Purity Tests are Absolute Poison to the Alt-Right

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
January 3, 2016

The Alt-Right is a people’s movement. And we must act like it.

Our BBS here at the Daily Stormer was brought in exactly a year ago today, when we became the first website to get kicked off of disqus for political reasons. This curse has turned out to be a blessing as well, because while it remains a slightly convoluted and awkward way to manage article comments, it also allows for people to make their own threads, and has fostered a sense of community that wouldn’t exist with a simple comments section.

Currently, the BBS gets 4-5000 posts per day. I don’t read all of them, obviously. I probably don’t even read 5%. But I read a lot of them.

On a recent article about Baked Alaska’s conversion to the Alt-Right, I read the worst comment I have ever seen on this website:

He sounds like a cuck. Here’s my take on things:

You don’t just one day have an epiphany and say “Hey, fuck these liberals and kikes. I don’t conform to their shit!”. That’s not the way it works. You’re born with that mentality. This “Baked Alaska” guy, worked for Buzzfeed? That has to be the most vile, anti-white, Jew cesspool if I’ve ever seen one. He supported BLM??? Fuck this clown.I don’t trust these Twitter fucks as far as I can throw them. Ask yourself this…..Would you go to war with a guy like this? Or would you go to war with someone who’s been “red pilled” his whole life?

I’ve always been proud of my family, heritage, skin colour, my ancestors and what they fought for. I didn’t magically become like that because of Twitter, or some fucking banquet I wasn’t invited to.

Baked Alaska, as the reader is probably aware, is a popular social media figure who was involved with what we have dubbed the “Alt-Lite,” the “Alt-Kike” and/or the “Alt-Cuck”; they refer to themselves as the “NuRight.” BA worked with MILO and Mike Thernovich. He was kicked out of that clique for talking about Jews, and has since come over to our camp.

Most people have embraced him. I have done my best to embrace him. He has made the rounds on various podcasts, and the general mood is very positive and welcoming, I feel.

However, that horrible comment represents a sentiment I have seen more than once, on twitter, on other forums, and so on: because BA was not already in our group, he shouldn’t be allowed to join our group.

To be clear, the user who posted that comment made a new account specifically to post that comment. So it could well have been someone who is against him specifically, trying to denigrate him, trying to discourage others from supporting him. And that is a very extreme version of what I would call the “purity test.” The claim that you have to have been born believing in White Nationalism or you’re never allowed to join is absurd, but others across the tubes are promoting various degrees of this concept.

I would like to offer that the purity test is absolute poison to this movement, and we need to be aware that those pushing it are either deranged, obsessed for personal reasons with making sure we remain a fringe group, or pushing it for (((someone else))).

There are indeed individuals who don’t want to win. They want to see the movement remain fringe, because they are weird people who like to be in some kind of outsider group. You know, like the kids who dressed up as goths in high school.

Because White Nationalism is a naturally fringe movement, due to the takeover of our society by Jews, these people who like to be different for the sake of being different – generally because it allows them to feel that they are better than other people – have been drawn to it.

These people are the worst kind of poison.

And then you will of course have anonymous Jewish shills pretending to be people like this, as they understand it is an effective way of breaking down the cohesion of a rising movement.


What we are concerning ourselves with here is the “purity test” in relation to purity of personal character, rather than purity of ideology. Purity of ideology is a separate thing, and sometimes it is valid to criticize members of the movement who have a less-than-pure ideology – for instance, people who say “Jews are white people” can be subject to valid criticism and presumably be dismissed as a negative phenomenon.

Purity of character is something totally different, and something that I don’t think we should be concerning ourselves with in any sense beyond the practical. For instance, if someone has a history of theft, you don’t want to put them in charge of a movement’s treasury.

The basic concept of the purity test is to go through a person’s life – and these days, that is very easy to do, as we’ve all grown up recording our lives online – and find some bit of their personal history which some might find distasteful and use that to attack them, claim that they cannot be in the movement because of it.

For Baked Alaska, this was the fact that he had worked as a social media promoter for Buzzfeed and had supported Black Lives Matter before he became a Trump supporter. He no longer works for Buzzfeed or supports BLM, but people have said the fact that he did at one point means he can never be in the Alt-Right.

I have been attacked for the fact I worked and lived in Asia years ago. Kikes have dug up pictures of me in Asia socializing with gook women, and claim I’m a gook-lover.

The Golden One has been attacked for having been paid to dance in a gay pride parade. He isn’t gay and no one claims he was gay, he was a professional model who was paid to dance – with girls, by the way – in a gay pride parade. He has since matured and wouldn’t do that now.

Matt Heimbach has been attacked for supporting Israel when he was in college and posing with an Israeli flag.

Mike Delaney gets attacked for stealing a car like two decades ago.

Basically everyone who is public gets attacked for some bit of something someone has dug up, and it is brought out to say “ohhhhh – gotcha! You’re out!”

None of this stuff actually matters or means anything. Who cares? What kind of a person even talks about this sort of gossip? It doesn’t have any affect on what any of us are doing. The relevance of it then is never made clear. The vague idea is that no one who isn’t 100% hardcore Nazi from birth should be allowed in the movement.

There is no conceivable benefit to such a policy, and the only purpose of it would be to break down the cohesion of the movement. Beyond that, the personal character assassination also serves to make people thinking of putting their name and face out there fearful to do so. We all have things in our personal history we could be attacked for. We were all born into an deranged world controlled by Jews.

