Pardon Julian Assange!

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
November 10, 2016

julian assange albino wizard

Without Albino Gandolf, we never would have secured the one ring that controls them all.

Now that we’ve got Trump elected, we need to support him completely, and we also need to always be making sure he is able to do the right thing.

We need an Assange pardon.

I don’t expect this to be immediate, but it should come relatively soon. Within the first year for sure.

Daily Express:

Donald Trump has been controversially called on to help ensure WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange gets a pardon after the release of the damaging Hillary Clinton e-mails.

Despite having only been elected in the early hours of this morning, the Republican candidate is already facing his first major decision over calls for Mr Assange to be cleared over sex assault allegations.

WikiLeaks has long sought to expand privacy rights and has strongly opposed secret wiretaps, drone strikes, and the Guantánamo Bay prison facility.

…Thousands of private e-mails from Hillary Clinton’s campaign chair John Podesta were leaked last month, soon after the leak of a video of Mr Trump making vulgar comments about women in 2005.

Mr Assange claims he wanted to “change the conversation”, but as Mr Trump continued to be accused of sexism several extra batches of e-mails were released, with WikiLeaks promising more leaks.

Now Trump supporters, who are still celebrating his historic win last night that saw him secure 279 votes in the electoral college, say the WikiLeaks activist should be pardoned for helping to bring home the victory.

It would be an unprecedented and controversial move as Mr Assange is facing an arrest warrant for allegations of rape in Sweden.

Hundreds of social media users have gone online to demand Mr Trump takes action immediately to pardon the activist, who remains holed up in the Ecuadorian embassy in London.

James Thomas said: “Julian Assange is a hero. Trump should pardon and make him Press Secretary.”

Patrick Savalle said: “Mr. Trump, now show some real balls and pardon Edward Snowden, Chelsea Manning and most of all your chief campaigner Julian Assange.”

Twitter user Chrysostomos said: “Has Trump been in touch with Julian Assange about a possible pardon? I think many would be happy to lobby him for one.”

Duke Rivers tweeted: “Mr. President-Elect Trump: may I make a suggestion? Pardon Assange. The value of his work is clear by now.”

Justin Petaccio said: “Julian Assange & his team have earned a pardon from President Trump. None of this would have been possible without WikiLeaks. Thank You.”

Walter Krumholz said: “Trump ought 2 pardon Assange & drop all charges against him; invite him 2 America, if he chooses. Truth will out.”

Assange single-handedly saved the world. He deserves to be let out of that embassy.

He is the kind of people we need in this country.

And I do think he would make a great press secretary.

Anyway, I think the chances of Trump issuing a pardon to Assange are right around 100%. The Leader is a man who takes care of his friends with the same vigor that he crushes his enemies.

Snowden I personally care less about. He’s cucked so much. Plus, Moscow is a lot better than a cell in an embassy, so that is a less pressing humanitarian/moral issue. At this point, he’s probably learned a lot of the language, got a gf, etc. and might not even feel like leaving.

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