New UKIP Leader Calls for All Syrian Babies to be “Barrel-Bombed Into Oblivion”

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
November 30, 2016


Many on the far-right have suggested that many Syrian babies should be killed with barrel bombs, saying “a bingle’s worth” or “a right jolly snatch” of the innocent infants should suffer this horrid fate.

But the new leader of UKIP has taken it a step further – he believes that all Syrian babies should be murdered with barrel bombs.

As in – “the whole bloody lot of the buggers.”


Newly-elected UKIP leader Paul Nuttall believes Russian President Vladimir Putin and Syrian President Bashar Assad are “on our side” in Britain’s fight against Islamic extremism.

Nuttall has been at the helm barely 24 hours, but has already made his mark, suggesting Britain “got it wrong… helping the so-called [Syrian] rebels.”

The Merseyside-born former history lecturer said he is “not a fan” of Putin’s approach to his own people, but that he supported Russia’s intervention in Syria.

The Assad regime is not “a threat to the globe in the way that Islamic terrorism is,” he said, in reference to Islamic State’s (IS, formerly ISIS/ISIL) incursions in Syria.

Questioned over the Syrian regime’s alleged use of barrel bombs, Nuttall said: “Well we seemed to keep Robert Mugabe in place for many years, didn’t we? I wouldn’t say we are some paragon of virtue when it comes to backing dictators.”

The UKIP leader’s remarks came a week after he argued Putin is “generally getting it right in many areas” of the Middle East.

But unlike his predecessor Nigel Farage, Nuttall’s foreign policies do not include a cozy relationship with US President-elect Donald Trump.

“I never backed Trump during the campaign and I said that some of the things that he had said were appalling and I continue to believe that,” Nuttall said, following his victory speech on Monday.

“I’m sure that many people around the country agree that some of the things he said about women were beyond the pale. I thought in many ways he had the right message but he was the wrong candidate.

“I wouldn’t cozy up to him, but if the president of the US comes to London, of course I will meet him.”

You have to respect the UK – a country where even far-right politicians who want to see trillions of brown babies barrel bombed into oblivion still feel it is their moral imperative to denounce pussy-grabber-elect Donald Trump.


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  1. Hey, it's another European cuck. Color me surprised.

  2. He's scared of women what a faggot.

  3. Syria was never a threat.

    If there was ever hope of a peaceful, modern Islamic nation Syrian Baathism (a kind of Arabic NatSoc) was it. The Assads were Allowhite, the most laid back of Muslims who maintained some pre Islamic traditions and were willing to work with everyone specially Christians and yiktzirri.

    The UN Says that the Golan heights belongs to Syria. Of course the Zionists want it.

    The brutal Syrian war was created by outsiders funded by the US government and Saudi Arabia.

  4. The eternal brit strikes again.
    UKIP summarizes the typical British view of the world, disjointed and inconsistent, they are permanently buttblasted about their colonies, USA, and are essentially anti-racist, they just don't want immigrant from Poland and the Continent.
    Unless these people renounce their protestant-masonic ways and convert to the One Catholic Faith, they will only sink further into communism and evolutionism these nation destroying heresies.

  5. He has much to learn about which way the bread is buttered. The Trump comments reveal a spectacular naievety towards propaganda in the political process - sure, he is clumsily appealing to women, but he is (a) giving credence to the Left's false anti-Trump narrative that he hates women and (b) signalling against one of the greatest sources of power and support being offered to the cause behind UKIP's powerbase. Fucking idiot or fucking cuck remains to be seen. Not a good start.

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