National Bugle Radio: Elena Kagan as a Case Study of the Jewish Privilege that is Destroying America

Daily Stormer
March 20, 2017

Dr. Patrick Slattery interviews his evil robot twin about Supreme Court Justice Elena Kagan’s history of both benefiting from the favoritism showed to her by other Jews and passing that favoritism on to the faculty members she hired while Dean of the Harvard University Law Department. They name the names of all the Jewish professor she hired, which cause a great uproar because these Jews… were White! The fact that most of the professors hired by the Jew Elana Kagan were Jews was presented by the Jewish media as proof positive of white privilege. Better double up on your White guilt, goyim!


Notable Replies

  1. joe1 says:

    will be great when 200 million whites are screaming JEW PRIVILEGE!! JEW PRIVILEGE!!

    and then Universities start teaching courses in Deconstructing Jewishness

  2. It would be easy to prove our point however, the degree of jew nepotism in all areas of money business is almost indisputable. CEO positions of Wall street publicly traded companies are probably 85% kikes.

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