Racist Gardeners on Radio 4 Send Out Coded Messages to Turn Listeners Into Nazis

Sven Longshanks
Daily Stormer
August 10, 2014

The hardcore racists on ‘Gardeners Question Time’.

A beardy liberal intellectual showed just how insane the left can be this week by claiming that ‘Gardeners Question Time’ on Radio 4 was sending out secret racist messages to its listeners disguised as horticultural advice. Because the presenters use terms like ‘native versus non-native species’ and discuss ‘the purity of soil,’ Dr. Ben Pitcher, a senior lecturer in sociology has become convinced that the program must be promoting nationalist and fascist beliefs.

What the program is actually doing is discussing the natural world, where there are native and non-native species whether the liberals like it or not. The lecturer’s delusional psychosis is so extreme, he accused the presenters of using these terms for plants not because they correctly describe the subject matter, but because the presenters’ desire to be racist is so strong that they have to find an outlet for it somewhere.

The more these dangerous lunatics push the envelope with their ‘racist’ idea, the more discredited the concept becomes. Surely anyone with just a small bit of common sense can see that there are different species in the natural world that are indigenous to certain environments and territories. By equating this idea with ‘racism,’ the liberals are actually doing our work for us, as people will see that the only way the natural world can actually function is through being ‘racist.’

There would be no diversity in the plant world at all if plants were not ‘racist,’ as if they could all exist in the same environment the most powerful one would just suffocate all the rest and we would be left with just one type of plant and no others. This exact scenario has already been played out with the red squirrel in Britain, being non-racist and allowing the grey squirrels to come over has meant that the red squirrel is now practically extinct.

Hopefully this well publicised accusation of gardeners being ‘racist’ will make people think about just what a nonsensical term ‘racism’ actually is.

Dr. Ben Pitcher – beardy liberal intellectual


It is the softly spoken radio show that provides good-natured help and advice to thousands of gardeners every week.

So regular listeners to Gardeners’ Question Time may be horrified to discover it has been accused of peddling racial stereotypes.

According to an academic, the sedate Radio 4 panel show is riddled with “racial meanings” disguised as horticultural advice.

One current presenter, Bob Flowerdew, rubbished the idea, calling it “ridiculous”, and asked whether experts on the show “should stop using Latin names to avoid offending the Romans”.

But Dr Ben Pitcher, a senior lecturer in sociology at the University of Westminster, claimed the programme’s regular discussions on soil purity and non-native species promoted nationalist and fascist beliefs.

Speaking on another Radio 4 programme, Thinking Allowed, the academic said: “Gardeners’ Question Time is not the most controversial show on Radio 4, and yet it is layered with, saturated with, racial meanings.

“The context here is the rise of nationalism. The rise of racist and fascist parties across Europe. Nationalism is about shoring up a fantasy of national integrity. My question is, what feeds nationalism? What makes nationalism powerful?”

Dr Pitcher said the “crisis in white identity in multicultural Britain” meant people felt unable to express their views for fear of being called racist, so expressed their racial identity in other ways, such as talking about gardening.

Gardening and farming, things which the White race excel at and the Blacks are incapable of doing.

Speaking on the same programme, Lola Young, a crossbench peer and former professor of cultural studies, backed Dr Pitcher’s analysis.

She added: “I remember back in the late 80s-early 90s when rhododendrons were seen as this huge problem, and people were talking about going out rhododendron-bashing.

“That was at a time when Paki-bashing was something that was all too prevalent on our streets.”

However Mr Flowerdew, a regular panellist on the show, denied that people who enjoyed talking about gardening were closet racists.

He said: “People aren’t gardening because they have some narrow nationalist view of the world.

“They are gardening because they enjoy it and they like to be outside in nice surroundings.”

He added: “We’ve been out in our gardens for more than 150 years so I don’t quite see how that fits. I think it’s ridiculous.

Does he want us to stop using words altogether? Perhaps we shouldn’t use Latin names to avoid offending the Romans.

