Richard Spencer at Texas A&M

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
December 7, 2016


The event last night was just as awesome as we could have possibly hoped for.

We’ll have a report from Azzmador, who was on the ground, coming up later today. If he ever wakes up – I’m sure he was pretty burned out.

We’ve also got a bunch of video.

But here is the speech and some other stuff.

Here’s a rabbi literally asking Spencer to study the Torah with him.

And who’s this guy here, explaining that Hitler didn’t do anything wrong?


Here’s CNN interviewing Preston Wiginton, who invited Spencer.

Here’s a little clip Azz sent through – a preview of what is to come.

Military police – serious business.

Thanks to everyone who turned out at the event. You’re all heroes, and your names will be carved in stone when this is all over.

Spencer is doing a great job.

I’m delighted at how this is all going.

We’re going to try to be at his future events.

Send us some shekels for Azz’ plane tickets.

Hail Victory.

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