Non-White Female Soldier Brags on Istagram About Refusing to Salute the Flag

Daily Stormer
February 26, 2014

Great men have died for that flag, you stupid bitch.
Great men have died for that flag, you stupid bitch.

Proving once again that it is physically impossible for a non-White to feel a devotion to the United States of America, a non-White (black, I guess?) female soldier has posted to Istagram bragging about how she avoids saluting the flag.

Though she should be dishonorably discharged for this, she won’t be because she isn’t White, and no one actually expects these people to care about our country anyway – their entire purpose is to destroy us, no wonder it is hard for them to even give a gesture of allegiance.

From NY Daily News:

Pfc. Tariqka Sheffey is catching serious heat for uploading the image, where she appears in full uniform, to Instagram.

“This is me laying back in my car hiding so I don’t have to salute the 1700 flag,” she captioned the picture.

“KEEP ALL YOUR ‘THATS SO DISRESPECTFUL/HOWRUDE/ETC.’ COMMENTS TO YOURSELF cuz, right now, IDGAFFFF,” she added, under her handle sheffeynation.

The picture, and its caption, went viral and Sheffey — a member of the 59th Quartermaster Company, 43rd Sustainment Brigade at Fort Carson, Colo. — is now facing calls for her removal.

Other critics are demanding she be fired from her post, the Army Times reported.

“Any soldier who refuses to salute the flag is in the military for the wrong reason, and should be removed by dishonorable discharge with loss of all benefits,” one Facebook user said.

“If they won’t salute it, they damn sure won’t fight for it,” he added.


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  • Uros

    Approved, absolutely! In Serbia, we burn this flag in public squares and piss on it to put the fire out! America will disappear one day, and that day is approaching!

  • http://NA Carbonscam

    You know USA your racism is what the KIKE wants, they want you to fight each other, the girl is just a useful IDIOT the JEW has used, WAKE UP USA, Get together & realise who is playing you like a fiddle. Your Jew Media tells you to hate Niggers, Jews Do, To hate Whites Jews Do, to hate Arabs Jews do. GET IT!! The more you fight you are NOT FIGHTING THE JEW BASTARD WHO Causes the Problems in the 1st Place OK.

    • Andrew Anglin

      lol. Our media doesn’t tell us that.

  • Chimp Nightmare

    Hood and Barrio rats/ratas have been slithering into Murrikwan “volunteer” military ranks for years.
    Some sub-human scum managed to get through front end screen filters during The Draft consequent to our South East Asia unpleasantness; but ever since The British Model Economic Draft became the way it’s done, it’s been mercenary underclass indiscriminately delivered en masse…another version of Gibsmedat and Dame Esos, with guns/armor/shoes/3 squares a day and all they can steal and smuggle.
    Not only is it a step up in the material world for them, it improves and refines their gang operational and administrative capabilities in and out of uniform.
    The National Corporate Owner Gang Leaders don’t mind because Dae’Quarious, Joselito and Tariqka are dependable, conscience and values free attack doggy bots to be unleashed, con gusto, against White citizens domestically when The Ruling Swine decide that The Time Has Come.
    Those White humans may take solace, however, in the good chance that da rats y las ratas will be too intoxicated, too undisciplined and too badly commanded to function very well in attack mode, thereby making their scummy selves subject to plentiful citizen launched head, leg and groin shots…
    on the way to do the same, plus applied rope nooses, to The Owner Gang members.
    So, let’s get ready for that…m’kay?

  • Doug

    In a SHTF/martial law situation, an army full of Sheffeys could work to our advantage.

  • get3coffinsready

    I’m not black, but I quit doing dumb stuff like “saluting” any flag and “pledging alliegance” to any political entity when I was about 15. Foolish BS that means nothing. If this woman “joined for the benefits,” that isn’t her fault. Uncle Sam offered them and she took him up on it. I don’t think she or anyone should be required to “salute” any damn thing.

  • NoGuilt

    She only joined for the benefits.

  • Carlos W. Porter

    “…without jews, European people’s wouldn’t even have the wheel…”

    Jews invented the wheel! Stupid kike bullshit. How ridiculous can you get?

    • Mr. Spam

      You do understand that I meant it as sarcasm, right?