“The real problem is that language can be used and abused by anyone who wants to do mischief.”

A BBC spokesman said: “The passing mention of Gardeners’ Question Time was part of a broader discussion about language and race… the comment simply reflected the programme’s use of accepted gardening and horticultural terminology.”

This is not the first time GQT has been in a ‘race-row’. The last time was when this plant’s name was mentioned on air, ‘Black man’s willy’. The BBC felt compelled to apologize, despite the fact that it is the commonly accepted name for the plant.
  • Galloglach

    Everything is racist for these people, well guess what equality is shit and is a social construct from twisted and perverted minds like “Dr. Pitcher”.

    The universe, the very laws of physics that surround us, the violent creation of planets, stars and galaxies, predators and prey, etc. etc. also offend “Dr. Pitcher”.

  • Dante Ardenz

    Don’t be too alarmed! This Loony-Leftist,in the Jew Left/Right prison,is distressed by the truth ! It is hitting him.If he is not a Jew,he might become a convert ,to us someday ! As ,Sevetri Devi,devoted Hindu National Socialist ,would point out is what WE ,stand for is the iron clad laws ,of nature !

    • T

      Ben Pitcher certainly looks very jewey. If he isn’t a jew,he’s a poster boy for White eugenics.

  • http://dailystormer brummy

    Gardening is racist because indigenous british people enjoy it.Wogs pave over their front gardiens.The left is hysterical

  • Brian

    Hail Victory Gardens!

  • TheAntidote

    I happen to be very close to the soil. I have large vegetable gardens every year and raise dahlias and peonies for cut flowers. Gardening has helped me keep my sanity whilst having to make my living amongst the denizens of the multicultural cesspit. So take it from me, and not this urban, metrosexual kike, invasive species are a terrible problem that have a domino affect on the environment.
    There is no multiculturalism or live and let live in the garden or in the field. It is warfare and the law of the jungle. I wonder what this baboon would say if he was informed some plants contains toxins to kill or impede the growth of other plants.

    • Dante Ardenz

      Antidote,you areright. The garden is natural. Itis real,and the artifical constructsof the JewishLeft/Right Matrix is not. Interestingly,some,on The Left,come to us,for our respect to nature- See; Savitri Devi Archive. Com.. but ‘metrosexual’ this nerd is not. LOL

  • EricH

    I think this lefty just inadvertently exposed the left’s anti-nature…nature.

  • Lynda

    What a brilliant idea. Gardening, organic gardening, heir-loom seeds, soil culture etc are all subjects that provide a rich word hoard for peasants who wish to discuss forbidden topics like blood and soil, ancestral land, traditional heritage and nation state. Eidelweiss? anyone. English rose. White cockade. Bluebell woods of Scotland and Wales. And the gold standard: the Crown of the Lilies (which will be recovered btw).

    In France, the Chouans could have exactly the same Dieu et le Roi discussion in terms of Vineculture.

  • Jonathon R

    Ok here’s a conspiracy theory for you.

    In their attempt to control ourl language, will they try to reduce it to communication via cell ohone emoticons?

    Then it’s all about feelings, everything is monitored, and no dangerous thought criminal words like evil satanic jews will even be an option.

    Just a thought. Someone mentioned the trend the other night to me and it got me thinking.

  • wheatandtares

    God is a racist, Satan is anti-racist. Which side are you on?

    • http://mk.christogenea.org/ Joseph

      Well said.

      God is the author of Race, Where as Satan is a Perverter, and only seeks to Pervert the Natural Creation.

    • Jonathon R

      Anti-racist is a code word for anti God? Seems accurate.

    • Scathach

      Not a fan of Miguel Serrano then?

      • Sven Longshanks

        Serrano says the same.

