Jews are the problem but he docent say it publicly, wile you did not say that about Putin. That all I have to say, and I’m still neutral about Putin. Is there a forum you would like to link so I can talk to Scott there? Thanks
            Silver Destroyer

          • Andrew Anglin

            There is a pretty big difference between a leader of a superpower and a political action group.

            Putin has been walking on eggshells, dealing with securing full control of Russia while dealing with the Oligarchs, and presumably, has not seen any reason to come out and attack the Jews directly while doing so.

            Boykin is trying to inform the American people of the threat of liberalism, and in order to do that job, it is very important to name the Jew.

            So the comparison doesn’t really even make sense. Scott just has an obsession with conspiracy theories, and believes that everything must be one.

            And no, I won’t be doing any more shows about conspiracies. Pretty well put that stuff behind me. There are much more important things to do, and the number of people who believe in conspiracies is so miniscule, and they so unlikely to change their points of view anyway, that it is just a waste of time.

            I know there are a lot of different conspiracy boards, but I don’t keep up on them. Prison Planet is the biggest, and they are surely all trying to solve the mystery of Putin, but you would have to use the word “illuminati” instead of Jews (though it amounts to the same thing anyway). You could also try here:


            And Stormfront has some conspiracy threads about Putin as well.

          • Silver Destroyer

            Well I went to godlikeproductions, I typed in the search box “Jew” and the first thing that showed up was a video called “Why Hitler went after the Jews”and its so stupid and ridiculous that I’m not going to link it. Im done with the conspiracy stuff, its a good thing because we need to move on from this confusing stuff.

          • enki

            have you heard of scott ian from the band anthrax? yeah hes a big jew now how about a scott roberts…heheheh.

          • Andrew Anglin

            It really is just better to look at what you can see, rather than being intent on figuring out a secret mystery.

            What we can see which is supposed to be so horrible about Putin is that he has been diplomatic with Jews. You’ll notice that all of Scott’s posts amounted to spamming “yarmulke, yarmulke, yarmulke” over and over. He does not attempt to go into the actual geopolitics, because if you look there, everything Putin is doing is good. And it has been for a very long time.

            So unless you have a worldview where “nothing is as it seems” and feel that everything that happens is a mystery waiting to be solved, the natural thing would be to view his doing some photo-ops with Jews as, although distasteful, simply a pragmatic decision to avoid unnecessary trouble. A conspiracy theorist takes it as some kind of super important thing which means more than physically standing up to the Jews. Then in order to explain the physical stand-up against the Jews in light of the yarmulke photo-op revelation, levels must begin to be added on. First it’s “they always play both sides” and then if that is questioned, something more complex must be pulled out of thin air.

            I have been looking at this stuff for a very long time. And I am about as open-minded as a person can be. I have entertained all of it, and spent my early twenties believing in a lot of whacky conspiracy gibberish.

            The hardline conspiracy worldview, which Scott adheres to, where everything is secretly controlled by a secret invisible power in my opinion represents some sort of psychological drive toward a totally simple perception of the world., where everything is already known and there are never any questions.

        • CrimsonTide

          I think the issue here is people are starved for an actual leader who seems to be doing the right thing, rather than a plot of some kind. I understand, I want Putin to turn out to be a savior just as much as anyone.

          • Billington

            You hit the nail on the head, Crimson.

    • CrimsonTide

      There is definitely one standard for Slavs here and one for the Whites.

      • Scott Roberts

        The standard of proof required to consider someone a “leader sent by god” should be the same for any and all people.

        Either way, I’m not sure how one could go about attempting to rationalize the blatant double standard that was just put on display here, but I’m sure many will try.

        • CrimsonTide

          It really just shows the same line of thought that liberals use with blacks. It shows that the Slavic apologisers really consider Slavs inferior to White people.

          And I actually like Putin myself, but the double standard is too much especially when people are actually banned for speaking out against them in the comment section.

          I’m not sure why anyone feels they can know what goes through the mind of a Slav, or Slavic leader – their brains are decidedly Asiatic and their culture is vastly separate from ours. We will never know what their true motivation is, it’s obvious it’s not about making a Russian Nationalistic country.

          We need to accept the fact that Putin is going to do some things we like and some we don’t and work with the Jews and against the Jews when he can and it’s expedient for him to do so – trying to paint him 100% one way or the other is childish and naive.

