Putin Defends Western Values, Condemns Political Correctness

Daily Stormer
November 1, 2013

Heroic words, yet again.

  • skinhead führer

    Yeah my dad is actually trying to move to Russia.

  • Tucker

    Putin is a difficult guy to get a firm fix on.

    On one hand, he makes speeches like this one – which seems to indicate that he is wise to the jewish Cultural Marxism poison that the jews are using to destroy all White Western European nations. Then, on the other hand, we see articles with pictures of him at some synagogue, surrounded by these nation wrecking, anti-White, hate filled termites, wearing their stupid beanies and black hats and he appears to be kissing their asses, just like the race treasonous White politicians in America and other White nations routinely do.

    He also seems to be waging war inside Russia on the Russian Nationalists who object to their nation being flooded with on-whites from the third world, and I’ve heard him spouting the same sort of ‘diversity is our strength’ bullshit that we constantly hear out of the white genocide lusting jew termites here in America.

    I just can’t figure the guy out. He seems to be all over the map on these race related issues.