        • Scathach

          Actually, Serrano equates the Satan of the Bible with Lucifer, the god of the Aryans. Don’t know if that is what you were trying to imply but Satan is really Sa Ta Na Ma (birth, life, death, rebirth), the twice born Aryan of Esoteric Hitlerism. Reference: Adolf Hitler: The Ultimate Avatar and Manu: For the Man to Come.

          • Sven Longshanks

            Serrano talks of a god who created the white man and an adversary who created animal-men, by encouraging the White man to breed with beasts. This is essentially the same as what the Bible tells us.

            Serrano also knew that the Bible was not written by Jews but by Aryans, and was then subverted by Jews.

            Where he trips up is on his equation of Lucifer the light bringer as being one of the positive forms of God. He is wrong in that. Lucifer is symbolised by material light, not the spiritual light of the black sun.

            Christ is the black sun and Satan is the imposter, who appears as an angel of light.

            The word ‘Satan’ itself means ‘the adversary/accuser’ which I am sure Serrano would have been aware of, so equating ‘Satan’ with God, would be completely self defeating and illogical.

            Serrano’s association with freemasonry did corrupt his work even though he tried his hardest not to let it.

          • ayr

            Could you explain your Christ as ‘black sun’ idea Sven, if you have time and see this.

          • Sven Longshanks

            Satan is the Hebrew word for an adversary/accuser. Using Sanskrit to try and make something else out of it does not change that.

            Serrano is interesting, but was misled by the Blavatsky stuff and early connections with Freemasonry.

          • Sven Longshanks

            1 Timothy ch 6

            ’15Which in his times he shall shew, who is the blessed and only Potentate, the King of kings, and Lord of lords; 16Who only hath immortality, dwelling in the light which no man can approach unto; whom no man hath seen, nor can see: to whom be honour and power everlasting. Amen.

            Whereas Satan appears an angel of light for all to see:

            2 Corinthians ch 11 v 14

            And no marvel; for Satan himself is transformed into an angel of light

            There is also the duality of matter/spirit, visible sun/black sun.

            The visible sun is an imposter, that people think gives them life, but really it is the invisible sun that is responsible for life.

            Satan is also an imposter, who sets himself up as being god.

            The dating of Christmas at the winter solstice may have something to do with it as well, for the material sun is at its least influence at that time, yet our charity and kindness are at their peak.

  • Will Mossop

    Or this one from his website

    email: pitcher.ben@gmail.com
    twitter: @Pitcher_Ben

  • Jon

    Rhododendron bashing = paki bashing?
    I’ve recently read Kerry boltons the psychotic left. I can spot it every time now

  • Will Mossop

    Here he is. He’s got a book to push. I know where it should be pushed.
    According to the video anybody taking a walk in the British countryside is racist and somehow we are connecting to our Norse past by looking at Swedish furniture. Come on Andrew he’s working undercover for Daily Stormer. Admit it.
    Also further to my previous revelations below concerning the Red Liberation Movement for Red Squirrels I was disappointed to see within the video that he may already be aware of the movements plans to reconquer Britain.
    Seriously though, sometimes you just can’t help but laugh at these morons. I know their stupidity is dangerous, murderous even, but I still laughed my arse off.

    • Horace

      Yep typical jew bastard,trying to deny whites there god given identity really should have he’s head down the khazi and be given 50 lashes!

  • Horace

    Probably a jew only a jew would have to audacity to make himself busy like that,hasn’t anyone told him to just fuck off down the synagogue?

    • http://dailystormer brummy

      Jews don’t like gardening

  • Lance

    Nature IS racist.

    Biology, reality, IS racist.

    Therefore, science is going to have to be changed, what is not reality will have to become reality.

    “I suppose we should stop using Latin names so not to offend the Romans”

    BAHAH this guy’s a cheeky bastard isn’t he??

  • goodgoy

    Gardens are racist and antisemitic. In academia it is widely known that the common nazi grows in these gardens, so to combat nazis every garden should become a shoa monument made of diverse vibrant fertile LGBT stones to represent the seeds of live stemming from livegiving fruitly livelihood of judaism.