          • Scott Roberts

            Good article that touches upon that exact point (Russian Nationalism is no better than American Nationalism, in that neither are lined up with true White Nationalism):

          • CrimsonTide

            I’ll check it out thanks.

          • http://None. Piotr Crittenden

            Hey Crimson, Slavs are just as white and European as you are, so how about you do some more research before making stupid comments like that; we’re not a bunch of Mongoloid hybrids.

      • Silver Destroyer

        Aren’t Slavs a white breed or branch Crimson tide? If that’s the case, then we should have different standard towards Germanics , a different standards towards Anglo-Saxons, a different standard towards Mediterraneans (myself, I’m of Spanish decent) and a different standard towards other white branches. Or is it sarcasm? Because that actually made me laugh a bit.

        • CrimsonTide

          Yes I should say Aryan instead of White – however many people don’t consider Slavs ‘white’ as Anglo Saxons are white. Slavs are a mixed breed of whites and Asians but a large part of them are truly ‘white’ . They are the White Slavs, and there are other more Mongrel Slavs as well.

          It’s confusing, but there are Europeans who are not white and whites that are not European – such as Georgians and Russians in Asia. Then there are Europeans like in Sicily who are truly not white, not even Mediterranean white – they are obviously half breeds. I know you are from Puerto Rico and it’s the same as there where there are obvious White Puerto Ricans and Mestizo ones and Black ones.

          • CrimsonTide

            Really the best thing is to stick to calling them “Slavic” because they have their own racial designation for a good reason. Hitler understood this very well. If we start throwing out words and changing their definition to make others feel good we are exactly like Jews.

          • Silver Destroyer

            Okay , I look at Mestizo Pueroricans and they make me feel ashamed to be called one, because they behave in a disgusting and degenerate fashion both here and the US abroad. I’m not shore wen this Island was racially integrated, but my guess is since it became property of the Yankee empire in 1898, wen the civil rights movement’s laws were passed it happened here like the rest of the US. I guess is the main Problem is that throw out history we confuse people for ethnicity and areas, they were born in like you sad there are white people in and out of Europe and there are non whites in Europe. If you look in a dictionary for the word German or any nationality it will say “a person born there or related to this country” so an Arab couple can take a boot to the South and if there child is born there then by definition ( of the politically correct dictionary) then he is a Southerner! or if you take them to Germany they are Germans!.

          • Silver Destroyer

            * a boat to the South
            excuse me.

          • CrimsonTide

            Yes unfortunately the Confederacy was defeated or Puerto Rico would be a white state to this day. The plan was to include Puerto Rico and all Carribbean islands and parts of Mexico into the Confederacy as the South had a strong working relationship and kinship with the Carribean islands and they were already part of the expanded Confederacy. The whites in Puerto Rico were obviously the aristocracy and there would never have been a Mestizo influx nor problem if allowed to stay with the Confederacy.

            Here is a good short article about it:


          • Cicero

            I work with a woman who could best be described as a “White Puerto Rican”. Her young son, if silent, would be virtually indestinguishable from a Nordic child from, say, Norway or Germany (sharp blue eyes, light blond hair, and fair skin). She explained to me that there are stages of miscegenation in Puerto Rico ranging all the way to Negroes who just happen to speak Spanish as a first language. Very interesting to say the least.

            By the way Silver Destroyer, never knew you were from Puerto Rico. Just curious as to how National Socialism is received over there if you have any experience with this.

          • Silver Destroyer

            Well Cicero, there is no scene of National Socialism here, at least in Politics, here politics are a Joke, if you know who Politics are in the US then you pretty much have it here repackaged (two parties run the government one wants us to become a state witch is a horrible idea, and the other wants us to stay the way we are, a common wealth, witch did nothing but destroy our economy) there are other parties but people here are so stupid that they vote for the same parties over and over and over again . I tried talking to people and there is still no strong awareness of holocaustianity, you remember wen I commented that my part German friend is still brain washed with this and he is a self hating white? I was wishing I could start a political party here with NS principals but the more I think about it, the more problems I come with, I dint know the percentage of white or ethnisities here and by the time I’m old enough, there wold be barely any whites here to round up to take this Island back.

          • Krsnik

            CT, I have posted genetic research here several times showing that you are wrong.

