Satan Worshipers to Place Monument in Oklahoma State Capital

December 9, 2013

These people should be executed or locked in an insane asylum - what sort of society tolerates 'Satan worshipers'?
These people should be executed or locked in an insane asylum – what sort of society tolerates ‘Satan worshipers’?
A group of Satan worshippers says the Oklahoma Legislature’s decision in 2009 to allow a privately funded monument to the Ten Commandments on the state capitol grounds means they should have equal access to build a monument of their own.

The Satanic Temple of New York has alerted the Oklahoma Capitol Preservation Commission that it wants to build a $20,000 monument on the statehouse grounds. The temple plans to submit plans this month for a monument that would be in “good taste” – which an official describes as a marker with a pentagram or an interactive display for children, according to the Associated Press.

State Rep. Bobby Cleveland (R) told the AP that the idea was preposterous. “These Satanists are a different group,” he said. “You put them under the nut category.”

Legal precedent suggests that federal courts might not take the same view – about Oklahoma’s Ten Commandments monument or Satanists’ claim of equal rights.

In a 2005 case, the US Supreme Court unanimously ruled in favor of Satanists and followers of white-supremacist religions, saying that a federal law designed to protect prisoners’ religious liberties protected theirs, too.

Ohio officials had argued that protecting Satanists’ religious rights would undermine prison security by drawing more prisoners to that faith. In rejecting the state’s argument, Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg noted that government often makes concessions to accommodate the free exercise of religion, such as allowing Jewish military personnel to wear yarmulkes.

Justice Ginsberg made clear that her ruling dealt specifically with the federal law in question.

In two other cases decided the same year, the Supreme Court issued a split ruling on the specific question of religious monuments on public property.

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  • Epsilon

    As Satan is the counterpart of Yahweh, for one to belive in Satan one must of necessity also believe in Abrahamic theology. Better that serious White Nationalists disclaim the Bronze Age Hebrew fairytales that gave birth to all these ridicules alien imposed superstitions. If some individuals are not sufficiently evolved to allow themselves to set aside superstition and absolutely must have an imaginary friend — choose Santa Claus or the Easter bunny — at least they have some Aryan origins.

    • Turb

      How can someone possess the reasoning skills and strength of will to reject the fallacy of religion but at the same time adhere to primitive xenophobic nonsense. Have you only a partial grasp of evolution and genetics and missed the obvious implications of equality? Whatever your justifications might be I suggest you reavaluate them… Thoroughly. You clearly possess the ability. Read some books on evolution and society by some reputable people without ties to any supremist organizations.

      • Andrew Anglin

        “Genetics implies equality”?

        You must be trolling.

        • Chris

          One is short on knowledge and the other is definitely a troll.

      • Chris

        “Read some books on evolution and society by some reputable people without ties to any supremacist organizations.”

        Take your own advise. Try reading some books that don’t come from a Jew supremacist printing house.

  • Nationalist

    “A group of Satan worshippers says the Oklahoma Legislature’s decision in 2009 to allow a privately funded monument to the Ten Commandments on the state capitol grounds means they should have equal access to build a monument of their own.”

    No it doesn’t. The state isn’t denying them their right to worship the devil by not letting them advertise their beliefs on state property. The state doesn’t have an obligation to cater to every kook and freak that comes along. Go build your monument somewhere else. Worship, prance and chant around it all you want. Preferably out of sight.

    • counterterrorist

      You sure you want to go down that road? Because it means the Jews and Muslims get monuments, but the Satanists don’t; thereby legitimizing their presence.

  • jonathon R

    I agree. While I’m opposed to satanism, my outrage is with Masons and other groups that deceive men into the worship of lucifer.

    • jonathon R

      This is a test by the jew to see if he can openly worship satan, or at least another inch towards it,

  • ronnie waters

    I live in Oklahoma and the Satanists had some kind of street demonstration in OKC recently. I seriously doubt if this will be allowed. The more Oklahoma changes, the more it remains the same. We still have all the Indian tribe lovefest here. We have TV advertisements of how great the Chickasaws were in the past. We have the Civilized Tribes, the Black folks towns, and the Land Run. It seems Oklahomans stubbornly hang on to this heritage for better or worse. If this monument goes up, I seriously believe someone, perhaps not even in our movement will Lone Wolf that thing.

  • Billy Ray Jenkins

    These are OPEN SATANISTS and I actually respect them for being what they really are as I can see them coming. WHAT I HATE is these subversive Freemasonic Satanists and others who push this same agenda but hide behind labels and infiltrate everything. Those are the truly evil the Illuminati type Satanists who hide in our Churches and Governments who stab us in the back.