  • http://mattiasalmloef.com Mattias Almloef

    There is a different between race and species. Generally races can interbreed and species not. This creates the mixed races.

    If a person chose to live in an area they have to follow the local laws. So Africans who chose to live in the USA have to follow US laws that should be regardless of race.

    • Ulfhednar

      Races can interbreed , which is why it is of vital importance that the Aryan race , who posses recessive gene seperate from other races. Our survival as a race depends upon Aryan females giving birth to Aryan children , pure of blood ,for those children to find pure Aryan mates and produce pure Aryan children and so on. The future of our race lies in the wombs of our women folk. Territory or soil provides the necessary elements with which to nourish our bodies , which carries the blood or if you prefer the DNA , the racial heritage. Blood and Soil.
      Cultural Nationalism that pretends peoples from outside the Aryan race are fine to settle inside our lands , take Aryan wives and use the resources of the soil which then deprive future generatiins of Aryan children their birthright , is another form of multiculturalism , dressed up as Nationalism.
      Through seperation and thys keeping the breeding stock pure , over time speciation can occur , when it will no longer be possible to breed with the other races .

      • http://mattiasalmloef.com Mattias Almloef

        What you are talking about is a kind of racism that Jews practice.

        • Krsnik

          Can you go be autistic somewhere else? People here do no want to babysit retards like you.

          • http://mattiasalmloef.com Mattias Almloef

            I am not a retard and I have not asked anyone to babysit me.

          • Krsnik

            You are retarded and must face this fact. You cannot function on a human level and cannot perform normal human functions like understanding metaphor or interacting with other humans. I don’t mean to be rude, but this is just stating the plain facts. You don’t even understand half of what people say here and seem to completely miss the point nearly every time. Go sperg out at autism forums or something.

          • T

            Thank you for this phrase:”Go sperg out at autism forums or something.”

            I will cherish it for the rest of my natural life and make use of it often.

        • Scathach

          Oh look… Its the John Engleman of Daily Stormer!

          • http://mattiasalmloef.com Mattias Almloef

            I am not John Engleman.

    • Lance

      Laws are dependent on the morality of a civilization.

      Morality is dependent on the behavior of the organism.

      Behavior is dependent on the genetic makeup of the organism.

      Therefore, the laws will change as alien organisms further inhabit, and begin to take over the land. The concept of law, as you know it, then no longer exists. Therefore it is impossible to bring in alien organisms and anticipate the laws will be upheld, or even exist within the foreseeable future.

      • http://mattiasalmloef.com Mattias Almloef

        I agree that laws will change when you bring an alien race into a country. That doesn’t mean though that it will become nicer to the alien race if the alien race has a negative impact on the nation. It doesn’t either mean that the laws will take into account which race the person is when judging them. It simply means that the laws have to be designed in such a way that society can continue regardless of race.

        • Ulfhednar

          There can be no ‘regardless of race’ , there can be no ‘ society’ when race is disregarded , for the reasons that Lance has just explained.
          Multiracialism and multiculturalism have one aim , to Genocide the Aryan Race Mattias.

          • http://mattiasalmloef.com Mattias Almloef

            This is not true. It is possible to have a society that favours the Aryan man and still is regardless or race. This because of that statistically speaking whites are less likely to commit violent crime than blacks.

    • Sven Longshanks

      Some species can also interbreed Mattias, sheep and goats, bulls and mares and others are all capable of producing offspring together.

      Being able to produce young together is no guarantee of being the same species.

      • http://mattiasalmloef.com Mattias Almloef

        Well many hybrids become sterile or get a shorter life span and worse health than both its parents.

        • Sven Longshanks

          As do mulattoes. In general they are weak, sickly, prone to disease, psychological problems and have a higher incidence of sterility. They also have to live with the knowledge that their parents deliberately did that to them. Their form is not one created by God or nature, it is a perversion of nature that can never be put right.