            Data from the Human Genome Diversity Project and several other sources shows that Slavs are closely clustered with other Europeans.


            Here is the visual representation:

            Look on the left side and see how Russians are as genetically close to Germans as Germans are to Norwegians. See how Poles and Russians (the two Slavic groups represented in the diagram) are very close to other European groups, but are very far from the Asians in the center of the diagram. The sources for the diagram are in the top right caption.

            Slavic is a language group, not a race or subrace. There are Slavs representative of the three major subraces of Europe (Nordic, Alpine, and Med), just as there are representatives of all three in most other European groupings.

            The word Aryan has been used to refer to a language family as well as the people who spoke it in pre-history and early historical times. Historically, it refers to the Indo-Aryan (Indo-Iranian) language group or sometimes the larger Indo-European family. In fact, the Slavic languages are more closely related to the Indo-Aryan branch than the Germanic or Latin languages are.

          • Silver Destroyer

            That’s true Krsnik, CT that article that Scott set you has some misinformation. Go to the comments section and you will find a link, despite the Mongol occupation, Russian have little Mongolian DNA in them.

        • Harley

          In the last month or so, Daily Stormer posted an article explaining that scientists can easily isolate a northwestern european (germanic celtic) sub-race, but that science cannot presently distinguish between a swede or a brit, a german, irish, etc. The celts dominated huge sections of Europe, and then at some point the germanic tribes took over (with an intermission of light roman admixture), except in Ireland. Throughout modern history the celts and germanics were so invasive of each other (and at times happily integrated, as in the north of England I think), that while we are a distinct biological sub-group of europeans, we are not divisible biologically from one another. Of course we feature slight differences in the extreme elements, but most of the time our looks, like our DNA as it stands, are too similar to be to discern easily amongst us. In America we’re the only true Whites given that we founded the country and are the targets of the overt genocide. The rest of the europeans are census whites but not real ones in that schema. Please southern europeans do not take offense. I shouldn’t be expected to allow my people to be slaughtered without naming and defying such homicidality, and to do that I must point out that we are the ‘evil whitey’ boogeyman in America, not the southern or even eastern europeans (for the most part).

    • Silver Destroyer

      Hey Scott, is that you, the Scott Roberts of the debate with John Friend ? Great I have a question, Andrew sad that he was talking at night to you about a possibility on a Chinese invasion of the US. What was that all about?

      • Scott Roberts

        Yes sir. Andre and I have already gone “a few rounds” over that as well. I’ve made probably 30 videos about China (most of which are posted on my TruTube account), and Andre probably has a dozen or so related articles on his old site (Total Fascism) as well (assuming most of my responses in the comments section are still there).

  • Chris

    Good comments.

    These military type are nothing but egotistical cowards. The product of a Jewish diseased society.

  • DaveMansfield

    Okay Boykin…

    You have been outted as knowing the truth about the jews…Here is my advice…

    Hold a press conference today and say exactly what you just said in that clip…

    Do not backtrack one bit…Say exactly what you believe…

    You have money…You are old…What the fuck are you waiting for?

    That is step one in ‘fixing everything’.

    • Nordic Truth

      No it isn’t that easy. If only people themselves would be hurt, many more would have come forward. But it isn’t just on one man who will get hurt, his family will, children.

      This is the way the mafia operates. They know that some people will go to their grave, but they won’t sacrifice their children or family.

      It wasn’t enough that one Kennedy got killed was it? And did the Kennedy’s learn their lesson?

      • DaveMansfield

        Your absolutely right…I was not thinking about that when I made that comment…Thanks…

  • spqr

    Even in the 30s, patriotic Americans like Henry Ford and Charles Lindbergh publicly stated their opinions on jews, and very few Americans took them seriously.

    There’s something about Anglo-descended nations that makes them especially subservient to Jews. I don’t know what it is, but if I were to guess, I’d say the UK, USA, and Australia will never wake up to the Jewish problem no matter how many people speak of it.

    • Mr.a

      the jew took power through England, it is therefore related that English speaking nations would have the hardest time shaking off these fleas.

    • fnn

      I think this guy may have some insight about the Anglo-American disease:

      …The talk about Limeys is usually that they’re individualist (that was Spengler’s opinion, and I think many people’s) and lightly aspie-ish, or inferior in psychological insight (Nietzsche’s opinion). There is some weird gap in the English mind: utterly towering art on the one hand, and sci/tech on the other . . . utterly . . . Tallis is my #1 artist.

