Scotland Makes Anti-Putin Beer to Comfort Queers

Daily Stormer
February 6, 2014

Finally, a beer with the boldness to stand up against the patriarchy.
Finally, a beer with the boldness to stand up against the patriarchy.

In Scotland, a rapidly devolving society where homosexual “marriage” has just been legalized, a brewery called “BrewDog” has produced a beer with Vladimir Putin’s face on it which is labeled “not for gays” as a means to show solidarity with homosexuals, who they believe have a right to propagandize children in Russia, whether the Russian people want it or not.

From the Independent:

The brewery responsible for creating the ‘protest beer’ included the following description on the labels: “Hello, my name is Vladimir. I am 100 per cent hetero and will pass laws to prove it.

“Drinking me gives you energy, ignorance and dogmatism required to shoot a deer (with your top off) and pass internationally denounced, discriminatory legislation (top optional) before you’ve even had your caviar breakfast.”

James Watt, co-founder of BrewDog said they produced the double IPA 8.2 per cent beer, which went on sale shortly before the 2014 Sochi Winter Olympics begins, as a protest against the President’s gay laws and to “hold up a mirror to discriminatory legislation signed off by Mr Putin.”

He told The Independent: “We sent a case of beer to the Kremlin, as well as leaving beer at the Russian Consulate in Edinburgh and the Russian Embassy in London. We’ve not heard anything from Mr Putin, but we expect he’s out petting a leopard somewhere, probably with his top off.”

Mr Watt described the public response to the beer as overwhelmingly positive. “We’ve had tens of thousands of tweets about it – there is a lot of support for the beer and the cause”, he added.

On their website, BrewDog say their core beliefs are: “freedom of expression, freedom of speech and a dogged (no pun intended) passion for doing what we love.”

The sick, twisted legislation brought about in Russia that prevents people from living their true lives is something we didn’t want to just sit back and not have an opinion on.

Really, BrewDog?  It is “sick” and “twisted” to disallow men who put their penises in other men’s buttholes to tell children that they should also engage in this weird act?

At what point will liberalism have pushed this all so far that no one can take it seriously anymore?

It appears we are rapidly approaching that point.

  • Shultz

    Actually regardless of the fact they claim it is a beer brewed as a pro-gay beer the fact it has a label stating “not for Gays” would mean they can be sued in Britain and the EHCR could drag them through the courts and the police could have them prosecuted, I say get a hold of a bottle and claim offence at the label.

  • http://dailystormer Henry88

    8.2 percent beer? I can’t imagine many fags being able to handle anything that manly. Stick to the low-calorie stuff, the alcopops and the fruity cocktails, dearies.

  • Brett

    Lmao at the pic caption, what’s the deal with this fruity-ass? You hardly ever see straight guys indignant over homos being prevented from propagating their sickness. The vast majority are women who have been taught to more or less wish they were gay men. And the way they keep bringing up shirtless Putin is hilarious. They’re threatened at the level of masculine energy in the pic. Lol

  • Eilthireach

    The same company has a beer that kills Nazis (or fascists, can’t remember)

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  • Eilthireach

    Regardless if his name is, or is not Jewish, have you looked at him? He’s pure breed.

  • Joshua

    What’s this weird fetish these faggots have with Putin and his top off?

    They’re probably all butthurt that he’s straight, so they’ll have to settle for a bunch of Swedefags instead.

    • Stoss

      Queers love thes ones who hunt deers I guess lol

  • Mr.Abbey

    Real men drink Russian imperial stout!

    • Stoss


  • Elderofzyklon

    Alex Salmond (Soloman) = Rat Jew!

    • CrimsonTide

      From everything I have read Salmond is a very old Crusader name. You can look it up on google, every Christian nation has their version: Salmoni, Salmon, Salmond etc.

      There are many famous Christians with the last name Salmond throughout history.