Michigan: Moslem Beats and Runs Over His Wife

Daily Stormer
March 20, 2017

Notable Replies

  1. Every moslem swine should run over his wife or beat her to death with iron rod and decapitate her !!! Nice !!!

  2. I watched a couple of episodes of the Presidential TV series Designated Survivor. Terrorists blow up the white house. I guess that the terrorists will turn out to be white supremacists, Russian, or Iran - the targets of the Jews at the moment,

    It is full of white men beating up brown people, brown people we are supposed to feel sorry for, and Muslim victims we are supposed to feel sorry for. There are Muslims victims getting beaten up in Dearborne.

    The Jews are willing to lose money on TV shows just to push their propaganda. Needless to say the show is shit.

  3. I'm sure there is already a stack of papers on a desk at social services for food stamps, free rent, medical and free college, a check for disability for hijab and a loss of dad check for the little Allahu Arrbars!

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