Obama’s Slush Fund + George Soros Set to DESTROY TRUMP

Daily Stormer
March 5, 2017

Notable Replies

  1. One of these days Soros will spontaneously combust. No way all that kikery and pure hatred of the White race can be contained in that frail, misshapen, ancient carcass indefinitely. One of these days the old bastard will just go up like a roman candle :laughing:

  2. These jews are on to something...injecting fetal/baby blood full of fresh stem cells keeps them alive way too long.

  3. joe1 says:

    yeah, shakedown is what it prob is.

    the banks like Goldman Sachs engage in illegal and unethical behaviour and get relatively small fine compared to the money they raked in thru their illegal behaviour and then the previous admin gets a cut going to their favorite leftist groups

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