Lügenpresse Claims of Ban on National Action are Totally Fabricated

Benjamin Raymond
Daily Stormer
December 11, 2016


Over the past month there has been a steady stream of stories coming out which have speculated on the imminent ban of National Action – all published without any attempt at fact checking. The headlines today “British neo-Nazi group ‘to be classed as terror organisation and banned’ in unprecedented move” are at first glance very compelling until you read between the lines. Reports that National Action are banned or will be in the near future are totally false and in a Daily Stormer exclusive we will demonstrate this beyond all reasonable doubt.

The story began with a Sunday Times piece by Dipesh Gadher who claimed National Action ‘is likely to be proscribed as a terrorist organisation’ – though the source for his assertion was unnamed, it was today revealed that the ‘senior lawmaker’ is in fact MP Ian Austin who is expected to raise the issue in the House of Commons. “MPs and peers … are expected to have approved the order banning the group by the end of the week.”

There is a big problem with that – the proscription of organisations is the sole domain of the Home Office, and National Action is not the only group that has been targeted. Only last month, and not for the first time, Labour MP Louise Haigh called for the House of Commons to debate designating the political party Britain First as a ‘terrorist’ organisation.

Daily Mail:

Thanking the Leader of the House David Lidington for his warm tribute to Mrs Cox, the Labour frontbencher said: ‘Given those words, can we have a debate about whether Britain First should be proscribed as a terrorist organisation and banned from standing in democratic elections?’

Mr Lidington replied he could not call a debate as the Home Office was responsible for bringing forward banning orders.

‘As you probably know, the Home Office brings forward orders for the proscription of particular organisations but must do so on the basis of evidence,’ he said.

‘There have been cases in the past where organisations have been so proscribed have gone to the courts and successfully won a judicial review to say that the evidence on which that action had been taken was not sufficient.

‘So, I’ll make sure that your proposal is reported to the Home Secretary but there has to be clear evidence of terrorist involvement for the terrorist proscription to be applied.’

Because of journalistic precident there is no risk to the media. All the stories coming out put air quotes around references to any ban and all reference back to Dipesh Gadher. Dipesh himself will also pass the buck on his sources – it is insanity, nobody is accountable.

In all National Action related articles the Home Office has declined to make any comment, so this whole thing is nonsense.


The UK is not like countries in Europe where you can be banned for holding the wrong ideology – being proscribed means being a terrorist organisation. Groups that have been proscribed such as Muslims Against Crusades, Islam4UK, Al-Muhajiroun and the Saved Sect were either proscribed for openly endorsing terrorism or because they were a reconstitution of an already banned terror group.

The case against National Action made by a largely anonymous team of ‘investigators’ are tweets made on one of the group’s alleged twitter accounts, however giving even vocal support for acts of terror is already a crime in the UK, yet the offending tweets were never even investigated. National Action itself is a peaceful protest group has made it’s stance on terrorism explicit and enforces strict discipline on this issue. Right wing organisations that have been charged with terrorism related offences such as the Racial Volunteer Force and Combat 18 were never threatened with proscription, so the bar is very high.

Furthermore, a ban can only be applied to a legal entity – the Islamic examples were registered either with the Electoral Commission as political parties or registered with company house. National Action has no legal representation and is legally understood only as ‘an association of friends.’

To understand how this happened, you have to understand the context; the levels of despair on the left. Among the many defeats this year; the election of Trump, the success Brexit referendum, to name the most historically significant – the Jo Cox event truly rocked the establishment. Not the assassination itself, but the aftermath. The media told Britain that a alleged ‘for real neo-nazi’ brutally murdered a Remain politician in the street a week before the referendum, before her body was cold the media was running headlines such as “MP dead after attack by Brexit gunman” – and they still voted Brexit.


She died for nothing – and the desperation to change that is what has lead to these headlines. Jo Cox became a religion of death, her followers became fanatics and a dangerous threat to democracy, they are no better than ISIS.

Hey, anything can happen on cuck island, but right now everything is chaos with journalists groping around in the dark – there are no official sources or announcements. Mainstream papers have also widely ignored the story – the Mirror is essentially an anti-fascist newspaper. The Campaign Against Antisemitism has declared a preemptive ‘historic victory’ stating that a ban on National Action is to be announced by the home secretary tomorrow – however no media outlet has quoted this and the guide for parliament TV shows no indication of this. We will know the full truth tomorrow.


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