      Yet the stuff in between, that partakes equally of intuition and ratiocination, namely philosophy as we Continentals understand it (I’m not very English-blooded, and I think I feel that fact), philosophy with some emphasis on wisdom and ‘outlook’ — and also psychology — not so great, not real amazing. William Sommerset Maugham might be one exception, and obviously Shakespeare, and Blake. By psychology I mean the old sense in which methods are mostly informal and great psychologists besides Blake and Shake-speare include Moliere, Nietzsche, Kierkegaard, Dostoevskij, Montaigne, Rouchefoucauld, or Chuang-tze — though I think all ten of those would be entirely interested to read Kahneman and Tversky, and would see most of it as fascinating insights that happened to come from more formal methods, but not very different in essence from other insights they got from a lifetime of contemplation, scrutiny of intuition, and unstructured observation.

    • Harley

      I notice the same thing. Perhaps the dutch anglo banking empire, which mixed the middle/upper middle classes between natives and jews, hence these countries have a harder time separating from them…

      The colonial countries must have needed the jewish banks to finance their empire-building, which then indebted them to the jews. The best way to disengage the northeasterners from jewish hegemony and from the jews personally is to expose the ethnic supremacy and exploitativeness of the jews. Most yankees don’t realize (fully) how scurrilously the jews have acted in their pursuit of ‘success,’ although most sense some problems. Our values teach us to judge moral choices, as opposed to biology, and the jews are defined by immoral, ethnic supremacist imperialist choices. I firmly believe if more americans and whites in anglo-founded countries understood jewish conniving and cheating they would reject them, and that they’ll grasp this more facilely than they will the inherent problems in blacks. The jews choose, but their supremacist value system has been cloaked under faux populist rhetoric and ‘social justice’ movements. It started with the labor movement which the jews pretended to lead, then progressed from there to ‘civil rights’ etc.

      The jews knew as the industrial era unfolded that the jig was up for them. Their ability to rig competition for wealth and privilege in a democratized Europe was beat. Once the printing press and then modern industrialization expanded literacy and the opportunity for mass education, the stupid jews had to resort to total trickery to retain their privileged position, as there is nothing biologically chosen about them and they could never maintain that status playing in a field of europeans with opportunity to even read.

      I believe this is where the push for zionism derives, in this realization that monopoly on wealth through education was over. Their presence in the labor movement was for show and subversion ultimately; their spearheading of the civil rights movement enabled the mid-term phase of bootheeling the white middle class, and now in the final one they’ve progressed to usurping power from the white elite once and for all.

      We can dethrone them by focusing on their moral choices and ethnic supremacy. But we must work fast to save our civilizations. And we need to get the southerners to stop fixating on blacks and the very discreet element of yankee traitors. The South must face their own race traitors and devise a new ethos that champions the white middle class, north and south, that the jews hate with such a passion. When the US changes, other anglo nations will follow.

      • CrimsonTide

        It’s depressing to know that Yankees don’t understand the Jewish problem well, when it seems they are more aware of it than anyone else in the country. This means we have a longer ways to go than y’all do even.

        • Harley

          The basic dots (not all of them) are there for us, it’s just that someone needs to connect them for people. So the picture isn’t too dark. It’s just time we don’t have on our side:

          The jews and corporate elites have packed the court system and whites need to engage in open defiance of the dictatorship. In Connecticut righteous gun owners are overtly stating they plan to ignore their congress’ ‘laws’ demanding they forfeit their arms. New Hampshire, I think it was, has also been making it clear to their legislature they will not abide the edicts of tyrants.

          • CrimsonTide

            I hope you are right, really I do. It’s going to take more people like you openly engaging them to wake them up.

          • Cicero

            New Hampshire is really the “oddball” of New England. With strict criminal laws, lack of a sales tax, loose gun laws, etc… it sticks out when compared with the likes of Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Vermont, etc…

      • CrimsonTide

        And just a question – why must the SOUTH be forced to head up everything? We don’t even want to be part of this God forsaken country and we have TRIED over and over to alert the country to the race problem (including the Jewish problem for a long time) and the rest of White Amerika turned their backs on us if not actually invading and attacking us.