We are people who have come together to try to create a better world because of the problems of the world we were born into.

People in our movement should be judged by what they do for the movement. They should be judged by what they are saying, and the effect that what they are saying has. Not womanish gossip about some bit of drama someone found about them.

Gossiping in general is something that men in the past would have considered themselves above, and the fact that we are even dealing with this issue points to the feminization of our society by Jews. The masculine manner of judging another man is to watch what he does, and rate him based on observed character and ability.

We are Becoming a Mass Movement

The only real power that exists in the world of men is millions of people acting together for a common goal.

We need to maximize our numbers, and the goal should always be to get as many people on board as we can.

Implementing these purity tests of people’s character based on weird gossip and digging up bits of “disqualifying” personal drama only serves to weaken the movement.

And before “oh, but we want quality people” – what does that even mean? I grew up in a moderately wealthy middle class family, went to an upper-class school that was almost entirely white, and half of the guys I knew in high school are now addicted to heroin. Virtually everyone from the millennial generation in the western world is going to have some history of sex, drugs and/or rock n roll, and probably some of the political trappings that go along with that. They may have had some interactions with the criminal justice system. Or, conversely, many will have had social anxiety problems, a hard time getting women, issues with being in shape and spent too much time watching anime and playing video games.

It is simply the situation we are in.

We are dealing with reality here, not some fantasy world where there are a bunch of wholesome young lads Mayberry sitting around waiting to join a Nazi movement.

Again, the reason we are fighting is because the boomer generation handed over to us a world which is virtually uninhabitable. We want to change that, because of our personal experiences, the hands we’ve been dealt. If we were all choir boys living in a 1950s sitcom, we wouldn’t be fighting in the first place.

Our lives have been very difficult, on the whole. We were a generation largely abandoned by our parents, given over to the Jews.

(Note: I don’t mean to attack boomers as individuals here; we are all in this together. It is simply an acknowledgement of a sociological reality that the collapse of our society happened on the boomers watch. However, I do blame the Jews.)

The goal of the Daily Stormer was always to get as many people on board with the movement as possible. This has been very effective. And by bringing people in, you are necessarily bringing them in from somewhere else, whether it be from standard liberalism (which is the natural “apolitical” position in our society – that is, for people who never thought much about politics before), extreme leftism, libertarianism, conservatism, or whatever.

We have people coming from everywhere, and this is a good thing.

The Mass Awakening is Upon Us – And We Need to be Welcoming Hosts!

We are finally to the point where we are going to have millions of people joining our movement. This has already begun.

The Trump phenomenon has pushed people so far right that it is simply natural for large numbers of young Trump supporters to join us. We have also strategically attached ourselves to the Trump movement in such a way that this is inevitable (o ye of little faith – of course it was all part of the plan; and what is the next part of my master plan? hint: it doesn’t involve survivors).

And what’s more?

Get ready for this part.

At the same time that the Trump movement is happening, we have the full-on collapse of the old left. The democrat party is becoming a place where white people aren’t welcome, and the old Bernie-type socialist leftists have no role in what this is becoming. And the people who supported Bernie – the socialists, the anarchists, the communists, the environmentalists, the animals rights people – they are all idealists.

And we are an idealistic movement.

Idealism goes beyond left or right. It is a personality type. And as it becomes clear that the left is incapable of actually fulfilling any of these idealistic goals, I am predicting that there is going to be a significant influx of these types of leftist whites into our movement.

We are, after all, the only people actually capable of implementing the environmentalist agenda, of creating a peaceful socialist society.

Joseph Goebbels himself once mused that it was easier to convert a communist than a conservative to National Socialism. This is because the personality type that is drawn to revolutionary political movements is going to have similar characteristics on both the left and right.

Among the Bernie people area lot of good-hearted white men who were betrayed by a conniving communist Jew.

There is also a desire to fight in young men that the left has been able to redirect to fighting for the interests of foreign races instead of for our own people through emotional and psychological manipulation. Young men have a fighting drive, it is in their nature. But in our society, we were never given the option of fighting for our own tribe, and were instead redirected towards fighting for others we were told are oppressed.

This goes back around to Baked Alaska. It is not surprising to me in the least that a white man who supported Black Lives Matter would, in a period of a couple years, figure out that the people who truly needed defending were his own people, and devote himself to that. It’s pretty much just obvious.

So, we need to get our heads right on this, and be a movement that welcomes people in. We need to rally around any new people who break ranks and join us.

We need to give them full amnesty.

And of course we should be on-guard. We don’t want to let someone who just converted yesterday become the leader of the movement. But no one anywhere is suggesting that. And beyond that, we aren’t an organization, and we don’t have an official system of rank, so a person’s rank in the movement is determined by what they contribute anyway.

At the same time as we are accepting of people regardless of where they come from, we need to remain vigilant on the issue of ideological purity. So, of course, I’m not in any way suggesting we compromise principles in order to make our movement more inviting to incomers. In fact, I believe the opposite of that. The biggest threat we are facing is from people trying to tell us we need to compromise our principles in order to reach the mainstream.

We are in a war.

We need to hold down the fort and we need to maximize our numbers.

We need to welcome our white brothers home, with open arms.

We are winning.

Hail Victory.

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