  • cowboy pro south

    This has to stop ! Evil and the cult of jews is still paving the way , this is part of there thing , even if many innocent people get caught up in it bc of the fake power or evil power of it . Funny how our Indians dont pull this crap and our people have been brutally systematically removed by The Sherminator .. and his troops, and our indians were forced into changing names into christian names , beat , bathed in wooden freaking barrels , forced military haircuts , forced many things , schools set up in Canada and this country . Still they manage to make nice and come together with the christians , and become part of many good caring mean well people to keep things together in society . But to put evil upon a state or nation with this witchcraft shit , is dangerous to the soul and the heart and mind. Those of us who are with natural law or god if you will, can feel the evil of the satanistic cult and all of its agenda’s . The symbol is in washington and its everywhere. The oklahoma fake bombing was not done way the media tells us. In fact the cult was part in design to the towns surrounding and the layout of the whole thing was very pre planned . City of elohim and it all is all connected . Some of those same agents are now in nyc part of the terr or- is m unit and the cameras all over nyc unit . Norman Okla has a alot of this satanic witchcraft , and have been mixing in with our indians trying to call it a new age type of crap mix with indian beliefs… The real indian way , in NO dam way is associated with this dam satanic crap . As many agendas it has, , it has to be stopped and bannished from public view .. These people cannot be excepted and forced upon us , we have to stop them at all cost . Many cities are covered with this evil , specifically to do the harm it is doing . Even if christianity so many varies denominations and changes to the bible and all that , yeah I will choose the christian way over the jews , satanists or other crap. Because most christians ways do mean well and are not doing the things those groups are doing. The northern christians have their own versions unlike the southern ways . Northern yankees always changing their definitions to words and meanings as the leaders in the jew order lead the way as innocent northerners may mean well , by now I thought they would get it . As the southern people are being displaced , and our dixies across dixie land will stand up continued rallies , and so on , let the ghost of general lee and stonewall jackson ride along with us , because we are being systematically replaced , and removing christians and white peoples of the south is what they try to do to get the rest of our country destroyed . Feral negroiders and animal abusers and all need to be wiped away . I so wish the death penalty would be used , shot on the spot ! They dam well are knowingly doing this , and play with the jewys . The more I have learned from this site I am glad to restore the people of Germany and America owes a big god dam apology to the German people who have been lied about , and the north owes the same dam apology to the south and the southern people and to our dang cool indians (good ones who also helped kick yankee ass and whip mex heee cooss butt. Giving the north and south parts of america back . Im glad to see our family fly the german flag .. it looks very different when coming down the block , and its cool to see this site tell some real cool facts . And things you never hear on local channels . Back to oklahoma , much of it has military infiltrates and a lot of it has been indoctrinated deeply and tricked. However not we still have many who see the truth especially those who know the truth with officer terry yeakey who the media lied deeply about the death of :) terry was a good guy and he really did care , and what he saw one day will make many see , who refuse to see what we already know. All I can say is now I wonder why that satanic crap really wants to be put there ???? Is it not only a mark of their own accomplishments ??? Do understand to the best of ya’ll ability , the date of the so called bom — bing — is the ritual of witchcraft , all the way up to beltane day .. april 19 th is the feast of death for them , as the jews are not smarter just evil and cunning … obsessed creatures . Waco also was the 19th … keep in mind they are NOT done and are planning something very sick and deep . We don’t have to know all the game pieces to figure the next attack , we just have to see what they tell us right in front of our faces . On our money and etc. So who created the bitcoin ??? The satanic crap in oklahoma will be stopped at all cost and the evil will be cast back to where is came from ….?

    • 11

      All very nice but please use paragraphs next time.

  • CrimsonTide

    The laws that were put in place in this country to protect Christians freedom of speech and for example, the zero tolerance policy (which was put in place by well meaning people to stop the excess of jew lawsuits) are exploited by the jews to a very high degree to try and make them look ridiculous. They don’t really care about putting satanist statues in place, only about humiliating Christians and bankrupting local Christian governments.

    They use extremist measures in implementing these laws to try to make the very people who would probably support the law if it was used by a rational person, look at it and go “this law is insane we must repeal it”. For example a 10 year old boy in Pennsylvania (and we are talking a very rural area) was suspended the other day for shooting an imaginary bow and arrow. IMAGINARY. Only Jews come up with things this disconnected from reality.

  • Kevin Sommers

    Which group of Satanists are these? It’s probably just another one of the Atheist groups like the Church of Satan. This kind of behavior fits right into the entitled Atheist mindset.

  • Eric


    “…the US Supreme Court unanimously ruled in favor of Satanists and followers of white-supremacist religions…”

    Implies that ‘white supremacists’ (i.e. anyone pro-white) are insane like devil worshipers.

  • Cicero

    Notice that on the Ohio prison system issue that Ruth Bader Ginsburg ruled in favor of the Satanists. Any Pagan, “Satanic”, or even Christian subfaith that wins support of the Jews is almost certainly deemed to be totally neutered and/or harmless by them.

  • Richard

    The jew Anton LaVey plagiarized ‘Might is Right’ and mixed it with paganism to form his queer religion.
    there’s nothing wrong paganism, or Might is Right, but if you add jew to anything, it’s ruined.

  • Remi

    The ‘Church of Satan” was established in 1966 by Anton Szandor LaVey, a Jew.

    • Franklin Ryckaert

      His real name was Howard, Stanton LEVY .

  • 11

    “what sort of society tolerates ‘Satan worshipers’?” – a society run by Satan worshipers?

    Auxiliary question: What sort of society tolerates North American Man/Boy Love Association?


      A society run and controlled by jews!

      Today in our thoroughly judaized societies tolerance means tolerance without limits rather than as it was originally defined, to fit within the cultural and moral framework of a White Christian society. Most importantly, this limited tolerance would not be hostile to or destroy our society. But tolerance today as it is defined by jews, demands tolerance for anything, i.e. jew subterfuge, mass immigration, multiculturalism, nigger violence, porn, racemixing, etc., and such tolerance can only lead to the destruction of our White societies — and it has.

  • Seth

    Satanism is just another Jewish founded multikulti cult full of libertarians and goat-philiacs.