  • Amy

    When your President is that way..guess she feels she can be also

  • Danielle

    I vote for that Niger to be discharged from our country!

  • Danielle

    I think you should be discharged from our country!

  • http://Facebook Gus

    Dear MADAM, That flag you refused to salute, has draped the casket of millions of soldiers unlike you, loved that flag and gave the ultimate sacrifice and you so lazy would not get up to merely salute and show respect. Madam you are without honor, that flag has flown all over the world in war and peace and is the most recognizable symbol of freedom and democracy there is. That flag and those colors have never ran from the deserts of Iran to the jungles of Vietnam and for over 200 years has waved proudly, and your refusal to merely show the very least of respect with but a simple salute is above and beyond the call of stupidity and ignorance.

    • Jane Pauley

      Perfectly stated Gus, thank you.

  • William Skipper

    Bitch need to be discharged and charged with Treason!

    • Carlos W. Porter

      “Bitch need to be discharged and charged with Treason!”

      She needs to be discharged from a cannon. “I shot a nigger into the air, where she fell I know not where, and what is more I do not care”, etc. etc. Discharge her into the middle of the Pacific Ocean.

  • Jane Pauley

    What does being a women have to do with anything????

    • Joshua

      I don’t know, send one to the front line and find out.

      • Jane Pauley

        So if she goes to the front line and saves your butt than it would be ok?

        • Joshua

          Not likely, I’m a man I can fend for myself.

          GI Jane aside, what’s more likely is me saving her butt, but on second thought I wouldn’t make that sort of effort for a nigger.

        • Steve

          Saluting the flag? Let me see does the flag represent white people? What does it represent all the bastards?

    • Heidi

      The Jews always make women into soldiers. It is a way to break women down from their natural state. Look at Bolshevik-Communist Russia, look at Israel.

  • Jane Pauley

    I think the comments are a bit much here, this has nothing to do with her being black, 1/2 black, blue, green white or blue. This is about an American who joined the armed service to protect our county and they are bragging about not respecting the United States of America or the United States Flag. She should be given a dishonorable discharge and let her find a job where she doesn’t need to be seen or heard from again.

    • Jim Scanlon

      I totally agree with Jane Pauley; makes no difference who they are; what color, race, or religion; if they don’t respect the flag then give them a dishonorable discharge with a loss of all benifits

      • Joshua

        Voted Yahoo top answer.

  • Ronnie

    she has no respect for our flag she is a disgrace to that uniform
    she needs to be dishonorable discharged from the service she disrespect
    our flag she is a disrespect to our great COUNTRY..OOHRAH & SEMPER FI..

  • ran

    Wish everyone would just bite the bullet then God, and i can have some peace. People are all retarded i dont care what race you want to call yourself.

  • Joe Rizoli

    Good for her. Then United States represent a country of imperialism. It also backs up countries such as Israel which is one of the most apartheid murderous evil countries on the face of the earth. Any country that supports Israel with money like the way the US does should have no respect.

    • Vlad the Impaler

      OK, but as a Vietnam combat vet, I salute the flag of our fathers, not that of 0bongoland

    • Steve

      I have to agree. Without the USA. Israel is toast. We give them billions and we are the only ones that never sanction them and it’s not because they are right. IT’s because they get shit like Bill Clinton elected who have loads of shit to hide. I would like to see America fold and that might be going to occur. I think we will be the next Communist experiment and wouldn’t it be so fitting a country that fought to defend communism has to pay the price for their ignorance.

  • Billy Ray Jenkins

    She is obviously some sort of Negro radical or something. There are plenty of Honorable Negro soldiers, at least there were when my Dad was in in the mid 1960s. Of course back then, Negroes were taught to respect the White man and our Lifestyle from Birth or he got Ax Handles and fists upside the head.

    Take notes.

    • Audieleon

      Just happened to be in da 101st from 59 till 62,negros were most racist people ever lived with or around,boy was I in for a rude awaking.White soldiers were beaten by blacks every day. Your never gonna see or hear about this all covered up. My advice white kids do not join any branch of da military!!!!!

