President Trump May be Banned from Twitter

Daily Stormer
December 1, 2016

Notable Replies

  1. Trump should go to Gab! That would be great. Most people are boycotting twitter anyways.

  2. Bring it on!!!!!

    Twitter collapse will happen immediately

  3. fips says:

    Trump is in good company! (((They))) banned Adolf Hitler, didn't (((they))), from public speaking? I hope that Trump will set up his own version of Twitter, but much improved with Aryan Greatness!

    The Jews, they get all uppity when you call them out for being a Jew. Raus Juden, Raus!

    Jews are Christ-Killers. Never help a filthy stinking Jew. Never make Baby Jesus cry. Jews worship in the Synagogue of Satan and Jews are Liars and the children of Satan who is the Father of All-Lies. I have it from the Highest Authority!

  4. Bon says:

    Good thing we can route around these bastards - and put them out of business:

    Twitter Stock Falls 16.28% in Pre-Market Trading

    Twitter, Inc. Stock Falls

    They've fucked with us long enough - time to boycott and sue whenever possible, just the way the left sponsors boycotts anything they don't like and has used the courts against us for decades:

    There's a new sheriff in town.

  5. This could be a very good thing... red pilling normies who are Trump supporters. As President, his message is going to get out, regardless. Twatter, you lose

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