          • http://mattiasalmloef.com Mattias Almloef

            I have not found any information about that mulattoes are sterile. I did find this interesting information on mongrel sterility:

            It has been mentioned that sterility is rather common in Jewish-Gentile marriages. The cross between the European and the Australian aborigines is almost sterile.


            I have seen info that creole people are not sterile. A dog and a wolf can produce fertile offspring similar to a mulatto.

          • Sven Longshanks

            I said they ‘have a higher incidence of sterility’ Mattias.


            Just because it is possible to create abominations is no reason to do so.

  • Guest

    You only have to look at his picture to know he’s a liberal leftard.

  • Patrick

    Years ago they used to call people like Dr Sphincter the “Loony Left” …
    However more people now realise that gardening can have this effect … I personally have witnessed two ladies in their 70’s in the County Down transplanting pansies and a fuschia bush, and the pair of them simultaneously breaking into a loud rendition of the “Horst Wessel” … This can be witnessed all over Ireland, moreover, with Roman salutes frequently being performed by gardeners of all ages and framed pictures of Adolf Hitler held aloft.

    Daily we do give thanks for the sanity of the BBC in identifying this menace.

    • 11

      Gardening is the perfect cover for the crypto-Nazis. I discovered two Nazi shrines myself, disguised as tool sheds.

      • Patrick

        Exactly right.
        Nobody knows the full extent of this underground network.
        BBC coded messages going out for decades …

        Some suspect the continuation of Operation Werewolf …

      • Truth=Racist

        I once had a shovel that turned out to be a Nazi.

    • http://dailystormer brummy

      Nazi garden nomes

  • Will Mossop

    I’ve also noticed National Socialist and Fascist ideology creeping into the BBC’s Springwatch and Autumnwatch wildlife programmes. They will also refer to preserving Britain’s indigenous species. The irony seems to be lost on the BBC and its presenters
    For instance the native squirrel to Britain is the smaller Red Squirrel but due to mass immigration from America of the non native immigrant Grey Squirrel which was brought here on ships by wealthy Tories seeking diversity and possibly cheap labour the indigenous Red Squirrel is now extinct in many areas of Britain only surviving in some small extremist Red enclaves from which I have heard that these extremist Red Supremacists are planning to launch a counter offensive.
    The Red Liberation Movement is planning an assault on the Grey’s nut supplies which will be a devastating blow over the winter months.
    Without nuts the Grey immigrants cannot hope to survive unless they can get hold of bigger nuts – and there are none bigger than Pitcher.

    • Lance

      “… Springwatch and Autumnwatch wildlife programmes. They will also refer to preserving Britain’s indigenous species. The irony seems to be lost on the BBC and its presenters”

      Lolololol… So ironic, I can’t stand it.

  • Delysid

    I also believe weeds and non-native plants need to be ripped out from their environment and incinerated. Or at least sprayed with chemicals until they wither and die.

    • Lance

      Oy vey

  • Franklin Ryckaert

    Actually these idiot Leftoids are right. Nature is racist, so when you describe nature you describe a racist order of things. Cultural Marxists are rightly alarmed by nature because nature goes against their artificial and unnatural ideology. We human beings should live according to nature and be racist, just like the animals and the plants do. Human beings who refuse to be natural and thus racist should be removed from life altogether.

  • Hersir

    Has anyone seent he comments of the article: “Exclusive: New Details Surface in Hamas Murder of IDF Soldier Hadar Goldin” at Breitbart’s website? Holy Jew Batman, it’s as if every Zionist and Jew came out closet screaming Israel!

    As an American it breaks my heart to read such comments advocating Israel’s dominance over White nations. I’m seriously thinking of emigrating from the USA, but I’m not sure if that is a wise action to take considering how all White nations are falling apart due to immigration.

    USA’s mental illness with Zionism is getting really old.

    • http://dailystormer brummy

      There is even à mosque in rekyavik,were fucked