Negro Congressmen Conspiring Against Jeff Sessions

Daily Stormer
January 10, 2017


They’re allowing Negro gangs to form inside the US congress? Smdh.

Senator Jeff Sessions is the most hardcore immigration patriot in the US congress. From the start of Trump’s campaign, he was often named as a dream pick for high-level appointment within the Republican administration.

Well, our wish is going to be granted. Trump intends to have Jeff Sessions as Attorney General, which would give him wide berth to crack down on those who would resist implementing the new immigration agenda.

Needless to say, the Jews are panicking.

So they’re doing what they do best: whipping up the Blacks into a frenzy to attack their enemies.

Blacks groveling before their Jew master.


Black lawmakers to testify at Sessions hearing

Democratic senators have secured testimony from Congressional Black Caucus members this week at the confirmation hearing for Jeff Sessions as attorney general — heightening the issue of race in what’s already expected to be a contentious nomination battle.

California Sen. Dianne Feinstein, the top Democrat on the Judiciary Committee, approached chairman Chuck Grassley last week with her request: to allow Rep. John Lewis (D-Ga.) and other CBC members to appear before the committee to discuss Sessions’ nomination to be the nation’s top cop, according to two sources.

This accursed Jew is plotting against America in her every waking moment.

The purpose of this “discussion,” of course, will be to undermine Session at every turn. There is essentially no chance that they will succeed in foiling his appointment, but they’ll use this opportunity to fling as much dirt on him as they can, presumably to hurt him in the 2018 elections.

The Iowa Republican was willing to do so, but on the condition that the lawmakers appear only after a group of outside witnesses testify about Sessions, the sources said. Democrats were miffed at Grassley’s offer, viewing it as an insult to lawmakers who typically appear before non-lawmaker witnesses testify. They also saw it as an attempt by Republicans to bury what would be high-profile testimony from Lewis, a civil rights icon, and other CBC lawmakers.

Sessions’ bid for a federal judgeship three decades ago was derailed by allegations that he made racially charged comments as a federal prosecutor.

They’ll certainly bring back all of those old allegations.

But it won’t matter. Because even if Sessions is on video saying “Nigger” non-stop, at this point, nobody cares.

Things have changed.

If anything, if this little gaggle of googles “proves” that Jeff Session is “racist,” it’ll help him get elected.

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