Millennials Supporting National Front

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
December 26, 2016

Millennials and younger are almost universally either:

  1. rejecting the baby-boomer love-invasion agenda, or
  2. dying of heroin overdoses

So we’re pretty much in a situation where like, it’s an actual demographic race.

Pretty much, if we don’t get overrun by monkeys, we’re going to win the race war by default, because young people just don’t support the self-extermination program.

ABC News:

Sébastien Faustini’s decision to skip the firework display at the beach not only potentially saved his life — it steered his politics toward the far right.

The soft-spoken 18-year-old stayed home with his cousin and watched the Bastille Day display on TV, instead of heading to the Nice promenade as they’d planned on July 14.

A truck was driven into the crowd that night, killing 86 people.

“We could have been there,” said Faustini, who is now forced to pass by the scene of attack daily on his way to university. “Every day that hits me.”

Three weeks ago, he joined France’s far-right National Front.

“Certain media organizations stigmatize members of the National Front calling them fascists, insults that have nothing to do with the party’s program,” Faustini told NBC News.

Faustini is far from alone. Many millennials are embracing the National Front — which boasts a founder who had been fined repeatedly for racism and anti-Semitism. They say recent terrorist attacks across Europe and high unemployment levels validate their personal views and the party’s anti-immigration stance.

According to a report released by polling organization Odoxa on Dec. 16, the National Front is the political party with the most support among French people aged 18-34. Roughly one-in-five back it.

The party is currently led by Marine Le Pen, who is one of the country’s most popular politicians. She is currently second in the polls to become president in next spring’s elections.

Le Pen’s platform includes exiting the European Union, stopping free movement at the French border, sending asylum seekers back to their native countries, and introducing tariffs as part of protectionist economic policies to put “France first.”

Critics say her platform is fueled by fear and xenophobia, sentiments already on the rise after a series of terrorist attacks.

But young supporters say they feel vindicated by what they call the “wave” — Brexit, the election of Donald Trump and the Italian vote against constitutional reforms — sweeping across the West.

National Front activists call themselves “patriots” who care about French identity.

Bryan Masson, an 18-year-old student who runs the youth division of the National Front in Nice, recalled trembling with excitement as he watched Trump’s triumph.

“For us it was a victory too,” Masson said over coffee in the center of the vacation destination.

Yes, yes.

This is the sentiment all around.

The sexual revolution failed, the race revolution failed, the GRIDS revolution failed.

Everyone growing up with this nonsense hates all of it.

And baby boomers are rapidly dying, so it is increasingly difficult to find anyone to cheer for any of this stuff, other than dumb sluts who are also now in the “universally hated” category.

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