  • silent poet

    I don’t agree with what she did I think it was disrespectful but the person who posted this is as wrong as she is by saying that those people (African American) comments I for one don’t think that her being disrespectful and just plain stupid gives you the right to be racist but maybe it’s just me . When does one wrong act justify another if you are angry with her actions that’s fine but don’t blame all “non – white” people as you said that’s just like me blaming all caucasian people are responsible for slavery and segregation.

    • Heidi

      White people weren’t responsible for slavery, and segregation-well most Blacks were the slaves of Jews.

      Jews and Muslims expelled from the Iberian Peninsula started the slave trade to the New World. Many of them were even Black. These Iberians went down to Africa, created settlements (forts) and started trading with various tribes, and started taking slaves.

      Muslims and Jews were also in the European slave trade, as in coming up on the coasts of Europe and stealing European peoples for slaves.

      You may want to read up on what actually occurred over the centuries when it comes to slavery.

      Also, first perpetual slave in what would become the USA was owned by Anthony Johnson, a Black man, who refused to allow his indentured servant John Casor (Black) to be freed at the end of his contract. Casor refused to stay on for Johnson and was able to find employment on at Robert Parker’s farm (a white man). Anthony Johnson sued Robert Parker in court for John Casor, the court ruled for Casor to be Johnsons slave indefinitely.
      Perpetual slavery was created by the Black man, with the help of his lawyers…. (what “ethnicity” tends to be lawyers?)

      As a “White” person, I have EVERY right to be pissed about the FICTIONAL history that has been fed not only to myself, but to those around me, for multiple generations. And I have EVERY right to be pissed that we have a self INDULGENT MINORITY that believes because of past wrongs (FAIRYTALES – aka Jewish FABLES) they get to act anyway they please while I am commanded to sit by and not say a word for fear OFFENDING the Jews pets.

    • Heidi

      I apologize for going off on your post like that — but I am so tired of people like you.

  • Steve Cornelius

    I remember getting out of my vehicle and saluting the flag every day on the way out of post. It was a privilege to be able to do that. I love my country and my flag. I was one of the construction workers that kicked the shit out of the Iranian protesters at OK State Univ when they burned our flag in protest. I look upon this soldier with disgust and disdain at how these people have infiltrated my beloved U.S. Army. I can only hope that they court martial her and strip her of rank, honor, and benefits. She needs to be made an example so that this does not happen again. Me personally, I would put a bullet in her head, but that is why they no longer want people like me in the service. Ol School does not apply anymore!

    • Steve

      I burned a flag that was the size of a match box. Does that count? I took a flag and used it for toilet paper is that ok?

  • Ken Horst

    Anyone who has actually served in the Military (as I have) knows full well that EVERYONE (officers included) jump back in the barracks (morning or evening) so they do not have to salute and stand at attention for the raising or lowering of the flag. This is 100% normal. Who the hell wants to stand at attention while saluting in the direction of the flag every single day?

    • Vlad the Impaler

      A lot of us din’t do that though

  • Kurt Cook

    Not saluting the flag is a violation of the 10th general order of the sentry, and is subject to Article 90 of the UCMJ (Disobeying the lawful order of a superior officer). in wartime, this can carry the death penalty.

  • Wild Bill

    This piece of whatever should be court-martialed and drummed out of the U.S.Army! No benefits, period
    From an old Air Force Sergeant

    • Barry Soetero

      This lesser ape negroloid should be dishonorably discharged and deported to Uganda where she can chimpout and eat her own feces like the zoo exhibit she clearly is. Too bad Treycoon St Skittles isn’t alive… talk about a match made in monkey heaven.

    • Audieleon

      A friend 24 year Air Force veteran,had a black female in his office who ran da show,couldn’t say anything be labeled racist,Think she was A/i he was a Master Sgt. Military of today!!!

    • Billy Ray Jenkins

      Wild Bill, I think even the US Military has been affected by the outside world. I have heard tell that because of broken homes, they have a problem with boys showing up not even knowing how to be men much less soldiers, sailors or marines.

      My father and his brothers worked the fields and helped cut trees from the time they were four or five years old, whenever they were old enough to carry tools rocks and sticks. When they had to go in the Army, they were ready. Dad had ran up and down the mountains enough from childhood and toted heavy loads, Basic Training exercises he breezed through them. My great uncles all grew up on a farm and they all breezed through the Army during WW2 and Korea, they were already MEN before they arrived, in fact one of them worked on a horse-drawn road grader when he was six or seven. My Great-Grandfather was brawling mean son of a gun, if they could survive him, they could survive anything the Drill Sergeant from Hell could give them.

