No-Fault Divorce: Wife Leaves Husband for Some Black Guy, Media Praises Him for Being the Perfect Cuckold

Eric Striker
Daily Stormer
March 19, 2017

Sometimes media platforms take a break from political indoctrination to tell a story of every day humanity. Middle-aged women share them on Facebook and we all sigh from the warmth in our bellies.

That’s if you’re clueless. A story about a woman helping a homeless man sounds heart-warming on the surface, but the latest trending tale dealing with a white woman going alone to take in a random mentally ill Negro from the street is simply encouragement to play African roulette. All other forms of civic engagement and good will are ignored, only acts that push the ruling agenda are broadcast globally.

Another saccharine tale that has made the rounds is a Florida woman lavishing praise on what a great and selfless father her son has. Great fathers are a beautiful thing and they are never portrayed well on TV. Women are taught that a man who is a good husband and father is not sexy or exciting. At first the headlines seemed to defy the system’s overt dedication to destroying families and the men born to lead them, but I was wrong.

The political angle for this person’s 15 minutes of fame becomes apparent deep inside the articles. The woman praising this man she describes as great to her and her 2 year old divorced him for no reason. The message is: Ladies, you can do whatever you feel like doing in the moment and there will always be some sad sap to clean up after you!

Here is the shine Jessica Singleton ruined her family for:

Now, you can’t blame her ex-husband, Jon Megason, entirely. There are no easy solutions to a woman divorcing you and kidnapping your young child. Sometimes you just have to play ball if you want to see your kid ever again.

But that doesn’t mean you have to like it. This guy’s way of coping with the horrors of the modern world is – rather than to fight – to lay down as a mattress and embrace his humiliation.


Relationship breakdowns are never easy or simple — especially when there’s kids involved.

And, more often than not, it’s the kids who end up suffering the most.

That’s why this heartwarming Facebook post will restore your faith in humanity.

Jessica Singleton and Jon Megason, a former couple based in Florida, are parents to an adorable baby boy Pierdson and have proved you really can be successful co-parents despite being exes.

From “a man who drops off the $45 box of pull-ups at my front door so I don’t have to load him up and go to the store” to a man who “listens to me cry because I’m stressed out”, Jessica lists everything she loves about her former partner.

According to Jessica, Jon does a number of incredible things including rushing over whenever they’re locked out of the house to “spending his evenings fixing things” for them.

He tells Pierdson “not to forget mummy’s boyfriend when he lists his favourite people off the top of his head” and even hangs out with Jessica’s sister’s kids so their son “can be with his cousins”.

To think that a man would ever utter the words “don’t forget mommy’s boyfriend” is like a kick to the pit of my stomach. The thought of a man being fine with some random guy his wife brought home from the bar – a Negro no less – being alone in the house with his toddler is shocking.

Aside from the visceral disgust, the logical concerns should make him think as well.

Psychologists and criminologists have both noted a pattern of stepfathers abusing and killing their stepchildren, called the “Cinderella Effect.” As with all violent crime, Negroes are multiple times more likely to engage in acts of violence towards stepchildren, and when interracial crime rates interact with “inner city” stepchild killings, you have the recipe for a disaster waiting to happen. Mr Megason’s son is living in elevated risk, in other words.

Megason wrote a really sappy post about how amazing and perfect his “co-parent” ex-wife. Looking at his Facebook, the guy is single and still hung up on this irredeemable slut that ditched him, so he might be going with the media flow for some petting from Judeo-Feminists or as a cheap ploy to get on TV and thus get laid.

Nevertheless, not everyone went with the herd. Some concerned citizens called him out on Facebook, and the response from his ex-wife and from him was just bizarre and gross.

As with the cuckboi phenomenon, women on an instinctual level know men like Jon Megason aren’t normal, even if they outwardly lavish praise on them. They test and push these men, even as they’re catching flack from “bullies,” hoping they will one day power through their shit-testing. The biggest victim here is the child these two produced, who will now grow up in a broken home watching a revolving door of men having sex with their mother. And that’s the best case scenario.

But Mr Megason’s long given up. Some men choose to fight against the current in the name of their dignity and their loved ones, even if it means losing everything in the process. Other men take Paxil and accept their fate like a dumb bovine standing still on the conveyor belt watching the mechanical blades get closer and closer.

The Jews only rule and ruin our lives because we let them. It’s time to put an end to the domesticated modern man and take our fist to the six point star casting its shadow over our lives.

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