Maryland Jews Receive Letter of Disapproval Over Offensive Black Lives Matter Flag – Media Calls It Another Shoah

Eric Striker
Daily Stormer
January 9, 2017

A Jewish couple in Rockville, Maryland recently received a note on their windshield expressing disapproval and offense at the hate symbol they have been flying outside of their home. Unlike the majority of fake hate crimes coming off the Southern Poverty Law Center assembly line,  this one actually might be real.

There was no violence, property damage or vandalism. No crime was committed, and yet these two kikes are going around the Judenpresse talking like they just survived Joseph Mengele beating them up with a Jewish newborn. The First Amendment supposedly guarantees Jews the right to hoist symbols meant to incite blacks to murder white people, but it doesn’t protect them from counter-speech that A) uncloaks their white disguise and B) Counters their hate speech.

Never the less, (((Buzzfeed))) was happy to amplify their kvetching about nothing .


A Maryland family said they woke up Saturday to find an anti-Semitic note on their car, just days after they hung a Black Lives Matter flag on their window.

Jewish couple Sonya and Mikey Franklin also told BuzzFeed News their Rockville home was vandalized with toilet paper thrown around their trees and eggs thrown at the side of their car.

“The purpose was to scare us, and they succeeded because we’re scared,” Mikey Franklin told BuzzFeed News. “Not that people will harm us, but that there are people that would do this in our very diverse area.”

The handwritten note, scribbled in a block-type handwriting, also included a yellow star of David and the word “Jude” (German for Jew), similar to the badges Nazis made Jewish people wear during the Holocaust.

The Rockville Police Department has received an incident report on the letter, spokesman Sgt. Christopher Peck told BuzzFeed News on Sunday.

In an email, Lt. Brain Paul said the incident is being classified as a “possible hate crime and will be investigated as such.”

Where is the crime here? The letter doesn’t even threaten these Jews, only asks them to not be so rude.

These kikes should’ve known better than to fly a flag celebrating the murder of policemen right before calling the cops, though. Talk about Chutzpah.

Initially, Sgt. Peck said that the note Franklin allegedly received was not anti-Semitic.

“There’s nothing in there that is referenced that is anti-Semitic,” Peck said, adding that he was unsure what the word “Jude” meant.

Peck said he believes the note was written by kids because of the block lettering, the type of language, and the spelling of the word “mayhem” as two different words. (Although in the photo Franklin posted of the alleged letter, there appears to an attempt to hyphenate the word mayhem over two lines).

“We have no clue who did this,” Peck said. “There’s no video cameras or surveillance video and no one has come forward as a witness.”

Boys will be boys and a gold star for a job well done isn’t anti-Semitic, (((Mr and Mrs “Franklin”))).

Unfortunately, the ADL got to his department’s head right after. The conflicts of interests and political chain of command are why, in the end, the police (outside of some of the rank and file) can never fully side with the good guys (us).

The department later described the letter as containing “references of and symbols of anti-Semitic hatred.”

“The Rockville City Police Department takes this, and all, possible hate crimes seriously,” the department said on its Facebook page. The department will have no further comment at this time, due to the ongoing investigation.”

There is nothing in the world the Jews fear more than the yellow star – except the symbol of the people that issued it.

Neither symbols are illegal in the United States, and you should feel free to use them constantly.

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