NYT and WaPo Cover-Up Their Use of Chinese Traffic Bots

Daily Stormer
February 22, 2017

What could be more anti-Semitic than not reading the New York Times?

Remember when we reported that mainstream media websites seem to be using Chinese bots to fake their visitor counts and scam their advertisers out of money, while pretending that they’re not failing?

Well, instead of coming out and apologizing for their fraud, or at least offering a plausible explanation for why they’re getting up to half of their traffic from China, it seems they’ve opted to just cover up their crimes.

Just last week, this is what you would see if you went on Alexa and looked up the New York Time’s traffic metrics:

Wew. Remember that the NYT is banned from China completely.

Yet now, you get something completely different.

Hmmm… Did the Chinese suddenly lose their interest? All 1.2 billion of them?

Maybe the Chinese thing could have been just a glitch in the system, right?

But wait, what do we see here?

The bastards just disabled public access to international metrics.

The sly operators at the Washington Post and the The Guardian got the memo as well and followed suit.

[NOTE: WaPo is owned by Jeff Bezos, who owns Amazon, which owns Alexa – meaning this was an inside job. -AA]

I can only take this as an admission of guilt; searching through the nytimes.com website, there is no trace of an explanation for this.

This can potentially become a great weapon to use against these Jew media shills, as it could constitute potentially criminal fraud. At the very least, it completely undermines their credibility; they’re stooping to the same levels as Nigerian scammers in order to bolster their failing little operations.

It seems the chessboard is set favorably to grant Donald Trump a victory against the Jewish media. May he smite them from this world!

Notable Replies

  1. Kek says:

    It can hardly be far fetched that The Daily Stormer is possibly (probably?) much higher in domestic and international rankings than we think.

    You guys are fucking killing it. What a group of brilliant men. Period.

    \o The Daily Stormer!!

  2. joe1 says:


    if they would lie about traffic to defraud advertisers what else would they lie about?

    btw, when do the class-action lawsuits start?

  3. MrBig says:

    Isn't some ad revenue based on those figures?

    That would be financial fraud right there.

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