Russians Criticized Over Hilarious Holocaust Ice-Skating Show!

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
November 28, 2016

Jews have absolutely no sense of humor at all – which is why, if you watch a Hollywood Jew comedy, it is all sex and poop jokes, as if it was written by a 9-year-old.

Because look – even if you are in the minority, one of the low-grade morons believe the Holocaust actually happened, it is still a funny story.

Yall kikes need to lighten up on all that.


Russian Olympic champion Tatyana Navka stirred controversy online after appearing on an ice skating TV show in a Nazi death camp prisoner’s uniform, in a performance that she says was supposed to celebrate human dignity and spirit amid the horrors of Holocaust.

Former Olympic figure skating champion Navka and actor Andrey Burkovsky wore stylized striped concentration camp uniforms with yellow Stars of David during their performance on Channel 1’s “Ice Age” show.

In putting together the performance, Navka says she had the most benign intentions in mind. In an Instagram post about the dance, the former Olympic champion said her skating with her partner was based on Roberto Benigni’s 1997 movie – Life is Beautiful.

But instead of focusing on the delicate matter of the skating performance that centered on life’s triumph over death, critics lashed out at the pair who smiled as they skated wearing concentration camp uniforms.


Critics on social media, as well as some western media outlets, neglected Navka’s skating talent and instead chose to focus on the fact that she recently married Dmitry Peskov, the spokesman for Vladimir Putin.

That alleged political tie seemed to have overburdened the true talent shown on ice to the song “Beautiful That Way”, which was featured in the Italian-language Oscar-winning film. Critics seemed to have forgotten that the forty-one-year-old Navka was 2006 Olympic champion and a two-time world champion (2004–05).

Twitter exploded with negative reactions insisting on an apology for the performance. Some demanded a response from the Kremlin directly.

One South African user urged Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to demand an apology from the Russian president.

Others wondered if Peskov and Navka found the Holocaust “funny.”

…Dmitry Peskov later said that he is proud of his wife.

“I don’t think this an issue that somehow concerns the Kremlin. So as the Kremlin spokesperson I have limited ability to comment on it. I am proud of my wife – that’s all I can say,” he added.

Such a funless people, the Jews.

No wonder people hate them.

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