Nazi Leader PewDiePie Attempts to Resurrect Adolf Hitler

Daily Stormer
January 15, 2017

At 7:35 in his latest video, Pewdz begins a “secret summoning ritual” by playing Horst Wessel Lied on the kazoo, flashes a swastika, and then says that “he shall rise again.”

PewDiePie has previously flashed swastikas, followed only Donald Trump on Twitter, wore a MAGA hat, hired people to hold up a “death to all Jews” banner, and claimed that YouTube was sabotaging his ratings because he was white. Just browse the PewDiePie tag here on Daily Stormer to know the path of ideology that he’s gone down.

A guy with 52 million YouTube subscribers is subtly pushing esoteric Hitlerist magic to his base under the guise of humor. This is for real. 2017 and PewDiePie is a leading neo-Nazi white supremacist.

Hail Victory.

Notable Replies

  1. Wow, this shows that the culture is changing!

  2. 1488SS says:

    Some estimates put his net worth at 90 million dollars. If he eventually goes full 1488 his money and influence among the younger generation could do a lot of good for our movement. We should start making comments on all of his youtube videos, keep bringing up the facts that he might not yet be aware of.

  3. 1488SS says:

    If you pause it and look at what he's drew, there's the number 33, the year when Hitler came to power, 18 for Adolf Hitler's initials, and the swastika, although back to front, is inside a star of David.

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