Lying Jew Holohoaxer Dr. Caroline Sturdy-Colls Cancels Speaking Engagement After Daily Stormer Call to Action

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
June 16, 2014

These damn dirty Jews.
These damn dirty Jews.

After I called earlier today for Daily Stormer readers to attend a London speaking engagement of Dr. Caroline Sturdy-Colls, a prominent Jew Holohoaxer responsible for the Treblinka archaeology hoax, ask her questions and film it, the engagement was promptly cancelled.

Bad gojim is trying to do a question to chosen ones.  Must now being shut it down.
Bad gojim is trying to do a question on chosen ones. Must now being shut it down.

The announcement, posted just hours after my call to action, reads:

Finding Treblinka: Tuesday 17th June – CANCELLED.

Due to circumstances beyond our control this event has had to be cancelled. We apologise for any inconvenience that this may cause.

The first thing I will say here is: this is on me.  I want to apologize for not dealing with this better.

What I believed is that with only 24 hours before the meeting, everything getting prepared, the organizers would be too busy to even hear about my call to action.

I has also contacted some people in London, who told me they were unable to make it, before making the post.  I didn’t really see another option.

What this shows is just how terrified they are of being confronted on their insane lies.  It shows they fear us.

Even though it is disappointing, as there were in fact several people who had contacted me and confirmed they would be able to make it, it still must be considered a victory.  We call these rats out, and they scurry back into the darkness.

This demonstrates, for anyone watching, that they have zero ability to defend their lies.

Even though a lot more people would have watched the video of the rat being cornered.

"Muh six million.  Muh steam chambers.  Muh piece of clay." -Dr. Caroline Sturdy-Colls
“Muh six million. Muh steam chambers. Muh piece of clay.” -Dr. Caroline Sturdy-Colls


Just to be clear, the article I posted made it explicit that the purpose of the action was to question the Jew Doctor on her lies. The Jews may try to spin this that they cancelled it “out of fear of violence,” but the Daily Stormer is opposed to all forms of violent action, as we state often.

Our desire is to tell the truth to the people. When the people know the truth, the system will change.

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