No One Could Have Predicted It: White Woman in India Accuses Locals of Gang-Rape

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
December 27, 2016


The really shocking thing about this though, is that no one could have predicted it.


Indian police said Monday that they arrested four men on suspicion of raping an American tourist who came to New Delhi alone earlier this year, marking another incident of sexual violence to stir outrage.

Police Officer Rakesh Kumar said the suspects — a tour guide and his associate, a car driver and a hotel worker — were arrested Monday.

The woman said in her police complaint that the four men raped her after she was drugged in a New Delhi hotel room in April. They denied the accusations.

She also said the four men had shot a video of the attack and had threatened to make it public if she reported the matter to anyone, police said.

The woman went back to the U.S. and registered a complaint through an email to New Delhi’s police commissioner. She returned to the Indian capital earlier this month to pursue the case because she was dissatisfied with the progress of police investigation.

The Press Trust of India news agency said the police did not arrest the four men earlier because the travel agency they worked for conducted an internal inquiry and gave them a clean chit.

“Yeah, no, it’s cool – we checked them out. They didn’t gang-rape anyone lol.”


Maybe women shouldn’t travel alone in brown countries?


What are these women doing?

Do they go there because they want to get raped?

Or because they are aroused by the possibility that it might happen?

What possible reason could a woman have for going to India?

Look – I’ve spent a lot of time on the back-packing scene.

Whereas men travel mainly because they want to have experiences and be exposed to weird things, women travel mainly because they want male attention. Some of them just want to meet the men in the hostel, who are going to be white – this is the case for women who travel in Europe or gooky Asian countries (Thailand, etc. – local men there are not aggressive.) Otherwise, they want to get the attention of a bunch of brown men. For instance, women love going to Morocco, Egypt, etc. If you ask them why they like going there, they will tell you “the culture.” This is a lie. What they actually like is that Arab men will literally follow them around in a horde. Same deal with India.

Hordes of men following them around making noises. They love this.

So men – I understand why they go to India. It’s an insane place. All kinds of weird crap to see. But women who go there do it for sexual reasons. Maybe not actual desire for rape – I don’t know. But at the very least, the desire for extreme attention from masses of men.

Because – AYO – protip: whereas the male sex drive is mainly focused on the sex act itself, women’s sex drive is focused much more on the desire to gain the attention of masses of men, which they can then potentially choose the best from.

Because whereas the male sex drive is just “have sex with attractive females as much as possible” – a drive which is easily restricted with rules when a man is explained to why he can’t have sex with unlimited numbers of women – the female drive is “be the most attractive possible female to get to the male who is the most aggressive man of all men on earth” – a drive which cannot be restrained through logic or reason, but only through the immediate threat of serious social ostracization and/or physical force.

That is why “sexual liberation” will always lead to women acting like a bunch of total whores.

They will attract as many men as possible, have sex with some of them when they feel they’ve found one who qualifies as “the best” and then decide he is not actually the best and move on from him and continue the quest for “the best” until they are in their late twenties and no one care anymore.

Women’s sexual drives are primitive and unsustainable. They are designed for a system where men have total control, and enforce order through physical means. If you do not put controls on women’s sexual drives, they will get on airplanes and fly to poverty-stricken brown hell-holes to get gang-raped.

nb4 “oh nuh-uh, I know this one girl who’s not a total whore” – that’s because we haven’t technically reached full sexual liberation yet. Some of these girls still have fathers, or brothers, who are enforcing some type of order on them. Also, despite the Jewish attempts to fight it, there is still such a thing as “slut shaming” which a certain percentage of women still respond to.

Full sexual liberation equals full whoredom. No matter what.

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