      That is what the difference is between YESTERDAY and TODAY. If you had refused to do such a thing years ago, not only would you have gotten your A** beat by the men in your unit, when you came home off a dishonorable discharge, your name was shite and employers wouldn’t hire you. If your father had found out, he probably would have taken you in the backyard and beat your brains out as well. Men honored their nation then, they knew what would happen if you didn’t do it, EVERYONE would be out to kick your *ss

  • corpse

    I dont mind it, refusing to salute the jews of the USA

    • RonCo215

      Seriously dumb comment for starters! The Jews have produced vastly more good considering their tiny numbers in the world (one tenth of one percent of the worlds population) than any people ever!! Not even any close seconds!! So you want to hate the Jews, your sick choice, but you should research what every day things you take advantage of in your life that were created/invented/discovered etc by Jews and don’t use them! Back to the dark ages for you!

      • Mr. Spam

        All hail the mighty jew. Savior of mankind. He has given us usury, pornography, promoted multi-culturalism, homo sexuality, prostitution and all of the time claiming to be a victim, thanks to the endless whine of the holocau$t. (Please extort money from every western country so Israel can survive.)

        Fix the jew problem, and the race problems will take care of themselves.

        • Krsnik

          Merchant, you are truly my greatest ally.

        • sandra

          You are a dumbass. The Jews gave you the computer you hide behind, the cell phone you have that never rings because you are friendless, the vaccines you don’t need because you should have been aborted, and solo many other things that normal people, unlike yourself, use each and everyday…

          No wonder the world is going to hell. You’re all ignorant and stupid. When will you learn that Judaism is a religion. Its no different than being Catholic, Christian, Baptist, Muslim, Mormon, etc. It is a religion not your ethnicity. Justike there are white Catholics and black Catholics there are white Jews and black Jews. Just lime there are German Christians there are German Jews, Italian Jews. American Jews. And this whole “those people” crap?? Really,? Freaking educate yourself so you don’t look so stupid. You want to be supposedly the best race, the whites, right? But you are stupid and petty, ignorant, stupid and full of hate. If your life sucks so bad put a bullet in your head, but don’t be bitter and blame others for your life.

          • Andrew Anglin

            Jews did not invent computers or cellphones. Dr. Salk was a Jew, though I’m not so sure the Polo vaccine was the best thing ever.

            Also, whether you want to call it a race or an ethnic group – or whatever – Jews are absolutely genetically distinct from White European people.


          • Mac

            Jews did not invent computers or the technology they run on. Jews gave us nuclear weapons, so, uh, thanks for finding ways to kill lots of people.

            Jews did not invent vaccines, or really even abortions, though they did pioneer abortions in most White countries. Good job genociding all those babies, too bad God is pissed off about it.

            The cell phone was invented by a team of people, I wouldn’t be surprised if none of them were Edomites, as there was no affirmative action in those days. Just a bunch of really smart White people, like the ones who got us to the moon.

            Oh, and you’re welcome for saving you from the holocaust, you stupid pagan.

          • Brett

            Salk got a very excessive degree of the credit for the work of the team of scientists he was a part of working on the Polio vaccine because he was a Jew and Jews run the media. The basic equations of relativity theory were derived by a Dutchman and Englishman (Lorenz and Fitzgerald). Einstein didn’t even invent E=mc2 (Hasenoehrl, published 1904). Einstein was a great physicist, but because he was a Jew he was credited with the work of others as well as his own as the Jews established their new “cult hero”.

            Even if those Jews were all they’re cracked up to be, their contributions are hardly a drop in the bucket when balanced against the incredible number of Jew culture wreckers and civilization destroyers.

            It’s hard to get a read on you. Are you a Jew so immersed in chutzpah you think the “dumb racists” aren’t well-informed about the Jews’ “religious community” shell game, and the fact Jews are defined by their bloodlines? Or are you just an extremely duped Gentile? I’ll go with filthy Jew. I can recognize that chutzpah a mile away.

