President Trump Calls for Flag-Burners to be Stripped of Citizenship – Kikes Call for Twitter Ban

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
November 30, 2016

Virtually every other nation in the world punishes people for desecrating their national flags.

Check the Wikipedia page. It’s illegal in all but the most cucked nations.

And it was illegal in the United States for over 200 years of the country’s existence – up until a 1989 Supreme Court ruling.

Why should anyone be allowed to do this? It isn’t “free speech” any more than pornography is “free speech.” It is obscenity.

I say strip all these degenerates of citizenship and put them on boats bound for Liberia.

Jews have responded to Trump’s tweet with calls to have him banned from Twitter.



(((David Benkof))) writes for Daily Caller:

Today’s Trumptrums on Twitter were mild compared to the damage an out-of-control president with direct access to social media could wreak. Demagogue-elect Donald Trump’s doubly unconstitutional call to make flag burners stateless and his assignment of the burden of proof to CNN to debunk his lie that he won the popular vote show the urgency of limiting his access to the 140-character social media behemoth.

Since, clearly, nobody in the incoming administration will play Daddy and take away the future president’s text addiction for the sake of the country, the rest of us have to. Twitter’s 317 million users need to demand that the service ban Trump for life.

#BootDonald, anyone?

Twitter has permanently suspended users in the past, most prominently rapper Azealia Banks and right-wing gadfly Milo Yiannopoulos – for tweets containing racially tinged, slur-filled, and other abuse. After all, Twitter is a private company. It can ban anyone at any time for any reason. It can boot people whose names begin with A, or Texans, or veterans. It can certainly ban the President of the United States when his use of their service flirts with national disaster.

And disaster could be just a tweet or two away. What if Trump announces an embargo on trade with China? What if, in a pique, he calls for Fed Chair Janet Yellen to resign? What if he promises the Treasury Department will halt all government checks until Congress repeals Obamacare?

Americans would watch helpless as markets crashed – or worse.

Yeah, whatever kike.

I think instead we should ban all kikes from Twitter. And from the whole internet. And from every country that isn’t named “Israel.”

You can hit up Benkof @DavidBenkof.


A bunch of other outlets are echoing the call to ban the President – including the Washington Post. Their argument is all the same – that he’s so irresponsible, he needs to be treated like a child, and he could harm the country by using Twitter. Funny how they are able to all come out with the exact same obscure argument at the exact same time. Almost like the entire media is a unified megalithic structure.


If Trump can crush all of these people – defeat the whole world – it seems to me he’s capable of handling a Twitter account.

That said, Twitter has indicated that they would consider banning him, and honestly, I hope they do. This company needs to collapse, and banning the President would certainly ensure that.

So, Jack: do it, faggot.

I’ll be over at Gab.

If they ever send me the invite.

Seriously, I even emailed these people like “yo I’m a sort of e-famous person – I have a Wikipedia page – and I’ve been banned from Twitter, rush my account plox” and no dice.

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