Michelle Fields Hoax: Jewish Conspiracy Confirmed!

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
March 11, 2016

Well, the Michelle Fields assault hoax has collapsed. And I’m pissed off.

New video has emerged proving definitively it did not happen as the lying Jew media has been claiming non-stop for the last 36 hours or so.

Breitbart – who Fields was working for when she did the hoax – just basically apologized in an attempt at damage control, but added repeatedly that it must all be some big confusing misunderstanding.


The article is written by Joel B. Pollack who – wait for it – is Jewish.

joel pollack

Joel B. Pollack (right): Even God’s chosen people make mistakes, goyim!

You can go read it. Or I can just summarize it for you:

Basically, it goes through a bunch of “newly emerged” video and photo evidence (which Jim, in the above video, shows was being purposefully suppressed) and shows that the WaPo Jew, Ben Terris, who forwarded the claim Trump’s campaign manager, was lying.

Pollak asserts that the most likely reason Terris blamed the wrong person was “mistaken identity.”

Here’s how he concludes:

Fields relied in good faith on Terris’s confirmation, and later assertions, that the person who touched her was Lewandowski. But he cited no other source to prove his claim, neither at the time nor in the Washington Post.

Because, you know – maybe he just lied by accident.

Ben Terris

Ben Terris: You can trust him, goyim – he’s one of God’s chosen people! He wouldn’t lie to the stupid goyim to try and stump their Trump!

Maybe this anti-Trump Jew who’s been attacking the man for nearly a year in the Jew-owned paper The Washington Post accidentally lied when he created a massive media spectacle designed to defame Trump.

Michelle Fields needs to be sued.

Ben Terris needs to be sued.

The Washington Post and Breitbart need to be sued.

These Jews who arranged this conspiracy also need to be held responsible for this.

Ben Shapiro needs to be fired and deported to Israel.


Ben Shapiro: Stupid goyim, don’t you worry! He only hates Trump because of “principles” and “The Constitution”!

Megyn [sic] Kelly should also be fired. As should any other reporter that took this story seriously. None of them even attempted to acquire documentary evidence, even though a whole bunch of it existed and was already publicly available when they ran with this story, as the above linked Breitbart article shows.

A History of Skankery

The slut Fields has been involved in a history of weird:

Allen Westaccused him of sexual assault against her, later denied it happened.

NYPDaccused of police brutality against her, she never pressed charges.

Robert F. Kennedy, Jr.she got in his face, claims he got handsy with her; no charges filed.

Video of that:

People that knew her knew about this history of drama-mongering. This includes the ratlike Jew Shapiro who went on Fox News with the chronic-PMS feminist Megyn [sic] Kelly and attempted to defame Glorious Leader while acting like Fields is an upstanding maiden.

And yet they ran with this nonsense.

That is not responsible journalism.

A Neat Coincidence

And hey, get this:


Michelle Fields is preparing to release a book next moth! Then – whoops! – got fake assaulted, now the top headline on every news site!

What a helpful little coincidence!

The Depth is Unknown

My personal belief is that the entire event was totally manufactured. Fields got together with Terris – 90% sure Ben Shapiro and/or her own Jew boyfriend Jamie Weinstein hooked her up with Terris, thinking it would seem more real if it was a liberal Jew making the claim than a “conservative” Jew making the claim – and staged it.

Fields is obviously prone to getting in people’s faces, as evidenced by the above video with Kennedy, Jr. and this other video where she’s harassing Leonardo DiCaprio.

And hey, it’s known the Secret Service – who is always going to be beside Trump – will restrain people who get too close.

This happened to a reporter at a Trump rally a couple weeks ago:

They are not “Trump’s people” – the SS is a government agency, Presidential candidate get protection from it. It’s the law. And they are trained to respond very aggressively. It’s their job.

So how easy would it be to purposefully get too close, get pushed back? Then how hard would it be to be the only witness and say “ZOMG Trump’s manager attacked an innocent woman!!!!”?

Of course it’s possible that the Jew Terris came up with this conspiracy on the spot, Fields went along with it because she’s a stupid drama-queen, and all these other Jews just rallied around him, not knowing or caring if it was true or not.

But let’s be honest: the likelihood is that Terris and Fields, probably with other Jews, got together and staged this.

It’s hardly an outrageous conspiracy theory.

And the 36 hours in between the assault and posting the alleged bruise pic on Twitter indicate she was being coached by someone. And the fact that the photographer lied to Jim (top video) about being at the event demonstrates that he was told to hide the pictures.

We probably aren’t going to get further details. But this is very instructive as to how Jews work – and how much they Hate Donald Trump.

Please join me in calling for the Jew Ben Terris to be fired from The Washington Post.

My previous article on this topic has some details not included here.

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