          • Mr. Spam

            Ah yes, dear Sandy, I bow to your superior intelligence. But I must clarify a few things. I never said my life sucked so bad, I am not bitter, nor do I blame anybody else for my life. My life is pretty good actually. And putting a bullet into my head would be detrimental to my wife and kids, so for me, not a good option. If that is a solution to bitterness, quite honestly, you seem extremely bitter yourself.

            As far as being educated, I have most likely read hundreds more books than you, included many religious texts, and have traveled to more countries than you could imagine, and interacted with many kinds of people.

            Yes, I am aware of your brand of history. I know that without jews, European people’s wouldn’t even have the wheel and would have died out from the many diseases that only jews managed to cure. But you see, long ago I quit watching television. I don’t need television to tell me how and what to think. You should give that a try. (Yes, I know, jews invented television also.)

            I welcome your insights, but please, keep the name calling and ad hominem attacks to a minimum.

            All the best,

            Mr. Spam

      • Billy Ray Jenkins

        The Judenschwein have showed up

      • Nationalist

        If the jews are so inventive and creative, then why is Israel an eternal parasite on western nations?

        Well, i think we all know the answer to that question.

    • Robert

      Guess not, since you and your kind killed over six million of them. But, look what happened to the Reich and your great leader did not have the guts to stand trial.

      • Andrew Anglin


        No, not over six million. Exactly six million. They counted them. There were three million Jews in Europe before the war, so you subtract exactly 6 million from that, and you have the 3 million Jews in Europe after the war. It is simple math.

        • DICARLO

          Robert! What a rude little shit you are. Do try to expand that double-digit IQ of yours. people like you are so incredibly ill-informed and ignorant of the truth, it’s painful to behold. It’s amazing one would come here and embarrass themselves with their jew imbibed false view of what happened in history. Get a clue, you dumb-fuck!

      • Nationalist

        6 million, eh? Yeah I hear that a lot. Never see any proof of course. I find it curious though that while a jew always cries about the holohoax, he seems oblivious to the mass murder of 20 million Christians by jews like Yagoda, and especially Kagonovich, who murdered 7 million through starvation in the Ukraine.

        Before you claim that I am making it up with no proof, read it from your own news publisher:,7340,L-3342999,00.html

        Now go peddle your holohoax drivel somewhere else.

  • http://yahoo frank grant

    the bitch, sure likes the benifiets of this country ,that gives her, let her go to Africa, and salute their flag, and see what kind of benifiets she will get,,,

  • Hank Steger

    It has to do with her age more than her race…As a long time military vet…retreat was to show the end of the duty day. Back when I was 18ish…people would hurry to get indoors to avoid the wait time…Bad reason…probably…Court marshal offense…no…But when they take the time to put in on line and use…I don’t give a f—…that is punishable…it’s called “conduct unbecoming.” And is against the UCMJ… period…love that word …PERIOD…

  • sonja

    She should be put out of the service and put in jail or deported to Africa, see how she likes it over there. This nation will never accept the multiculture of America, these people do not care about america nor do they want anything but the handouts we give them. The Jewish people have never tried to change our culture, they live with their culture in their own homes for which I admire very much. They have brought much to America which keeping to their traditions, they do not demand we do anything for them, they do it themselves. I cannot understand anyone lumping them into the same bracket as this woman. No

    • Eilthireach

      Your comment amused me. You must be new here.

      • Hank Steger

        You’re very astute…It is my first time…Is there a standard mantra we should follow….?

    • JerryFromGA

      Jews doing something good??? Jews are a shit stain on humanity. Have you been paying attention to all the Jew bs Obama is pulling. I guess you listen to a lot of Hannity and Fox News and are on the rah rah Israel bandwagon. Pssst, more Jewish bs.

    • RonCo215

      Only people with blind Jew hatred overlook the reality the the Jew is great constructive/productive and loyal citizen wherever they live or lived. More German Jews fought for Germ,any in WW! in percentage of the German population than did arian Germans!! Comparing the Jewish American to the black American citizen does shows the monumental ignorance and hatred of the writer!

      • Mr. Spam

        This d-bag must have stopped over from Jared Taylor’s website. Hey, RonCo215, be sure to say “shalom” to jewamongyou at Amren.

