PizzaGate, Bitcoin & Imminent Inflation Collapse

Daily Stormer
December 22, 2016

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  1. I sent $88.14 in BitCoin thanks to @GrandpaLampshade 's instructions on how to use the service for sponsorship :santa:🏻

  2. Okay, I don´t know about you guys, but personally I think that this Pizzagate thing is bigger than we can imagine.
    I think that we should TOTALLY stay on this and I hope that Andrew will stay on it. I really do.

    IF this gets exposed a lot of heads will role and I bet you that a lot of Jews will be amongst the perps.

    It will at the very least do serious damage to the (((establishment))).

  3. Suggestion: Print a one-of-a-kind 20 trillion dollar bill and use it to pay off the defecit.

    Done. Oh, it evaporated after 24 hours? Ah, too late. Debt paid. Shoulda diversified.

    Onward ho!

  4. Oh, yes it is.

    A Satanic sex/torture/murder/pedophile/infantophile ring?

    That's the entire leadership of the New World Order.

    If you can find a hand among them that's not bloody,
    I will find you a wild hog that's never been muddy.
    The illuminati, as they describe themselves
    They have their curious books lining their shelves
    Horrible things they do to their "elves"
    While their entire universe revolves around themselves
    Human sacrifice? Forced Abortion? Cannibalism?
    In the ranks of the "elites" there is no schism
    The media, entertainment, government too
    You never have to look far to find a false Jew.
    They claim to be Jewish, but do they conform
    To what the Bible teaches is the Jewish norm?
    They drink blood (of children) and of nations
    With armies of lawyers they invent explanations
    As to how they thrive while producing zilch
    From the pockets of your great-grandchildren they daily filch
    Criminalizing confrontation, questioning, or thought, too
    The tiny 3% has more power than it ought to
    The only cure, my brethren, allies, and friends
    Is to remove them from the government to the very bitter end
    None in legislative, judicial, or executive
    Nowhere near your centers of power can they be active
    Give them no power over others but themselves
    And these Satanists will no longer be stealing or abducting your "elves."
    They may try to start wars or invent more famines
    But, the white Christians are people they will no longer be scammin'
    Back to Israel, and out of our banks
    These people's passports say "Israelis", certainly not Yanks
    Do not kill them, as it never works out
    But, remove them from power, without a single doubt.
    They live for themselves and the (claimed) members of their (claimed) tribe
    And more corruption will be as close as another healthy bribe
    So remove them from influence, remove their voice
    Introduce them back to Israel, don't give them a choice,
    unless they relinquish power over you
    There is only one small safe place for the "Jew."
    Marx, Soros, Abramovic, Clinton and Podesta
    Names of chiefest of murderers and child molesters
    The cabal they formed steals what the Earth yields
    While raping countries by the banking of the Rothschilds
    Hitler was the last one who stood up but in one wise failed
    He killed a few instead of sending them all back to Israel.
    Like it or not, they have covenant with almighty God
    So, killing them is to kill your country, so that plan is flawed.
    Take their hands, instead, off of you and put them back on them
    And the world will see if anything productive comes from the sons of Shem
    They have sinned most grievously against themselves and all who, for God, stand
    So they must be removed and returned to their own land.
    There they can open the borders, and wallow in diversity
    And drink the dregs of humanity who revel in perversity
    Or they can do as Solomon and put them out of the land
    And watch the blessing return to Israel, with no blood on her hands.

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