Old Fashioned Twitter Trump Comments on Schwarzenegger’s Apprentice Failure

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
January 7, 2017

That bastard Arnold never was anywhere near the level of Stallone.

Basically, Stallone’s entire career has been nothing but awesome, from beginning to now. I mean, there have been a couple misses, but Arnold is nothing compared to Arnold. This newest Terminator movie is among the worst films I’ve ever seen.

And have you seen the maid he was sleeping with? She is the same tier as Jeb’s wife. At first, I thought it was Jeb’s wife.

I was just all like “hm, that’s weird, I wonder why Ol’ Arnie is banging Jeb Bush’s goblin wife? They must all just be a bunch of weirdos.”


Notable Replies

  1. Well Schwarzenegger failed big time :smiley:

    I wonder what he got to say about the situation in Austria!

    Quite a shame his mother is Jewish

    Stallone's mother is of half French (from Brittany) and half Jewish (from Soviet Union, Odessa) descent

    But still Stallone is awesome!

  2. Arnold's earlier movies are great though, especially Conan. Genetically he is far superior to Stallone, he's been an amazing masculine, Nordic role model for generations. Unfortunately he's a cuck and a judeophile. His father would not have been proud.

  3. Dan says:

    Years of D Bol............might do that to you.

  4. Mel Gibson puts them all to rest as far as acting and action goes. Sure Terminator and Conan have their place but Mel Gibson has earned a place in Vahalla a bad ass actor and director who understands the Jew and has stated so.

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