RT Report on the Alt-Right in the Media

Daily Stormer
January 9, 2017

Notable Replies

  1. RT knows more about alt-right than americans do :slight_smile:

  2. btw: i've already told about one way of trolling the lefties. here's another

    all these lefties scum, antifa, fags, feminists, liberals, democrates und other worthless shit saying that they are tolerant und love everyone. hence they MUST be tolerant to everybody including far-rights, alt-rights, neo-nazis, skinheads etc... so why they don't behave themselves in proper tolerant way?

  3. There's no such thing as bad press. I heard of Alt-Right for the first time when Hillary tried to denounce it. I said to myself: If she hates them, I will probably love them.

  4. Too bad they didn't run into Colonel-Gunter. Brumm on those mean streets of Jew York!

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