        Why is it our responsibility to handle the Jews of the NorthEast? Honest question here because I’m not following the reasoning. Every time we have tried to even take care of the Jews and Blacks in our own states we have been forced by the Yankee government to cease and desist.

        • Harley

          You wrote this as I was writing my comment just above it, which may partially mollify your concern.

        • CrimsonTide

          I’m only asking this in a truly not understanding way because there is nothing we can do for yall if no one there will get out of the liberal bubble they are trapped in.

  • Reinhard

    It is amazing how many people in the military are physically courageous but morally cowardly. If they know that the Jews are destroying this country, they keep their mouths shut. If they know that niggers are stupid, they keep their mouths shut. When will we ever get ARYAN HEROES in the Military?

  • Mr.a

    insightful article.

  • Ulfric

    What I always find funny is that all these “John Wayne” type of men who act all tough and talk about how great Amurrica is and many of them wear a uniform are actually nothing but a bunch of cowards who are afraid of the Woody Allen’s of the world.

    “Yeah! We believe in Amurrica! The eagle and apple pie and…OMG here comes a Jew! *quakes in boots*

    I’m glad you brought up Billy Graham who claims that he loves God and that he fears nothing but God. What a crock! He fears man and that clip with Nixon proved it but the fact that he recognized a problem and could have used all his popularity with people to tell the truth and wake many up. Instead he chose to remain silent. What kind of Christian man remains silent when he sees danger coming? Watchman on the wall? My ass.

    These types also love to run Hitler down in the ground and talk about what a “coward” he was and how evil he was. These men couldn’t even shine Hitler’s shoes. They are all so afraid of everything. Afraid of losing their standing in society. They are nothing but weaklings.

  • DC

    I suspect some have their loyalty in the right place but don’t speak out for various reasons. Being cowardly is one thing, choosing the right battles to fight is not necessarily the same as being a coward. Plenty of brave and righteous men have spoken out in the past and had their careers cut short, or found themselves dead. I would imagine others are keeping a low profile and fighting battles behind the scenes. When the time is right, I expect there will be more of a willingness to speak out more openly.

    • reamonnk

      good point.

  • Teuton

    Andrew, I hope you can do a feature article on the heroic and distinguished General George V.H. Moseley (1874-1960) who was saying the same things General Boykin said starting way back in the 1920’s and well up to his death in 1960. A very interesting man on the battlefield and off, no doubt!

  • Tim

    Timing is everything, perhaps he felt the time isnt right around him and his fellow officers.

    It looks like a silent type of coup will be what is brought on if it were to occur by those in the military and intelligence.
    But you better believe that they are also being watched and well know it.

    None wish to have an accident and be suicided. Dont be naive about these matters, they cant go public for obvious reasons.

    • CrimsonTide

      Yes I’m not understanding the mindset here. It’s obvious more could be accomplished by not publicly handing yourself over to the Jews Hari Kari style and instead work with other in the know whites at high levels. This actually shows that there are a group of whites who are ‘trying to fix it’ as he says.

      The more I think about this, the more this makes me very very happy.

    • Krsnik

      It’s not the accidents or suicides they need to worry about, but the Jewish media. Their ability to discredit anyone who speaks up about them is their primary weapon.

  • gman

    Seems ironic that a military special forces general who is highly decorated in combat is a coward. Same reason why I am certain that conservative frauds like Alex Jones, Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, Michael jew Savage are no real help to our dire situation. They fail to name the enemy, the JEW! It is not globalists, it is not liberals,it is not the illuminati, it is not the elite, it is the JEW! This general is actually in a position to be a national voice and yet he seems not to say much unless he is caught in an unguarded moment with a hot mic. It seems to me that if one is not clear on the matter of race, one cannot be clear on the matter of the jews. As a follower of Christian Identity, I have the full belief that the jews are indeed a satanic race of beings that were fathered by a fallen angel through race mixing in the Garden of Eden with Eve, giving birth to Cain, the first recorded jew. This explains their multigenerational genetically bred hatred for the white race. You may or may not agree with that and that is OK with me. As long as you love the white race and know the jew is our mortal enemy, we are friends and allies and over drinks we will debate the issue in a friendly manner. My point is this: We are at war with a ruthless enemy that absolutely hates our guts and always has hated our guts. They want nothing less than to make us extinct on this earth. This enemy has woven such an intricate web of deceit (they excel at this) that most of our race does not even know this war is raging all around them and that they are the target. So, when those who do see the war and know who the enemy is and fail to even name the enemy, the charge of cowardice against them is more than justified. The jews have so distorted true Christianity that many of our racial kindred view it as some jew religion. I assure you, true Christianity is the white man’s religion and always has been and was never jewish in any way whatsoever apart from the jews murdering Christ. If you think the filthy jews have distorted the truth about Adolf Hitler, you may multiply that times a hundred in regard to Christianity. I no longer wait for some national leader to lead the charge against this enemy, I believe it will be up to us. I trust we are all preparing ourselves for when the time is right!

