70 IQ Magic: Congressnegress Says Trump Should be Impeached Because Putin Invaded Korea

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
February 8, 2017

wew lads.

Democratic California congresswoman Maxine Waters is calling for the impeachment of Trump – because Putin invaded Korea.

It is so totally insane that an advanced white country allows these monkeys to be involved in governance.

I’m am using the word “insane” in the most literal sense here.

Aunt Jemima was also on CNN this week, calling for impeachment.

Notable Replies

  1. iAmBob says:

    Holy shit, this female is a fucking idiot. Even by nigger standards she's a nitwit. The ultimate Affirmative Action election.

  2. G-Man says:

    I'm really impressed wih Mrs. Waters.

    She managed to say "ask" rather than "axe".

  3. iAmBob says:

    Not regularly, she didn't. The nigger as often said "ass". Just because her handlers have given her enough diction to get it right once doesn't mean she gets it right every time.

    Study her speech (if you can stand sitting through it again) in that video. The second she moves away from the rehearsed talking points and the CNN host starts pushing back just a little bit, the nigger starts getting flustered and dat's when she stawt lapsing inta da ghetto shee-yit, can't tawk propaly oh nuthin, she jus run her nigga mouth. And that's when she starts saying "ass" instead of "ask".

  4. G-Man says:

    ho-lee-sheeit, did you see how she looked around like a drowning woman before she stuttered "Korea?"


    I really understand why Whites found niggers so entertaining before they got weaponized by Jews...

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