      • Krsnik

        More Jews betrayed Germany and staged communist uprisings during WWI than Aryans, too.

      • Mac

        Serving as a clerk is not the same as serving on the front lines. Kevin MacDonald has talked about the Jews’ desire to avoid any real combat.

        When will Jews let go of their hatred for Whites and the rest of the non-Jewish world?

    • Brett

      I don’t know where to start. Well,look up Dr. William Pierce on, and check out his articles. Sure they’re all over 10 years old but he would do a brilliant job weaving a lot of info together in a relatively short span. Also the Jewish Problem section of this site should be quite illuminating as well, just go down the line and once you read enough articles (both here and Pierce writings, ideally) and their role will become clear. And watch Ernst Zundel interviewed by Israeli reporter on Youtube, very informative. It’s long but it gets right into the best stuff at the beginning.


    Just like the jews, these people never wanted to be Americans anyway nor assimilate into White American society. America was founded by White Christians with moral values who believed in America first. Unfortunately, White Americans forgot that in real life, it’s all about Race, and the jews, another group of nonwhites made sure they didn’t wake up. When Whites allowed the onslaught of non-Whites into America, who’s agenda is stealing all they can from White America, the dream was over for America. Diversity doesn’t work; Multiculturalism doesn’t work — even in America. Americanism with multiple races does not work. Unless these White American morons figure out it’s all about race, their own race, there is no possibility anything will improve.

    • Robot Sam

      I don’t want that walking turd whore assimilating anyway. It is far worse she had even been born and occupies our territory.

      I have come to hate the very word America. It’s been used like a whore to represent and now is inseparable from every anti-white policy. The new name of this land mass needs to be something different, and on the bottom of the flag it should read Whites Only (Jews ain’t white)!

  • joe don mangum

    kick that bitch out of the army the sooner the better

    • Mr. Spam

      I disagree. I have no problem with blacks like this being used as front line cannon fodder.

  • http://Website Frank Randall Tillman
  • wartimemartyr

    I don’t understand why this would be a big deal. Why do we want a nigger saluting our flag anyway? And at that, this treasonous Government made it so that looking at the flag sickens me as it is part of this problem of brainwashing to fight for whatever they want the brainwashed military to fight for. I look at them saluting the flag as disrespect anyway considering these people don’t follow what this country stands for. It literally feels like a foreign country stole the flag as their own so it isn’t really ours anymore.

  • http://n/a allan johnson

    if she doesn’t appreciate it she needs to lose it !
    she’s just another grain of sand eroding the fiber of the American society !

  • Pat

    Unrelated to this article. this link is about Ukraine nationalists. Interesting stuff. It doesn’t look ( based on this video) that the jews played the Nationalists. It looks they went along with their eyes open. They know what the west is, he mentioned the degeneracy etc buts it’s like their playing for all the marbles. Sort of like fuck russia, fuck the west. It’s not like their pro-west, it’s just an opportunity to get real independence.

  • gary

    kick the bitch out and put her in the brig.

  • Couch Master`

    That nigger should be dishonorably discharged

    • who give a fuck

      redneck or cracker are you in the military no so you don’t have too to say shit

  • Cicero

    And can’t this be interpreted as sedition by a member of the military? I believe the penalty for this can extend to facing a firing squad.

  • Cicero

    It looks like some kind of mongrel hybrid ape female. Truly pathetic. It just goes to show that the concept of patriotism and love of nation is beyond the comprehension of many of these barbarians.

  • Dan

    Although I am VERY often critical of my country (the U.K) and its people on here and elsewhere, deep down it is because I LOVE my country and its people. Although atm Russia is our best hope geopolitically and our nations (in the West) have had their cultures subverted and their political systems hijacked, I still think we unique and different (as Russia is from us) and our destiny (WITHIN the White race) is unique as it theres. Whilst we all hate our current socieities and their governments we should let images such as the above (or, in the U.K, of our historical struggles) inspire in us a true love for our culture and people and the wider race from which they have come and whose destiny is their own (something, as you have said, that some 2nd generation ‘European’ of Carribean or Asian descent could NEVER understand, as its not in their blood, and actually instinctively HATES). Long live the White peoples of the East! Long live the White peoples of the West! May our nations prosper and may the White race rise again and lead the world from darkness into light!