    • Brandon

      @gman: Good comment. It has to start with one or two even if it seems to be “accidentally”- an open mic for instance. More such “accidents” will occur in the days ahead.

    • http://nnnf ytkm

      Quote: “My point is this: We are at war with a ruthless enemy that absolutely hates our guts and always has hated our guts”

      Irrefutable fact, This cult, this entity, follows + engages us. Germany did not invade khazaria, set itself up there.

      “We just want to be left alone” AH.
      So much for respecting that right.

    • Warrior Sheep-Dog

      gman, AMEN Brother! Your words sound as if an echo of my personal futile attempts at exposing the Jew truth to those suffering with deaf ears and blindness. Lest we should never give up.

    • Tim

      I dont think hes a coward, I think he is playing his cards close to his vest and using his head.
      This isnt a sprint, its a marathon.

      Timing IS Everything.

      • Nordic Truth


        As per Sun Tzu: “Defeated warriors go to war and then seek to win while victorious warriors first win, then go to war” or something along those lines.

  • fnn

    Alain Soral And Gilad Atzmon On Jewish Power

    …A controversial anti-immigration initiative won the backing of the Swiss electorate on February 9. EU politicians reacted harshly, some even threatened Switzerland. For its part, the State of Israel continues to enforce an immigration policy based solely on the criteria of Jewish ethnicity, without receiving any criticism from the EU. How should we interpret this discrepancy?

    AS: I think one of the best definitions of power, for those who have ceased to harbor illusions of democratic equality is: “Give to yourself and yourself alone the right to do the opposite of what you brutally require from others”.

    The Zionist Jewish community, which dominates the Western discourse, requires the goyim to behave as men of the left: anti-racist and anti-nationalist … While they themselves behave as far right-wing men through their shameless support of a country (Israel) which is openly racist and ultra-nationalist.

    GA: It is very simple. As much as Jewish intelligencia, wants to break the host nation, to dismantle its cohesive narrative, and debase the patriotic impetus, the Jewish State is committed to Jewish interests that represent the complete opposite of the ideology it espouses. Israel defines itself as the Jewish State and it subscribes to a racist, expansionist, nationalist and patriotic ideology. This may seem to be a discrepancy, but in fact it isn’t.

    The above dual ethic is actually engraved in Jewish emancipation philosophy. The Jewish Haskala (enlightenment) motto that is mistakenly attributed to Moses Mendelssohn instructs the Jew- ”be a Jew in your tent and a man on the street.” It teaches the Israelite to behave as a Jew at home but, while in the street to pretend to be a goy. This perplexing dishonest dualism (one lies to God at home while misleading the Goy in the street) explains the contradiction between the Jewish intelligencia call for diversity in the West, on the one hand, and the adherence to hard core patriotism in the Jewish State, on the other hand. The Jewish Haskala dual existential mode allows a clear distinction between the ‘Goyim universe’ and the ‘Jewish ghetto.’ In practice, Jewish intellectuals would teach the Goyim about diversity and tolerance, yet defend vile Judeo-centrism at home, i.e., Israel.


    The US government is chock full of these cowards who know it’s the jews who are destroying their “beloved” America, but don’t say a word because they know, if they do, they won’t be as “popular” as they were before they made such statements. The jews would immediately smear him as a nut in the media and then no one would take him seriously anyway. There has to be an outing of the jews by hundreds of prominent citizens to even make a dent in jew hegemony.

    • Tim


    • Cicero

      If the media reports it at all. Silence is an even more nasty weapon in the Jew arsenal. Instead they will be reporting on the latest gay pride parade route. “Coming to an elementary school near you.”