Radio Stormer Narrations: Negromania

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May 26, 2015

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Negromania by John Campbell is an examination of the falsely claimed equality of the races, using the investigations of many notable authors and adventurers.

It was produced in 1851 and much can be learned from it, not just about the Negro but also the men who were recording the information and the audience it was intended for.

The first part is an introduction and overview of what the author hopes to achieve.

He then quotes Herodotus (the father of history) who thought that Negroes built Egypt after listening to what the lower castes had to say on the subject.

Diodorus thought the same, but by appealing to Gliddon as well as to common sense and logic, the author completely demolishes the theory.

Part 1 Introduction


Part 2 Herodotus


Part 3 Gliddon


Part 4 Gliddon


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