ReConstructions Live: The Kosher Testosterone Terror Machine

Mike Sledge
Renegade Broadcasting
December 6, 2013


Tonight Mike Sledge breaks down the Kosher Testosterone Terror Machine! From intellectualism and civilized western society, to the retarded sports complex zio control grid democracy death trap. Plus the White Man March, and a message on supporting those who are currently behind bars fighting the Kosher Machine. Plus your phone calls!


  • Misho

    Don’t believe the IQ asian or jew swines. The Chinese stupid by nature and same is with most of Asia. Just talk to asians and see your self how stupid they are. The newest generation of white are brain dead by jew design, by vaccination and TV-Talmud Vision !!!

    • CrimsonTide

      I’ve worked in China and people who thinks the Chinese are set up to be a ruler of the white race or this other taking over the world nonsense really make me laugh. In the US we see only the best and brightest typically and this is so far removed from the average Chinese peasant.

      I don’t see any of the other Asian races as any competition either – people like to think the Japanese are some kind of master race but in reality they just have high education levels and strict standards for their children but lack the numbers required. In fact the very reason they are able to have this raised level is because of their small country size.

      • 11

        I like Japan. It is the only country in Asia I respect. Asians are devious but Japanese are honest. They’re good people. They’re undergoing stealth genocide by the satanic world elites, just like us. We’re in the same boat.