Muslims Beating Themselves Bloody in New York

Daily Stormer
November 19, 2013

I don’t really know what to say about this.

Here is an even more brutal instance of Muslim masochism in Pakistan:


  1. The Shia self-flagellation practices of zanjeer and talwar butchery on Ashura, are hopefully incomprehensible to civilized human-beings. But at least it is voluntary and the participants seem to be enjoying the bizarre ritual. I regard the jewish black art of Kapparot to be even more grotesque, sinister and cruel. The shokeling jew never even has the decency to ask the shocked cockerel if it suffers from dizzy spells. The alien behaviour of the Muslim and Jew begs this fundamental question: Why do they take great delight in disfiguring the natural human body with their obsession with male and female mutilation etc. All I can suggest is that they are wired up differently from Caucasoids.

  2. They look like pigs going to the slaughter, but this time It Is willingly…..

  3. The jews love this stuff. The more degenerate the better.

  4. When religion over powers logic this is pure madness.

  5. What a sick degenerated filthy swines !!!

  6. Lots of homoerotic male bonding going on there. No wonder with all those man boobs showing.

  7. Self-flagellation is not unheard of in Christianity as well. These must be Shi’ite Muslims, since apparently this kind of thing is banned in Sunni countries. All very freakish if you ask me. However, I bet these people wouldn’t even stand out in places like San Francisco.

  8. I’m actually surprised white libtards aren’t doing this everyday, 24/7

  9. Another exquisite example of cultural enrichment.

  10. ……that was shocking…