PewDiePie Says YouTube is Bullying Him for Being White

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
December 6, 2016


The whole world is going shitlord.

I am starting to feel like a normie.

The Independent:

Vlogger PewDiePie has suggested that YouTube is sabotaging his channel because he is white.

The Swedish YouTuber has said that he is going to delete his account because the video site has been penalising him. That apparent conspiracy has led to his popularity falling, he said in a video where he ranted against the site.

And the problem might be that he is white, he said in the same rant. Laying out the possible reasons that YouTube is supposedly looking to undermine him, he pointed to his race as well as the kinds of titles he uses on his videos.

“I’m white,” he said in the video. “Can I make that comment? But I do think that’s a problem.”

He made the suggestion after claiming that YouTube wanted to put someone else on the top of the site, “someone extremely cancerous”. That might be Lily Singh, a Canadian YouTuber with Indian heritage, he suggested.

He said that he would remove his account once he reached 50 million subscribers. At that point he would remove his channel – though it isn’t clear whether he would start a new one or leave the site entirely.

“YouTube is trying to kill my channel. It is clear. It is happening if you watch my analytics. It is all going down,” he said in the same video where he suggested that YouTube might be penalising him because of his race.

“I’ve decided the only way to stop my channel from dying – I know you are going to think I am joking – but I am going to delete my channel.”

Here’s the video where he says it.

PewDiePie, I would assert, is aware of our situation and onboard with our agenda.

Just imagine it.

The most watched broadcaster in the entire world is a Nazi.


wow just wow i can’t even

And look – here’s the deal.

All throughout history, people with talent could potentially be bribed against the people. However, in modern times, PewDiePie, the most watched broadcaster in the world, probably lives about the same sort of life as any random NEET. He sits around on a computer in a room playing video games and watching cartoons.

Seriously, lifestyle doesn’t change much at all with money these days, and that makes it extremely hard to bribe people.

I mean, you get more women if you’ve got a bunch of money. That’s pretty much the only relevant difference. But PewDiePie is the serious girlfriend type.

So, the game has changed.

You add this to the fact that we literally have no future if we don’t save the white race now, and you have an entire generation with nothing to lose.

It is my belief that PewDiePie is with us. Along with calling-out the anti-White agenda, he has also supported Trump and show videos of Hitler.

In fact, he probably reads this site.

Just checking his twitter now – look at this:


That’s a parody Sky News account, but he retweeted it.


And how’s about a little of this:

How he plays it from here is up to him.

But I implore you, PewDiePie – do everything in your power to stop these kikes.

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