14-Year-Old Pennsylvania Student Charged with Hate Crime for Telling a Black Joke, Chicago Crime “Just Stupidity”

Eric Striker
Daily Stormer
January 5, 2017

Pennsylvania sow John Morganelli has decided to prosecute a 14-year-old Saucon Valley student for a hate crime for making a video of a black student accompanied by fried chicken jokes.

The “victim” in question responded to the video by ambushing the student and kicking him in the head over and over until he lost consciousness and suffered a head injury. The tone of the District Attorney is one of moral equivalence, as if engaging in legal (even if tasteless) free speech that might hurt a black person’s feelings is the same as physically assaulting someone.

The Morning Call:

Saying he wants to send a message that racial harassment in schools will not be tolerated, Northampton County District Attorney John Morganelli announced Tuesday that he has authorized criminal charges against a 14-year-old Saucon Valley student who produced a “repulsive” video in which he mocked a black classmate.

Morganelli said he has referred ethnic intimidation and cyber harassment charges to juvenile court against the teen. He said the teen used the N-word and references to welfare and other racist stereotypes on a recording he shared on social media that showed his 16-year-old high school classmate eating chicken.

Last month, Morganelli called the video “repulsive” and “very insulting” as he launched an investigation into whether it stepped over the line of free speech and into harassment that is prohibited by law.

On Tuesday, Morganelli said the black student reported he has endured racist behavior before from students at Saucon Valley, which he began attending after moving to the area from out of state. The teen told a county detective that he has previously faced derogatory language, and once faced an attempt to have a Confederate flag draped over him, Morganelli said.

Morganelli’s probe came as the black student faced charges of his own in juvenile court, after he allegedly assaulted the white student in October in a beating that authorities said was provoked by the video.

Morganelli said he has offered both teens the opportunity to participate in a diversionary program under which they would avoid a conviction in juvenile court. Under “informal adjustment,” they would be required to periodically report to a probation officer, and perhaps perform community service, but would avoid delinquency proceedings, he said.

The lawyer for the white student said his client and his family plan to accept Morganelli’s offer. The attorney, Michael Moyer, called the recording “stupid” and “offensive, no question,” while also saying the black student’s response to it was worse.

Moyer said his client suffered a concussion after being kicked and punched repeatedly in the head during the Oct. 14 confrontation at Saucon Valley High School. Moyer said his client served a three-day suspension from school and continues to attend physical therapy for his injuries.

“As offensive as the video was, physically assaulting someone is worse,” Moyer said. “In school. In the middle of the day. With teachers standing around.”

The ethnic intimidation statute seeks to punish people who commit crimes against others because of animus toward their race, religion or national origin. Under the law, an offender has to commit a separate offense — in this case, harassment — and to have done so for bigoted reasons.

Morganelli said that after he announced his probe last month, his office received phone calls from people who accused him of trampling on the First Amendment. Morganelli said he is sensitive to free speech concerns, but that the ethnic intimidation charge exists for a reason.

“You can stand on the corner all day long and speak about your racist feelings about any group you’d like to,” he said. “They’re equating free speech with conduct aimed at a particular person with the purpose of harassing or annoying them.”

Morganelli is a typical morally bankrupt political whore, currently running against a well-funded Jew for the position of Attorney General. Even though Morganelli is a Democrat, Obama has predictably endorsed the Jew Josh Shapiro. He has spent far more time attacking the student making black jokes than he has addressing the violent assault on the school’s grounds for this reason.

Back in ChiCongo, neither the black police chief Eddie Johnson nor his white assistant Kevin Duffin can decide whether a group of black people torturing a young white man on video while screaming “Fuck White People” is racially motivated.

Yep, that’s all this incompetent monkey has to say: ain’t nuttin’ but horseplay. I’m sure he’d say the same if the races were reversed.

2016 has been a year of mass awakening for white people, where snapshots of what awaits us once we’re a racial minority in the United States are beginning to develop. Things like this and far worse happen all the time to whites at the hands of blacks, but nobody was paying attention before. Now that the Jewish media has lost all of its credibility, more and more whites are taking it upon themselves to investigate on their own.

The damning evidence continues to mount. It’s up to us, the spear tip of the new National Socialist kultukampf, to prosecute the case against this genocidal system. Our system is illegitimate, it is rigged like an Atlantic City slot machine: specifically to your detriment.

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